Tree Hotels opens in Harads Sweden.

Always wanted to have a tree house when you were a kid but never got one? Then this is your chance to make that childhood dream come true. This month you’ll be able to book a room at the  in Sweden as it opens its doors to visitors. The hotel will start off with four rooms that are hanging from the tree branches in a forest near Harads, a small town 60 km below the Arctic Circle. Architects Tham and Videgard Hansson have come up with four different structures that are all made from local materials. One room looks like a bird’s nest and another is an aluminium square box clad with mirrors that reflect the surrounding forest. The third one looks somewhat UFO-like. The hotel that is run by the Brittas Group is looking to open up two more rooms come October and the design of those additional rooms still remains a secret for now. It all sounds very exciting and fun, however I can’t help but wonder about health and safety issues. The bird’s nest and the mirrored box for instance are both only accessible by climbing or balancing on ropes. So I can’t imagine that this is a suitable hotel for families with small children or elderly people.  Imagine gripping the rope while trying to hold on to your baby and your luggage? And what if you had a drunken night out and you’re desperately trying to get to your tree bed? Picture yourself having to balance on ropes after a couple of mojitos. The other issue is the bathroom. The problem is that there aren’t any. For me, that would be a problem. It does happen now and again that I wake up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to use the loo. What are guests supposed to do in that case? Slide down the rope in the middle of the night in their jimjams and p in the forest? Hmmm, I don’t think so. That’s why I never liked camping. As wonderful as these designs look, I am not so sure if this is the hotel for me. I think I’d prefer to have my bed in a room that is accessible by taking a lift and walking through a corridor. And a bathroom, please. Call me old fashioned, but hey, that is just me!

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Hi, First question, have you ever been to the Treehotel? We are writing this from one of the many rooms (The Cabin) while sitting on the toilet. Not to mention the most Eco friendly toilet we have ever seen!! Our first impression was amazing. We have been here for a day and it’s only got better. We don’t feel your review has done it any justice and we want to make people aware of THE FACTS…. They have a toilet as mentioned above and it’s truely a wonderful place to visit.
    Emma and Dan 04/10/10

    • Thanks for the feedback Emma. Much appreciated. Glad you’re enjoying it!

      The report on the hotel was written just as the hotel was opening so the writer had not visited the hotel. It was based on info published in various media at that time. The writer reports on interesting topics and stories in travel media and gives her take on the news.

      Thanks again for your feedback it’s great to hear the hotel’s concept is such a success!

  2. Dear Jaklien
    Congratulations for your beautiful blog, offering guest for sure many grate advices and suggestions and places to visit.
    Thank you so much for your interest in us, Treehotel. We are very pleased to see that you decided to write about us. Still, with your permission, we would like to explain you a bit more about our concept, as we are afraid that several facts in your article are incorrect.

    First of all, we would like to point out that Treehotel is located IN Harads, not near Harads.
    We have a group of well known designers and architects constructions the Treerooms, not only Tham & Videgård as you wrote.

    They have made only ONE room, The Mirrorcube, not four as you mention we are afraid. Kindly update.

    In total there are six uniquely themed Treeroom, created by 5 separate architects. In addition we also have a sauna and a conference room which will seat 12 guests comfortably.

    You mention that the hotel is owned by the Brittas Group, we must point out that this group does not exist, to be honest we have never heard about it, the owner of this hotel is Kent Lindvall and Britta Jonsson Lindvall. Please update.

    Its also mention that the design of the additional rooms who will come up in October is a secret, and we are curios to know where have you read that? We are asking you this, as the names of each architect have been published at our web, even before our grand opening.

    We do invite you to have a look on our website, as we think you can find useful information there if you decided to write about our Treehotel again. At our web you can for example see info regarding our toilets, as we can see that you are writing that none of the rooms are having toilets.
    We would kindly ask you to update this fact, as it’s incorrect, as all of our rooms are equipped with perfectly working toilets (each Treeroom are equipped with its own state of the art eco-friendly incineration toilet and water efficient hand basin, which means there is no artificial plumbing)

    So there is no need to slide down a rope in the middle of the night in the pyjamas and pee in the forest as you were questioning your self.

    Please dear Jaklien, would you be so kind and also update that the rooms are accessed by either a ramp or sturdy stairs depending of the room guest choose. Two of the rooms have electric retractable stairs. And.. Toilets at each room as already explained.

    And, FYI; we will take up the luggage to each room; it’s a service that Treehotel provide for each and every guest staying at our Treehotel.

    Every Treeroom will have its own living and sleeping areas. Four of the rooms will accommodate 2 beds and the remaining two Treeroom will have 4 beds, which would be ideal for families. So, families with children are more then welcome!

    The interior of each Treeroom will be uniquely designed by the architect, with its own furniture and lighting to complement the individual theme.

    Dear Jaklien, in case you are in need of some more information, we remain at your entire disposal for any other information or assistance you may require, hoping having you as our guest at Treehotel. We promise, you do not need to slide down a rope in the middle of the night in the pyjamas and pee in the forest
    Yours sincerely;
    Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

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