Travelstart de/reconstruction stories 28/30

So much
started to happen in September this year as I was writing what we have been
through as a company the last ten years. I started to write one blog post per
day from Sept 1:st.  I didn’t plan
from one day to the next what to write about, but just went with the flow. I really
enjoyed writing about the first couple of years of the company. I ravelled in
memories and screw-ups. As the series went on and the company (should have)
matured I got more and more depressed as I realized that Travelstart in
Scandinavia is really not going anywhere, the way it’s currently set up.  It’s one thing to laugh at your
mistakes when you are young but as you grow up your continued childish mistakes
becomes pathetic. After about my 15th blog post it got harder and
harder to write as I realized a big change is going to be needed to get us out
of this tailspi.jpgn.

I did some
soul searching and found what many have told me over the years was true; as I
personally moved away from our head office in Sweden the company got
disconnected. Not one single project succeeded, except our South African
launch. Our Scandinavian business continued to grow, as the market, but we lost
our edge and market leadership. I knew that but was always hopi.jpgng we could turn
it around. But after five years I realize it’s not going to happen.

The company
in Scandinavia is battling with profitability because of lost business
innovation and disconnection in our culture. It’s probably nobody’s fault but
my own. I wasn’t aware of the lost sense of destiny and belonging in our
Scandinavian operation, but got very aware as I was writing the blog series.

After thinking
about our future for a while I realized there probably was nowhere to go but
forward which meant closing down the majority part of our Scandinavian
operations and move everything under one roof in Cape Town.

I went to
Sweden in October to negotiate with unions and final decision was made after
that. It was probably the toughest decision in my life. We have to let many
people go and its hurts for everyone involved.

Right now
we are in the midst of the reorganization process. In South Africa we are
hiring, in Sweden people are starting to go home.

South Africa
will now be home to the New Travelstart. Because as we reorganize we will not
continue to more and better, but really rebuild the whole company. We will look
at our ambitions, strategy, technology, value proposition and build what we
believe is the next thing. It will take us a good year to regroup as a company
and gain momentum but it will hopefully be worth it for us, and our customers. It’s
a risky venture but absolutely necessary.

Our Readers Comments

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  3. What a difficult decision to make… But maybe it’s like pruning a tree – you have to cut back to make sure it flourishes. I’m excited to see what TS comes up with!

  4. Go Stephan- Go TS! We will make it happen

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