Tree Hotels opens in Harads Sweden.

Always wanted to have a tree house when you were a kid but never got one? Then this is your chance to make that childhood dream come true. This month you’ll be able to book a room at the  in Sweden as it opens its doors to visitors. The hotel will start off with four rooms that are hanging from the tree branches in a forest near Harads, a small town 60 km below the Arctic Circle. Architects Tham and Videgard Hansson have come up with four different structures that are all made from local materials. One room looks like a bird’s nest and another is an aluminium square box clad with mirrors that reflect the surrounding forest. The third one looks somewhat UFO-like. The hotel that is run by the Brittas Group is looking to open up two more rooms come October and the design of those additional rooms still remains a secret for now. It all sounds very exciting and fun, however I can’t help but wonder about health and safety issues. The bird’s nest and the mirrored box for instance are both only accessible by climbing or balancing on ropes. So I can’t imagine that this is a suitable hotel for families with small children or elderly people.  Imagine gripping the rope while trying to hold on to your baby and your luggage? And what if you had a drunken night out and you’re desperately trying to get to your tree bed? Picture yourself having to balance on ropes after a couple of mojitos. The other issue is the bathroom. The problem is that there aren’t any. For me, that would be a problem. It does happen now and again that I wake up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to use the loo. What are guests supposed to do in that case? Slide down the rope in the middle of the night in their jimjams and p in the forest? Hmmm, I don’t think so. That’s why I never liked camping. As wonderful as these designs look, I am not so sure if this is the hotel for me. I think I’d prefer to have my bed in a room that is accessible by taking a lift and walking through a corridor. And a bathroom, please. Call me old fashioned, but hey, that is just me!

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