Travelstarts New Years resolutions

It´s a new year and i thought this would be a good time to articulate some of our new years resolutions for you:

1. We promise moore and better service.

Service is scarce commodity nowadays. We know for a fact that while customers choose us purely based on price some years ago, people choose us for our service today. We take responsibility and you can hold us accountable. Which is more than you can say about a lot of airlines and the likes of the worlds largest online hotelbooker

2. We also promise better fares and prices.

How can we do that? Well first of all we dont have 20 boards of directors we need to feed. We dont have a string of middle managers or a fat management team we need to feed. We dont have any excess bagage in our company that we have to support. We run a mean and lean company so we can pass savings on to you.  And you know what. The airlines givs the same prices to us as they do to all the fat cats. The only difference is how much markup we can live on. So the leaner you are the better prices you can give. So lower fares.

3. We promise more innovations

@ Travelstart we love innovations. We have some pretty nice stuff in store for 2007 that will blow your socks off. Soon you´ll be able to see all our competitiors prices in real time so you know you always gets the best fare.

4. We promise better userability.

Some of the big things for this year will be "your accounts" sections where you can choose exactly what is relevant for you. You will be able to save all your search history etc. And when you come back we dont bother you with stuff you dont want to know anything about.

5. Moore products

We will continue to add new suppliers to our website and database. All packaged in the same cool way that you are used to.

6. We promise you will find not search.

We are committed to find you what you want. Soon we will launch our flexsearch section that will blow your mind. Now you can specify your search by LEAVING OUT data instead of the other way around. By leaving out data your search results will be broader giving you more options to choose between. It will be a world first. Stay tuned.

And finally

7. moore competitions

We asked you said: give us more fun. So in 2007 we will run not less than 10 competitions.

And this is the stuff we can tell. Internally we have lots more in store but we wont tell.

So Happy New Year, Stay with Travelstart

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