Travelstart 'Beta'

We’ve been debating when we should remove the ‘beta’ tag from the end of our logo. Although everything on the site works (and is secure), there is still a lot of functionality and content we are aiming to make live for the official public launch on the 11th. This is the date our press campaign goes into full swing with a half page ad in the Sunday Times (exciting!).

Personally, I’d like to leave the site in ‘beta’ mode forever as we are constantly developi.jpgng it. However, we all decided that the word ‘beta’ might scare paying customers away so we’ll revert to our ‘co za’ tag on the 11th.

Some cool stuff we’ll be adding in the near future:

1. FAQ section – with real questions and useful answers!

2. Forums – this will be the beginning of our ‘social software’ development program 🙂

3. Full account section – we’re developi.jpgng lots of very cool stuff for our members like ‘stickies’, fare alerts, social profiling and more!

4. Tags – OK, this is going to take a while to implement, but we’re very excited about our inroads into folksonomy! 🙂

5. ‘Discover’ Section – This is a section we are really excited about (yes, another one). We’re going to be developi.jpgng a set of cool tools to enable people to explore and uncover unexpected content…

I have to go and collect my daughter so I can’t write any more,,, enjoy your weekend! 🙂

Our Readers Comments

  1. Well,,, I guess everything on our blog is “positive spin” because we are all very positive people 🙂
    …but seriously, we’ve had a few bugs and glitches in our various systems, but most have been ironed out. I’m sorry you didn’t have a great experience – all i can say is that we’re trying our best to make everything perfect,,, our travel desk staff can always help you out in mean time 0861 TSTART (878 278).

  2. How can I sell your product in the Kingdom of Swaziland? my 24hr no. is 09268 6045725.

  3. why is all the info on the blog just positive spin…i seent he ad in todays paper and couldnt believe how slow the site was…typed in hotel in Mauritus and it didnt recognise the word even…..maybe the visionary needs to spend a little more money on his vision.

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