Turkish Airlines puts Flight Attendants on diet

Turkish Airlines recently suspended 28 flight attendants without pay for being too fat. The airline has given them six months to drop their weight and if they fail to do so, they will lose their job. The airline has stated that “Weight and height are important factors at all airlines. These criteria are important both in terms of appearance and the ability to move about.” Personally, I’m not so sure if this is fair. What is it with airlines and weight? Sometimes their behaviour reeks of weightism. If a passenger is above a certain weight they make them pay for a whole extra seat. Heck, they even make you pay extra if your suitcase weighs too much. However for the latter, there is a perfectly fine explanation. The more suitcases on board, the more fuel it will cost to fly the plane. And we all know how expensive fuel has become. But a wobbly bit here and there on the crew? Come on! Does that really matter? Now I have to admit that I’m not sure how much these flight attendants actually weighed. And I understand the airlines point of view about being mobile around the cabin, which could be of life saving importance in an emergency situation. I do think though that some airlines take it a step too far. I’m not sure what the criteria are to work for Virgin Atlantic for instance, but every time I fly on that airline it feels like I’m at a fashion show. All I see are stick thin air hostesses with blonde hair and blue eyes. Like they stepped out of a glossy magazine advertorial. But I honestly do not care if the person going through the safety instructions and serving me my in-flight snack and beverage looks like Kate Moss or Doutzen Kroes. Just as long as I’m fed and I know where to go in case of a crash, that’s all I care about.

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  1. Hi, I came across this article while searching something slightly different. I am a flight attendant myself and in fact one of the requirements is that your weight is proportional to your height (basically your Body mass index needs to be within parameters) This is not just applied to turkish airlines but to all airlines although the fact is that some airlines just are not as rigorous as others when it comes to apply the rules. there are 3 reasons for it… 1 crew overweight also affect the total amount of weight the plane should have without passengers and as you wrote it increase fuel consumption, 2. for safety the crew should be able to perform physical activities in case of an emergency –which means that is not just thin but also athletic and healthy– they are also told to gain weight if they are too thin, 3. yes, as a matter of fact its also about looking good for our customers as we are consider to be the image of the company… USUALLY airlines who applied this to their crew is when they are too overweight according to the age also. It may sound cold but this is in fact the last thing a companies take in consideration when they recruit, skills in customer service, language, corporate language and other are assessed first then the rest is appearance because they can teach you how to make up, talk, walk, etc but they can not make smarter, have healthy food habits or workout for you! Now, I have being affected by this rule (again is an international rule applied to all airlines) When I passed all my interviews and test and all license and medical requirements i was told to loose 5 pounds to be able to start work It was hard for me to see all my friends already traveling but it FA already know it is not just how the uniform looks but also you may not be able to lift someone in case of an emergency or even just drag their body a 100meters. We are Dr’s, Rescue teams, counselors and more… not just who serves the food or tell you where things are (everybody can do that) but believe me you don’t want be unable to move on your own after a crash and who is responsible for your life cant move you for being too fat!

    long comment right. sorry i usually speak too much also ^_^

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