Travelstart Reaching New Heights….Hollywood Style

The man clung to the window ledge of
the 7th floor, helpless to stop the
flames that where engulfing the office
building. Smoke billowed around him
with fear etched on his face.  He took
a deep breath & prepared to jump to
safety of the fire fighter net below…Cut!

No need to be alarmed, as this was all
staged for a TV advert.

With its perfect weather, beautiful
locations, internationally acclaimed
crews & not to mention a favourable
exchange rate, Cape Town is alive
with film crews during the summer,
shooting international & local
commercials throughout the city & its

Travelstart was fortunate enough to be involved in the making of
one of these 30-second master pi.jpgeces.

The Twin Film Group who are based in Cape Town,
with their special effects & stunt team, invaded our offices last Thursday
with smoke machines, fans, actors, stunt-doubles, crew & tons of filming
equipment. We supplied the longitude, latitude & fun attitude to make
it all possible.

The Travelstart 7th floor offices were the perfect height with the authentic
Manhattan look (think of the Will & Grace red brick building) for their
advert for New Yorker clothing company.It's amazing how much work goes
into these commercials & Travelstart was more than willing to lend a
helpi.jpgng hand or in this case, a window.

Long Street was cordoned off; there
were film crew & extras all along the
street below.You could hear the
director shouting over his loud speaker:
that provided a real Hollywood feel.

It was great to be part of all the glitz, glamour & excitement with the
opportunity to get up close & personal allowing a glimpse behind
the scenes on how commercials are actually made.

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