Tips for when you visit an African country

When visiting a country in Africa "look" at the water as a risk. Rather not drink the water before you purified it, you could regret it later. Also keep in mind that most rivers do have bilharzia so rather not swim in them.

Don’t depend on a public restroom in Africa. It is infrequent and often not in a hygienic state.

Be aware the whole time you are in Africa. Don’t attract attention to yourself by wearing a lot of expensive jewellery and leaving your equipment where every person walking by can see them. Also rather ask before you take photos of people, structures like state buildings, bridges and aeroplanes – you could land up in trouble.

Malaria is a big problem in Africa, so do take precautions.

Communication and cell phones
Cell phones don’t work in the rural areas even though you can use your phone over SA’s borders. This is slowly changing as Africa is upgrading it’s communication.

Most of the parks don’t allow pets – even if they do have manners. Make sure your pet is safe and with food at home.

Deciding what to take along in the camp pharmacy for your campi.jpgng trip to Africa

Make a list before you start packing as this will save you time.

Right at the top should be your emergency kit with all the necessary inside. If someone in your family is wearing glasses, take a spare, you never know. This also goes for contact lenses and false teeth.

Don’t take medication along in unmarked containers. The people at the border might think you are trying to smuggle drugs over the border.

If someone in your family are sick before your leave rather see a doctor because in Africa you are going to find it difficult getting good medical help.

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