Top 10 Quiz Nights In Cape Town And Surrounds

Grab a friend and hit a different quiz every night of the week. Competitive or fun, you choose the vibe. There are some hefty prizes up for grabs and cosy nights of excellent food and camaraderie so you’ll win either way.

In no ranking order we give you the Top 10 Quiz Nights in Cape Town:

1. On A Roll

on a roll
This hands-down-can’t-beat-em-diner-food hot spot has a trivia night that aims to match their delicious plates of food with a rock and roll quiz. Don’t expect Elvis-themed questions, but do expect to work for a place in the top 2. With great food to choose from (read: delicious ‘dogs’ in buns), go with a hungry group for those break-the-awkward-silences reunions. Up to 6 people per team can play.

When: Every Wednesday

Where: 78 Durban Road, Little Mowbray

Time: 8:15pm

Book: 0825789029

Cost: R20p/p

2. Oblivion

oblivion quiz, facebook
Placing itself firmly on the quiz map is this 10-year-running trivia evening in Harfield Village, Southern Suburbs. The evening is a safe-bet for a solid good time. Expect the odd stumper, “how many lifeboats were supposed to be on the Titanic?” and console yourself with their vast wine selection and well-chosen cheese platters.

When: Every Monday

Where: 22 Chichester Rd, Claremont

Time: 8pm. (be seated by 7:30pm)

Book: 021 671 8522

Cost: R20p/p

Tip: 4 or fewer in a team, so choose your partners wisely!

3. Beerhouse

beerhouse facebook
Tuesday night has taken on a new identity for Beerhouse care of the quiz company OMG Quiz Nights. This sell-out tequila-filled, beer-fuelled, strong-arm-led quiz night has a fast tempo to match the quick-wit needed to play. The host doesn’t pull any punches and has kicked people out for cheating, but with such a large group (the venue seats just under 100), the tone is set for a lively but controlled quiz. Expect lots of beer if you win, and come hungry: their bitterblan deepfried meat is almost as good as the God Bacon. Minumum 1 and maximum 6 ppl/team.

When: Every Tuesday

Where: 223 Long St, Cape Town City Centre

Time: 7:30pm – 9:45pm

Book: 021 424 3370

Cost: R30p/p

Tip: Look out for their themed night, like the recent Game Of Thrones quiz.

4. Jamaica Me Crazy

jamaica me crazy, facebook
The name sets the mood. A relaxed setting with relaxed service (do go with a bit of patience) stirred up with the stick of happy hour equates to a damn fine time. This Woodstock bar has well-priced giant pizzas that are high on the recommendations list. Wash it down with a happy-hour cocktails (6pm – 7pm). Oh and the quiz: a comedic host takes you through your paces, gets the mood going with spot prize shots and the plethora of wine to be won rounds out the friendly time. Maximum 6 people per team.

When: Every Tuesday

Where: 74 Roodebloem Rd, Woodstock

Time: 7pm – 8:45pm

Book: 021 448 0691

Cost: R25p/p

Tip: Go with a bunch of friends that need an excuse to let go and order rasta-coloured shots.

5. House of Machines

House of Machines Facebook
A wham-bam thank you ma’am type of music themed trivia night. 50% of the music quiz night is written questions and 50% listening then writing. This is an in-your-face, shots-as-prizes night. Comedian Paul Snodgrass leads the fun and isn’t shy to lead you on to the dance floor later. If you have work on Tuesday prepare your Panados and Valpres now.

When: Every Monday

Where: 84 Shortmarket St, Cape Town City Centre

Time: 8pm

Book: First come first serve

Cost: Free

Tip: Start up the record machine. The questions vary in genre as much as they do in decade.

*Be patient. Quiz night is resuming Decmber 2015*

6. The Fireman’s Arms


Image by Warrenski from:

One of the stock standard quizzes that all Cape Town quiz aficionados pride themselves on attending, the Fireman’s Arms has an English-pub feel of flags, wooden bar stools and numerous beers on tap. When you picture a pub quiz: Firemans is likely the warm atmosphere in your head. The questions are difficult, to put it mildly, so go for the great food (we recommend their bacon burger, lamb soup  or pot pie), no-frills all-male waiter service and unforgettable host.

When: Every Thursday

Where: Buitengracht St & Mechau St

Time: 8pm – 10:15

Book: No bookings are taken

Cost: R20p/p

Tip: Arrive by 7pm to get a seat

7. Alexander Bar

Blind tastings, ‘feely rounds’ and answers that are written on a board. This quiz ‘crash-landed’ (as they put it) into this 1920’s theater bar, Alexander Bar. Located inner Cape Town city, get comfy with your friends in plush chairs, order a fine cocktail (we recommend the whisky sour) and enjoy a slightly tricky quiz with fun interactive portions.

When: Every Wednesday

Time: 8pm – 9:45pm

Book: here

Cost: R30p/p (online) R40p/p (at the door)

Tip: Booking is essential. But if you’re a risk-taker (read: last-minute planner) then pop in and try your luck.

8. Jerry’s Burger Bar


Image by Stephan Bester from Jerry’s Burger Bar

Located on Lower Main Rd, Obs, this rock burger joint pays homage to the founder of tattooing, Norman Collins (AKA Sailor Jerry). Some of the tastiest, meanest baconiest burgers you’ll find this side of the Goodhope Center, Jerry’s Burger Bar’s trivia night match their straight-shooting attitude. Themes like ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll’ occasionally happen, so expect some off the wall questions at this banging burger join. Fittingly, sometimes the prize includes a massive voucher to go towards your new (or vast collection) of body ink.

When: Every Monday

Where: 123 Lower Main Rd, Observatory

Time: 7pm

Book: 021 447 8554

Tip: Go hungry and with a fully-charged phone to snap Instagram-worthy food shots.

9. Aandklas

aandklas, facebook
For our rowdy friends in the winelands, or those overnight wine-tasting times, Aandklas runs a Jack Parow-approved trivia night. This late-starting evening is straight up and down: cheap brandy and cokes, a no-nonsense quiz leader, and cash prizes for the winner. Go on any other night and expect to see bands like Fokofpolisekar and the party-starter himself, Jack Parow.

When: Every Thursday

Where: 43A Bird St, Stellenbosch

Time: 9pm

Book: 021 883 3545

Cost: R20p/p

Tip: The winnings are a huge bar tab, but don’t leave your wallet at home just yet, the competition is steep!

10. The Woodstock Lounge
woodstock Lounge
A favourite of Woodstock locals and a great place to watch the World Cup, don’t miss their quiz night every second Monday of the month. Tasty pizza, burgers, beer and awesome prizes to be won! To book call 0214483338. 70 Roodebloem Road, Woodstock.

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