Tour de Cape

109 kilometres, 30 000 cyclists, a
brutal 65 km/ph wind & pelting
sandstorms all assured the 32nd
Cape Argus Pick ‘n’ Pay Cycle Tour

would go down in the record as one of
the most challenging cycle races yet.
Despi.jpgte cyclists having to hold onto their
handlebars for dear life while others were
swept completely off their bikes, the race
still attracted a great number of participates.

The race is hosted by the beautiful Cape & kicks off from the Foreshore &
runs to Simon’s Town, ’round the pi.jpgcturesque Chapman’s Peak Drive,
through Camps Bay where it finishes at Sea Point.

Travelstart’s very own Nazmie Ismail and Frederic Bonfils (who didn’t even
have a bike up until 2-days before the race) took part in this remarkable event,
both finishing within a 6-hour mark.


Even Tinsel town was to be seen between the excited participants as the
actor Matt Damon and his brother Kyle took part in their very first Cape
Argus. Damon was supporting former Springbok captain, François Pienaar’s,
charity drive MAD [make a difference]. Pienaar was also taking part in the
race along side local celebrities supporting charitable causes.

Nazmie was fortunate enough to be able to ride next to Matt Damon & he
told Nazmie that he was enjoying the race & all was going good so far.
Nazmie even managed to get a quick snapshot of hunky Matt (otherwise
the girls in the office would never have forgiven him) before he got back to
the tiring mission of finishing the race.
Matt Damon

From steep Wynberg Hill to the long stretches at Smithswinkel, our
Travelstart riders did us proud & can claim a successful Cape Argus
Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour under their belts. Congratulations boys, you can
truly call yourself the “riders of the tar”

With all this excitement I might start training for next year’s race – never know
I might just rub shoulders with a celebrity. Mmmm…let’s hope it’s Brad Pitt.

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