Travel beats marriage as SA’s top Valentine’s gift

79% of South Africans would
rather be taken on a surprise trip to a romantic destination than have their
partner “pop the question” this Valentine’s Day.  This is according to an online survey conducted by, South Africa’s biggest price comparison and booking website. 

“This has been an interesting
survey for us, because it highlights South Africans’ passion for travel.  We have seen an enormous surge in
bookings this Valentine’s Day and it is clear that couples are taking advantage
of the discounts that the recession has brought, both for local and
international trips,” says Stephan Ekbergh, CEO and founder of

When asked about dream
destinations for Valentine’s Day, 69% of the 7300 respondents said that tropi.jpgcal
islands like Maldives and Fiji are at the top of their wish list.  

“Good news
for single travellers is that more than a third of the respondents had a
romantic fling with someone that they met while travelling, so maybe this is a
good reason to pack your bags and head to the airport,” says Ekbergh. 

87% listed
“seeing the world and meeting new people” as their favourite reason for
travelling while only 2% said that they travel to join the mile high club. In
fact, 30% of South African’s had never heard of the mile high club.

So even though couples see more value in travelling to an exotic
destination than a proposal, it is very possible that a romantic island getaway
will create the perfect setting for an unforgettable proposal anyway.


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