Valentines Cheesy Chirp Competition – Week 1’s Photo

Week 1 is now closed, please see week 2’s photo to continue entering!

Man in Elvis costume posing

Week 1 is now closed, please see week 2’s photo to continue entering!

Have you got the cheese? Put it to good use and give our photo a cheesy caption! If yours is the cheesiest caption, you stand in line to win tickets for two to New York courtesy of Travelstart and Etihad Airways.

To enter, please visit week 2’s photo to leave your caption for the new cheesy pic!

Click here for more details on how the competition works and the terms and conditions.

Week 1 is now closed, please see week 2’s photo to continue entering!

Our Readers Comments

  1. Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.

  2. Hey there, pretty lady. Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?

  3. High five, you have chosen the right airways …five fingers are up huh..Fligh Eithad booked through Travelstart

  4. Wynberg, Mowbray, Kaap but New York is that a way!!!

  5. You would look good in a jumpsuit and cape

  6. You would look good in a jumpsuit and cape.

  7. Hey there pretty mama. They call me the king and you sure look like a queen to me.

  8. Hey there pretty mama. They call me the king, and you sure look like a queen to me.

  9. Hi honey, pick me up. These boots weren’t made for walking. They are blue suede shoes!

  10. Hey Mama, I’m the king of rock… now let me rock your world 😉

  11. My finger is showing the way to the Big Apple, my hair is smoothing the ride. Are you coming along baby?

  12. I’m the fastest two-handed draw in the west!

  13. Is it a bird? Nooo
    Is it a plane? Nooo
    Is it Superman? Noooooo

    It’s GOLDMEMBER…I’m all shook up.tralalalala 😉

  14. Hey Baby, you wanna leave the building with me.

  15. I love you this much baby.

  16. well, its a one for the money, two for the show… This way to New York Baby!

  17. Trim & Proper! Fly Etihad the choosen Airline

  18. Check me, I am all a-glitter
    Post this tweet on Twitter
    Now check out my look
    and then add on Facebook
    But don’t break my heart
    Please let me win, TravelStart

  19. Baby i like it!

  20. Looks like Liberty’s not going to be so lonesome tonight

  21. In case ya’ll a wonderin, my legs are movin.
    but uh-uh my pants dont fit me no longer

  22. I schmaak my boerewors and beer while watching rugby, but chickie cherrie, I schmaak you more!!!

  23. Hey Mama

  24. I am all shook up – ahaa ha yea yea
    JOHN Wayne eat your heart out..Elvis is in Town – loaded and ready to shoot your teddy bear

  25. Please let me introduce myself…I’m the hunk of LOVE…put on earth to fit you like a glove…:)

  26. Can’t stop he howling honey you turn me into nothing but a ”Hound Dog”!

  27. My heart just had an earthquake baby,you got my ”All shook up’

  28. My hands are shaky and my knees are weak
    I can’t seem to stand on my own two feet
    Who do you thank when you have such luck?
    Travelstarter!I’m in love
    I’m all shook up!

  29. Awe my Bro Show them, show them…..

  30. You mind if I hang out here until its safe back where I farted?

  31. Hey, pretty mama. You must be in the wrong place. The Miss World competition is over there.

  32. Huba Huba babe. You must be my lucky charm. Wanna come rock with me cause I can take you places

  33. Heya babe- Let me be your teddy bear – Stick with me cause I am going places

  34. This way to hunk-a-burning-love’s-ville mama

  35. You just landed youself some grace, baby!

  36. Thats the way to New York Baby !

  37. You want to go WHERE ??
    NEW YORK !
    Are you asking me to go with you ?
    WITH YOU !!!!

  38. Shoot the Breeze

  39. It’s only one, two, three, uhm, four, five more sleeps to go!

  40. Hey, is this the way to disGraceland?

  41. This Hunk ‘o Burning Love is going to Rock Your World Baby !

  42. Wonderful World, What a wonderful life. Riding the rainbow, So high. Runaway, Inherit the wind. It’s now or never, Follow that dream. Only believe.

  43. Do you know who I am, Earth Angel? Meanest girl in town, Don’t be cruel. It’s now or never, I’m counting on you, A boy like me, a girl like you. There’s so much world to see. Let me be there, I beg of you, Let it be me.

  44. Seeing is believing, America the beautiful. Look out Broadway, Moonlight swim, Rip it up, Shake, rattle and roll.Got a lot o’living to do. C’mon everybody, Follow that dream!

    (Note to Nick Paul: Every word used in this caption are direct titles of songs Elvis sang. Each title is indicated by the capitlaisation of the first word after a comma, except for the nouns, America and Broadway).

  45. Would you like to fly bugseye

  46. Hey Baby! I just wanna be your big ol teddy bear this Valentines!

  47. Hey pretty lady. Follow the King and I’ll make you my Queen of Hearts this Valentine’s day, Uh huh

  48. Which way to Lonely Street? I’m checked into Heartbreak Hotel! Come join me baby;)

  49. Hey baby, stand still so I can pick you up

  50. Forget about rocking around the clock. I wanna rock around you. This Valentine’s Day make time stand still with you as my lady, as my boo.

  51. See this…You are the tip of my tower!!!

  52. what you think about my move baby? makes for a ‘little less conversation’, huh? 😉

  53. Elvis … his da man, da big CHEESE !

  54. This is how we call a taxi in Vegas!

  55. I’m all shook up! He went that way …and I lost my ciggie!

  56. This way to Travelstart to fly Eithad airways
    up, up & away to NY to meet the stars.

  57. Babe, I can’t believe you got me a bedazzler for Valentine’s day

  58. Pew, ping, ping, pew, pew …. lurved playin’ them cowboys ‘n injuns!! Golleee gee

  59. cheese me pleaze !

  60., I thought I saw a plane right there… they probably booked through travelstart.. uh uh..

  61. hey baby..ready to paint the town red?

  62. hey sexy…ready to hit the road and paint the town red??

  63. Double Barrel Shotgun Love, Baby.

  64. I ain’t nothing but your love-hound dog!

  65. Hey there ready to go i am

  66. I am the King of the Mile High Club. How about it baby, Lets Rock!

  67. There was once an Elvis impersonator
    Who was a super smooth operator
    He could wiggle his hips
    And curl his lips
    But he couldn’t stay out the refrigerator!

  68. You haven’t seen one of these before?? It’s called an air guitar, honey!

  69. Hey baby…You must work at Bostik coz you’re really PRITTy

  70. “Blue Suede Shoes” and all Lets go to NYC to have a JOL

  71. thats 1 shot of lime…2 shots of Bourbon please barman

  72. This way baby…Lets do this thing called Valentine in the Big Apple. There is so much World to see!

  73. Say you love me… before i leave you speachless


  75. Hey pretty Mama!

  76. Fools rush in (to NY) where cheesy jackets fear to fly

  77. Hey gorgeous,if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

  78. Hey, Saint Hunk is heading for Vegas. Will you love me tender and Valentine along?

  79. Roses are red,Violets are blue,Kiss me quick,to win a trip for 2

  80. Hi sexy lady why don’t you and me shoot for the stars U

  81. One for the money, two for the show, three get ready, and off to New York we’ll go…..

  82. I can show you things that will make you say thank you thank you very much

  83. I can take you to heaven baby

  84. two for the road…..?

  85. 1 for the Honey…2 for the Ho…

  86. Rhinestone Flasher

  87. Not the Billy Graham Show

  88. This way if you are stonded

  89. Rhinestone Shooter

  90. Liberty Glitter

  91. Hey sweet cheeks,this is a stick-up and I want all your love!

  92. Hey Baby, are you lonesome tonight? Let me fly you to paradise! Because I can’t help falling in love with you…and travelstart!

  93. hi travelstart

    make sure that u pack elvis picture in my bag, i mean om my way to New York, can’t wait.

  94. To my Valentine: ” You will never again be Only the Lonely”!!!

  95. Baby…thissaway to Heaven!

  96. “Hey pretty mamma, welcome to my world”
    Elvis hasn’t left the biulding yet!!!!!

  97. “you ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog… but this Valentine’s day you’re still my puppy love!”

  98. Haba, Haba babe. I think yu’re my lucky charm. Wanna come rock with me cause I can take you places!

  99. Huba Huba babe. I think yu’re my luck charm. Wanna come rock with me cause I can take you places!

  100. Make that one kin-size cheeseburger and two fries to go!

  101. Hey Mamma wanna go to the Bahamma’s with me? Stick with me and I’ll make you Famous !! New York ,New York – we’ ll do it my way!!

  102. Ain’t that the way to Heart Break Hotel?
    Come with me Baby…I’m so lonely……….

  103. Ain’t that the way to Heart Break Hotel?
    Come with me Baby…I’m so lonelt……….

  104. Uh huh and the exits are this way pretty Mama – thank you – thank you very much

  105. “I like entertaining people. I really miss it. ” An actual Elvis quote. I’m guessing he’s really mising it now.

  106. Hey there lil’ lady. How ’bout you comin’ with me to the Big Apple…that’s New York City. And don’t forget to put on your blue suede shoes! (hard to get much cheeeezier!)

  107. ” This competition offers tickets on Etihad Mamma, but you know I only fly with 1time”.

  108. 5 cheeseburgers to go. At that Cadillac.

  109. I am the Master STUDED Rocker…

  110. don’t touch me on my jewels!

  111. “I’m gonna inject your soul, with some sweet rock ‘n’ roll and shoot you full of rhythm and blues”
    …cause baby your my Valentines Muse.

  112. Bling.Bling.Cha-Ching.Cha-Ching.My valentine, I’m the King who will make your heart sing…

  113. step into my luve plane,i’ll do the shakin and you’ll do the rollin,together we’ll rock around the clock.

  114. “Who gets you all shook up?…THIS guy!”

  115. Hi Sugar,how about ‘popping a cork’ with me in New York?!

  116. 35.If you were a drug, I would overdose..!

  117. I am the king, no doubt about it baby. Lets rock.

  118. My lenses turn dark in the sunshine of your love…

  119. hey baby,you wanna rock this king’s world?

  120. Hey mama…you think these hand-guns are big…wait till you see me bazooka…

  121. How about a shot at love with me, baby?

  122. One to get ready, two to go, three get your your smoke on… let’s go, go, go..mmmm come on suga!!

  123. hey sexy mamma…
    Do you belive in love at first site????…
    Or should I walk past again??
    ahhhaa hummm

  124. He just said, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you. The exit’s that way.”


  126. ”To know the Road ahead, ask those coming back” Especially those that have been given a Travel Head Start by Travelstart and Ethiad Airways!!!

  127. This way to my Jungle Room bebe, uh huh 😉

  128. A monkey in silk is a monkey no less!

  129. are you going my way…nyccccccccccccc(NICE)
    …. ama bling bling

  130. Finger guns: Even cooler when you’re wearing pleather and rhinestones.

  131. Whoooa, somebody stop Aladdin! He went that way – I think he stole the rest of my rug. Return to sender buddy, I’m the King, you’re a prince.

  132. Hey Baby… It’s this way to the Heartbreak Hotel!

  133. It’s you, me and my love pistol baby, let’s take to the skies. It’s ah hunka hunka flying love!!!

  134. Fly us to the moon, cause with travelstart we’ll get there soon.

  135. L’tle Lady, leme bejazzle you like my bejeweled jacket in the Big Apple?

  136. did you say don’t be cruel made it to number 1 on the charts and can’t help falling in love made it to number 2

  137. Well its one for the money, two for the show, darn I’ve run out of fingers, now go cat, go!

  138. Shoot for the Skies!!!!

  139. to the left to the left…everything you own in a box to the left

  140. The way to my heart starts with travelling thata way baby

  141. Darlin’, for you I’ll wear glitter-glam pink more brightly than Barbie. (You got this manly man all shook up 😉

  142. Hey baby, wanna step on my blue suede shoes?

  143. Baby you can drive my car….

  144. As we travel along the Jericho road…..

  145. My movements, ma’am, are all leg movements. I don’t do nothing with my body

  146. Rhythm is something you either have or dont, but when you have it, you have it all over…

  147. “Cheesy”, did you say cheesy. Yeah baby Yeah! Your the one that I want!

  148. Rock & Fly…Let´s roll in the American sky?

  149. Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?

  150. Hey baby, what is an Angel doing flying so low… come to take me with you?

  151. Anyone seen my hairspray?

  152. “One for the money, two for the show, three get ready to travel, go baby go”.

  153. Las Vegas or London? Let’s start travelling with TravelStart!

  154. Hey Baby! You’re looking mighty NYC…

  155. Travelstart & Ethiad can only make you glad,
    Jump in a cab, we’ll pick up the tab…
    Come with me, to see Lady Liberty.
    Take a bite out of the Big Apple, but keep in touch…
    Thank you, Thank you very much

  156. This way to the looove shack babe

  157. Which way are the deep-fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches?

  158. I’m all shook up
    Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!

  159. Your travel adventure starts right here baby!

  160. The Wonder of me in New York!

  161. I am the King, will you be my Queen?

  162. Baby, I can be any colour you want…….so make your choice today!!

  163. Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you…

  164. Ah’ve been shoppin in Walmart since the 70s, an’ Ah can honestly say Ah cain’t help fallin in lurve with thur range’f jumpsuits.

  165. Darlin’I am a man so I need Travelstart directions.

  166. Expect Bedazzlement baby.

  167. Get outta me face. Can’t you see I’m not Elvis?

  168. From the African skies,my African dream to rock wth the flock in the beautiful streets of New York

  169. A little less conversation…a little more action! Uh-huh.

  170. “Baby, baby, I’d get down on my knees for you, if these pants weren’t too tight…”

  171. I want to pop your cork, in NEW York!

  172. Baby, I ain’t leaving the building without you.

  173. Baby, I ain’t leaving this building without you.

  174. I don’t know which is prettier today, the water, the sky or your eyes.

  175. Sorry girls I kiss guys, but you more than welcome to join for a 3sum

  176. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?

  177. You don’t have to be a star to sparkle…

  178. Love you tender, love you dear….make my dreams come true…to see New York!!!

  179. a little less conversation, a little more action baby . . .

  180. I’ll take the high road – You take the low road – Uh – Thank you very much

  181. whadoyoumean “go to hell”?? …I’m just gettin’ started on my “highway to heaven” rap song..!!!

  182. Darlin, as the good lord as my witness… I’ll keep shooting them tender love bullets deep into your heart. Succumb to me; you know you want to…


  183. Are you lonesome tonight ? Let’s have a party in the Heartbreak Hotel. I’m all shook up – I need your love tonight. It’s now or never Teddy Bear……………..

  184. Just a minute, darling… I Love NY, let’s “Sing our own Song” and dance the ‘Big Apple’.

  185. Get in the queue, the travel starts here dude!!!!!!

  186. the bathroom is up the stairs…2nd door on the right

  187. o.elvis i will not make you famous ,but we will surely have a lot of fun….

  188. you dont look so hot yourself ,who are you to call me cool

  189. The gates of heaven just opened and look who walked through. Let me take you back to heaven, baby

  190. all I needed was the rain, and the grass won,t pay no mind,blue eyes crying in the rain, I don,t care if the sun don,t shine. All sung by Elvis

  191. …and that’s how i shot the deputy… i hear u shot the Sheriff…nice work Mr Marley

  192. Give me a little less conversation and a little more action baby, you apple you.

  193. You’re so square baby, but I don’t care, so lets play house.

  194. These shades can’t come off because beauty is brighter than my stones

  195. Wanna reach a mile high, join our club !reach for the sky !Cause I am all shook up !

  196. I aint nothing but a Hound dog,Please dont send me to a Heartbreak Hotel? Put a chain around my neck and lead me Anywhere ?I just wanna be your Teddy Bear! Anyplace is Paradise, as long as I’m with you. You can knock me down step on my face, you can throw my shoes all over the place, If it sounds to funcky,I am a Travelstart junky!

  197. The sky is the limit!

  198. Wanna reach a Mile-High , join our club , All I can say is :”I am all shook up”. Reach for the stars , Try Travelstart!!

  199. Baby, somebody better call God, cuz he’s missing an angel!

  200. Are you lonesome tonight, fly me with Etihad and its friendly team to the city where life becomes wow!!

  201. “hey ladies, this way for a RIDE on the ELVIS XPRESS!!!

  202. Enig iets koeler as ek is ys blokkies!

  203. No my Darling, you’ve got it all wrong,
    this is not the way to the Love Boat,
    We are going straight forward for the
    Jacaranda Love Boat

  204. A suprise last minute entry in the Amasing Race:”one for the ready,two for the steady,…….”

  205. Elvis thought he had nailed the correct hand signal for a taxi ride while on holiday in JHB

  206. I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine.

  207. I think you have me confused with somebody else…

  208. I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over how AWESOME I am.

  209. Somewhere over the rainbow? Try that way.

  210. I’d appreciate a ride if you’re heading East and slightly up from the horizon.

  211. Your dreams went that-a-way. Visit to pick up the chase.

  212. Am I Elvis or are you just happy to see me?

  213. There’s only one way out of this place and that’s up.

  214. So I’m in this big plane up in the sky and this beautiful honey brings me a drink and I say to her, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

  215. Trust me, there’s nothing up there but blue sky and rhinestones.

  216. You wanna leave the building with me darlin’?

  217. You just missed your plane but you should be able to find another flight on

  218. Take a ticket, darlin’; the back of the queue is thatta way.

  219. I didn’t ask to be a luuuv-machine, Ladies. But if you’ve got it, you’ve got it all over.

  220. Want to pork in New York?

  221. Well, the hair would’nt cooperate, so , yeah, this is the finger I stuck in there…!

  222. I’m the king of Rock….so come and Rock with me baby and let’s go to places that you have never gone before….with Travelstart

  223. It’s my way….or the high way….or should I say Travelstart’s way or the high way

  224. My room’s thatta way Babe, for a whole lotta loving in New York

  225. Love me tender and i’ll give you THIS much in return…

  226. Who’s “First in line”? It’s your time to shine, in these arms of mine… Oooooohhhh

  227. A little less conversation, a little more action please! I’m a big hunk o’ Love, Love me tender, Lover Doll!

  228. I bought a train ticket to Paris with love and the ticket seller said, ‘Eurostar?’ I said, ‘Well I’ve been on telly but I’m no Elvis Presley.’

  229. Elvis seems to AGREES he smells like blue cheese – No need to swipe my credit card through my cheesy bum cheeks. An opportunity – New York City is the place to be! Thanks to Travelstart who will fly me FREE!!!… My bags are packed ready to go way up to the New York Sky – Oh if I see Elvis while I am high up there… I will give this message Travelstart sent me here!

  230. I’m the King of Lock ‘n Load….Let’s shoot of in a love boat….

  231. Elvis … was here!

  232. Hey mamma – wanna go fly’en with me?

  233. I shot Elvis once, then I shot him twice, and here I am with my rose colored glasses, waiting for the fans!

  234. Elvis the King of Rock n Roll his music will rock until the end of time!!

  235. Be a cool hound dawg and travelstart me to the big apple, Dude!

  236. Let’s go paint the Big Apple red!

  237. We are going to rock the Big Apple to it’s core!

  238. Who Me? Could’nt be. I’m just here to make this Jail house Rock

  239. **So many airmiles and now I’m like “all shook up” Uh huh uh…….**

  240. Shake, Rattle and Roll Baby!

  241. come shakin and rollin with me

  242. Hey sexy Mamma, this way to Blue Suede lovin’

  243. Stick em up baby. I am gonna hijack your heart on the highway of lurve…..

  244. This way to the Lurve Machine.

  245. Cheeseland (oops Graceland!)
    Travelstarts flying your way,
    making my day sooooooso gay!

  246. tra – V.elv – star – t (repeat to the tune of ‘are you lonesome tonight’)

  247. “You are always on my mind… oooh….TRAVELSTART …only Fools Rush In… but not I… its TRAVELSTART and NEW YORK thats ALWAYS on my mind, ALWAYS on my mind…oooh yeah baby!!!!

  248. Need some more up in the up do – uhu hummm….

  249. I went to New York came back with no pork-I said hey honey aint it funny been to Chicago with ze cargo ship and took a slip-Love to go to New York for a dip-freeging hot in cape Town -you mean where-everywhere-cool bananas. JJ

  250. Ooooh baby, you make my lip quiver and my leg shake….does my gut look big in this?

  251. One for the money, two for the show…

  252. I’ve got people to see & places to go. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

  253. “stick with me like my rhinestones baybeh and I’ll make ya famous!”

  254. Howzit Cobus!

  255. Tell me, did you take my blue suede shoes!!

  256. Don’t be afraid of my finger pistols baby, they only shoot hunks of burning love….

  257. “Your place or mine?”

  258. ‘Pardon me ma’am!…do i go that way to leave the building?’

  259. “C’mon Baby Light my Fire!!”

  260. Yeah baby.. I’m about this BIG!

  261. Any chance of a lift to Pofadder?

  262. “… now watch where the shadow falls on the ground. Wait 15 minutes for it to move and you’ll be able to tell which way is North!”

  263. If you take the next right you’ll be in NEW YORK!

  264. Wanna see the new Velvet painting of me I just hung in my trailer?

  265. Some people tap their feet, some snap their fingers, and some sway back and forth. I just sorta do them all together and I think it works!

  266. “Hey Baby, don’t step on my tekkies, I’m gonna be walkin’ them in New York!”

  267. Let’s go a’travelin babe!

  268. I am Elvis the Pelvis.
    I don’t know anything about music.
    In my line you don’t have to.
    I sing all kinds and I don’t sound like nobody.
    Ah just act the way ah feel.
    But just keep your cold icy fingers off me.
    You ain’t nothin’ but a Hound Dog.

  269. You are my Teddy bear……..

  270. my guns are loaded…in the ghetto

  271. ♪♪♫♪ I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should have….Let me make it up to you and fly you to New York…. You are always on my mind, yes always on my mind! ♪♫♪

  272. RoboElvis – Designer coat and Shades included! In stores now!!! Blue suede shoes sold separately.

  273. … and this one’s of me, balancing on toppa the Statue of Lib-er-ty…

  274. Something don’ smell so good… let’s head that’a way to NEW YORK, baby, I’m all shook up!

  275. “And as I reached for the toilet paper…”

  276. “Who moved me from Madame Tussauds?”

  277. Don’t step on love or my blue suede shoes on Valentine’s Day. The gun in my left hand is shooting love, Baby!

  278. Right to New York, left to Vegas! (directions, courtesy of the Rhinestone Cowboy)

  279. One Night with You Baby In New York with Love me Tender

  280. A little less conversation, a little more big apple pie please

  281. Do you like my bling-bling?
    I’m ready to rock ‘n roll!

  282. Hey darling, wanna rock my roll

  283. And I want you on the next transport off this rock, or I’m gonna shoot you where it don’t grow…

  284. Hey MJ !!This way to my world

  285. I just wanna be YOUR teddybear!

  286. Hey Travel Start! Got Any Good Deals to Get me to Viva Las Vegas? Too many people here think I am Still alive and my Blue Suede Shoes wont take me!

  287. Treat me nice, Treat me good,
    Treat me like you really should,
    ‘Cause I’m not made of wood,
    And I don’t have a wooden heart.

  288. I ain’t nothing but a horn-dog… won’t you bury my bone?

  289. I ain’t greedy baby, all I want is all you got
    Oh no no, baby, I ain’t askin’ much of you
    Just a big-a, big-a, big-a hunk of love will do.

  290. lets fly to the sky baby

  291. let’s fly to the sky baby

  292. Hey Jude…you’ve gotta just love me or leave me hard headed woman!

  293. Every flight that goes through TravelStart becomes a challenge for the Team

    • Hey Camilo, just checking if you’re referring to an issue you’re having? Shout if you have any problems booking 😉

  294. Is there enough grease in my hair, honey? Cos I don’t want you slip sliding away, sugah.

  295. I love you all to death !!!….Just don’t ask me to sing

  296. Got two nipples for a dime?

  297. Vegas, New York, stick with me babe, I’ll take you all the way..

  298. We gotta go that-a-way to get some blue suede shoes baby uh ha ha

  299. Priscilla went thataway?

  300. Be my number two love…Travelstart is my number one love.

  301. love me tender, love me true lets go to New York

  302. Baby! I’ll walk to Graceland and back for your love. Blue suede shoes will turn red if ya see what I have in stall for your attention. How about a ride???

  303. Travelstart is number one…I’m still using them today.

  304. I am following the river
    Down the highway
    Through the cradle of the civil war

    I’m going to Graceland
    In Memphis Tennessee
    I’m going to Graceland
    *sing to the tune* 🙂

  305. Elvis is in the Building!

  306. Went to buy some camourflage clothes the other day but guess I could’nt find any

  307. Well, it’s one for the money – Two for the show – Three to get ready – Now go, NEW YORK go. – But don’t you step on my blue suede BAG. – You can do anything but lay off of my Blue suede BAG

  308. Hello Sexy Mama! Wanna grab some luv? Promise I’ll keep my blue suade shoes on!

  309. i’ll say it once, i’ll say it twice…NEW YORK, NEW YORK

  310. Rock on! After applying some gel 🙂

  311. Hey baby ready for some of that old fashioned rock and roll?

  312. i’ll have one cheese burger, 2 peanut butter and banana sandwiches…fried…with chips…to go…thank you, thank you very much

  313. one, two……… one, two, three four

  314. Treasure chest waiting to be opened.

  315. make your own memories

  316. i’m a rhinestone cowboy…yeeehaaaa

  317. This way to get all shook up, babe

  318. where shall we go?

  319. Are you wearing a space panty baby? Cause your ass(or behind whatever you can publish :-)is out of this world..

  320. “my pelvis…has left the building”

  321. The start of making the universe my playground

  322. Yes, you need to follow my single bling in your double jets!

  323. the entire sky in the palm of my hand.

  324. I for the money
    2 for the show
    3 is for my honey – To new york we will go

  325. Say “Hello” to your lurve ride!

  326. Heartbreak hotel is in that direction…viva las vegas

  327. “Are you lonely tonight” and would you like to get “all shook up” and “rock around the clock” tonight at “Heartbreak Hotel”? AHA!

  328. This way to Vegas?

  329. Hope u are pointing in the winning direction

  330. These airguns are almost just as cool as my chops.

  331. Oh baby show me the way 🙂

  332. “I’m a HUNK of burning love”

  333. “I’m the devil in disguise”

  334. “I’m all shook up”

  335. “And then he pushed it up my a%# like this…”

  336. I may not be Fred Flintstone but I sure can make your bed rock

  337. …no mam thats not a gun in my pocket…

  338. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

  339. This ISN’T IT !!

  340. Well, it’s a one for my honey…
    Two for the show…
    Three to get ready…
    Now go, Cat go

  341. I may have left the building honey, but I’ll never leave your heart!

  342. Have I told you lately, that I’ll spank you?

  343. my bedazzler is this big i tell you… THIS big

  344. Spank you…. spank you very much…..!!!

  345. Blue suede shoes for your valentine… THAT way

  346. Babe, would you rather have me or Barbara Streisand show you New York?

  347. “A little less conversation, a lot more travel please..”

  348. Don’t be lonesome tonight, Sugar…come share my Tutti Frutti

  349. A Big Hunk o’love

  350. Hey Babe, Wanna get all shook up with me?

  351. Travel starts here and ends in New York,step into my blue suede shoes

  352. Hey there, honey pie, wanna go for a ride an’ I’ll show you how ta fly?!

  353. Hey bebe, what’s your name? Mine is bill. Available

  354. As hulle maar geweet het dat ek eintlik in Afrikaans wou sing, en Steve Hofmeyr my hero is!

  355. “Let’s fly up there – together and rock like no one has!”

  356. How about a peanut butter and cheeeesy sandwich in New York.

  357. Hey Sweetness, are you trying to steal my heart for Valentines Day… or do I have a suspicious mind???

  358. Why don’t I kick off my blue suede shoes & leave them under your bed sweet thing?

  359. Show me the way to go home

  360. Ya sure this is the way to New York?

  361. Hey Sweetness!! Are you trying to steal my heart for Valentine’s Day… or do I have a suspicious mind????

  362. The real Elvis is up there !

  363. Follow me, I,m a believer…

  364. If this old puppy followed you home…..would you make me howl like a hound dawg? (said with a white flash of teeth and a knowing wink)

  365. New York New York. It’s cabaret time

  366. Trust me. I’m your ticket to New York!

  367. Hey pretty mama, I,m yours for the day!
    All greased up and nowhere to go…

  368. Who needs AK47s, when I got this one?

  369. Ma’am, I’m not tryin’ to be sexy. Ah didn’t have any clear ideah of trying to sell sex. It’s just my way of expressin’ how I feel when I move around. It’s all leg movement. Ah don’t do nothin’ with my body.

  370. Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just shorta do’em all togehter, I guess.

  371. You ROCK my world Babe!Lets GROOVE to New York!

  372. Hey there honeysuckle, come hitch a ride with me…We’ll fly off to New York, then go to Memphis, Tennessee.

  373. You, me, the Big Apple! Yum yum yum!

  374. I’m a-going on this here Boeing, sweet thing, come fly along with me!

  375. How would YOU like to hitch a ride to our honeymoon on this here jumbo jet?

  376. O Ek Wil Huis Toe Gaan – Na Mamma Toe!

  377. Ooooooo, BEDAZELED now Only $9.95

    And get your very own pair of blue swade shoes while stock’s last.

  378. Hey honey, how’d you like to hitch a ride with me? First stop and last stop, Memphis, Tennessee.

  379. love me tender luv me too–i’l be your VALENTINE too

  380. I’m not trying to be sexy. It’s just my way of expressing myself when I move around. *wobble wobble*

  381. You look like a double cheesburger… and I’m sure hungry!

  382. You look like a big Mac and cheese… and I’m sure hungry!

  383. I’m not really this tall….I’m standing on my wallet. *wink*

  384. You are going my way
    how come you aint gonna give me a lift?
    gotta song to shake tonight!

  385. I’m the King of Rock, and you are the Queen of my heart…

  386. are you lonesome tonight?

  387. oooh I’m all shoook up!

  388. holler back

  389. Howzit tjomma – can I score a lift to check my cool gal for a hot Valentine date. Ag pleeeze man.

  390. Beam me up Scotty!! Up, up and away!!

  391. Did you see that sky today… Talk about blue!!!

  392. Go mango!

  393. No, not 3 viagra’s , but only 1 for every man on their way out. So that they can go home, and “blaai” their own wifes.

  394. There were 2 of them…and they went that way!

  395. Greenpoint, Seapoint, die kante!
    Nog plek vir twee!

  396. These rhinestones cannot match the light in your eyes baby – you are the gem of my heart

  397. There were 2 of them….and they went this way!

  398. I am hitching a ride so that you can softly, swiftly turn the key, open my heart and you will see that I love you. Please be my Valetine!

  399. Wanna have some fun?

  400. hey tutti frutti, how about you love me tender, don’t be cruel, I aint nothing but a hound dog

  401. We..eell, it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go!

  402. Hey baby, you got me all shook up…
    are you lonesome tonight?
    how about a big hunk O’love on blueberry hill

  403. Ok so take two uppers and three downers and call me in the morning

  404. Well, it’s one for the money on Wall Street,
    Two for the Broadway show,
    Three, to get ready for NYC,
    Now go, cab go!

  405. Baby, this sky is small compared to the Love I have for you.

  406. C’mon my gorgeous little pup,
    Let’s get all shook up.
    What have you got to lose?
    Put on your blue suede shoes.
    I will try with all my might
    to ensure you aint lonesome tonight.
    Maybe this came from above, but
    I just can’t help falling in love.

  407. “Jus follow me Baby ‘cos I’m gonna show you the way to my heaven!!!!”

  408. heita! hot, handsome has beeen hunk

  409. Heita, hot, handsome has been hunk

  410. WELL HERE I AM!! Now what are your other 2 wishes??

  411. Lets make like fabric softener and snuggle…

  412. If you were a new sandwich at Mcdonalds, you’de be called McGorgeous.

  413. Am I cute enough yet? Or do you need more to drink?

  414. Is that an astronaut suit…cos its out of this world ek se!!

  415. Looth, footlooth,
    Kick of your thunday thoes,
    Oowee, Marie,
    Thake it, thake it for me……

  416. Can I be your QUEEN of pop

  417. Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.

  418. “Rhythm is something you either have or don’t have, but when you have it, you have it all over.”

  419. Hey Babe! Will you be my Valentine? Thankqvehhry much!

  420. Are you lost sweet thing? Cos heavens quite a distance from here

  421. Loadin’ my Love gun for You Baby!

  422. Hey kids, you can look cool without a gun in the hand or a joint between your fingers!

  423. I’m on cloud 9 looking down at a stressful world!

  424. Alive in the hearts of many …
    Yet all I want is to drown in your heart

  425. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’ll be the king
    Just for you

  426. You can touch me on my finger and touch me on my hand
    But Darling don’t you ever touch me on my Graceland

  427. NO! Not another Elvis impersonator. Will you guys EVER give it up? He is alive and well and living in South Africa he HATES these idiots who THINK and LIVE his life!! For Crying In The Chapel……

  428. Eternal love – always in my heart

  429. If I could rearrange the alphabet, baby, I would put I next to U.

  430. ” Love me tender ” you old hound dog !!

  431. Love me tender,
    Love me true,
    Oh Baby I can’t wait to see you,
    New York New York.

  432. Babe it’s real blue up there, which is exactly how you’re gonna feel if you don’t fly with me now!

  433. This way for a slice of Vegas!

  434. I’m still the King…..of Cheese

  435. Hey Dude you ain’t seen nothing yet!!

  436. Baby wanna lurve grapple for that Big Apple….wanna test fate and head for the Empire State…wanna grab a knife and a fork, a bottle and a cork and fly to New York?

  437. For a hundred bucks more I could have been Michael Jackson!

  438. Honey I’m heading home and I want you to head there with me

  439. Hey there honeysuckle, you gonna ride that rhinestone rainbow to the moon with me or what?

  440. Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true….c’mon baby take me to New York with you!

  441. Surrender…Love Me Tender….I’m all Shook Up with Burning Love….Let It Be Me because I Can’t Stop Loving You…Don’t Be Cruel…It’s Now Or Never!!!!!

  442. Hey, who left their cheese in my blue suede shoes!

  443. Come with me on the highway to Lurv.


  445. Huh? Elvis? Me thinks he’s gonna thatta way…

  446. HUH? Elvis? He has gone thatta way…

  447. STOP dancing with your imaginary girlfriend,
    make it REAL this Valentines Day.

  448. If you stare at me long enough, I will wink. Go on, try it.

  449. Who scaled my guitar?

  450. Hi….I’m your rhinestone cowboy….come ride with me

  451. Bollywood here we come

  452. Was that an earthquake or did u just rock my world?

  453. I must be in heaven because I’m looking at an angel!

  454. I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away!

  455. Excuse me, but I may be lost… Can you give me directions to wherever you’re going?

  456. Congratulations! You’ve been voted “Most Beautiful Girl In The World” and the grand prize is a night with me!

  457. oh i have to hitch hike back to collect me dogs and children in cape town

  458. Excuse me, do I need to buy a ticket for your fantastic voyage?

  459. Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me.

  460. I’m the King and everything I touch turns to errrr…blue?

  461. The King? That’s me. That guy over there? He’s my new best friend, from Burger King. ‘Hey, Chuckie… gimme a Triple Whammy ICU Special With Extra Cheese and Ketchup. Make it two.’ Urp… Gurgle… Aaargh… Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

    • O my good goodness just thinking of been on the plane going to NEW YORK that really would bee sooooo wonderful who do I take with if I win!!! I have 9 grandchildren.I am holding my th umbs, crossing my fingers crossing my toes, and crossing my eyes. Go man go this old lady needs to be flying soooon.

  462. One free flight for 2! Sound suspicious – I’m of 2 minds about this.

    • nope, it’s two return tickets for two travellers from Joburg to New York. Go on, enter, nothing ventured nothing gained 😉

  463. Hey baby, why don’t you follow me home? second star to the right and straight on til morning.

  464. What, this old thing?



  466. Well, it’s one for the money,
    Two for the show,
    Three to get ready,
    Now go, cat, go!

  467. Oooh Baby,
    How about maybe,
    You and I fly to New York
    and pop a cork,
    So be my valentine
    please be mine!

  468. I’m up there…in heaven.

  469. I might have come out of Graceland or a chapel in Vegas, but I am here to tell you baby that you dont need a rand to visit this wonderland or even a raffel to fly to the the big apple – just win with TRAVELSTART

  470. Bang Bang… I shot you down! “OoWW”

  471. The Beatles got it wrong…it’s Elvis in the sky with rhinestones!

  472. Shake, travel and roll?

  473. Ah may look like just another guitar-strummin’, good ol’ boy from Tupelo, Mississippi, but ah’m gifted with a HUGE personality, if ya know what ah mean. It stretches from here to about here…

  474. Im just a hunka hunka burning love,
    start your engines!

  475. I dress like this cause my father didn’t hug me!!

  476. Sorry, I thought it was dress-up Wednesday!! Oops!

  477. Elvis…..Elvis Presley. You must be a magnet, cause it looks like you are attracted to my buns of steel.

  478. With Travelsmart you are on your way to anyware!!!!

  479. Love me tender, and don’t be cruel. ‘cos I don’t have a wooden heart

  480. The Elvis Festival in Storms River? You gooi a left and then go reguit for a bit … kannitie missie … uh huh.

  481. I’m just a hunka hunka burning love for travelstart! Start your engines!

  482. Hey Baby, want some of my Gorgonzola or how about some Blue Suede Cheese?

  483. Baby… I JUST CAN’T HELP BELIEVIN’ that you’re the one… Let’s take that ‘plane to New York, and SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL OUR WAY there! There’ll be A WHOLE LOT OF SHAKIN’ GOING ON is the aisles on that flight, that’s for sure!!! We’ll have the captain, flight attendants and all the other passengers DOING THE JAILHOUSE ROCK at 36 000,00 feet!!! Brrrrrrring it on!!!

  484. Frank who?!? New York, a ha hum, New York!!

  485. Matador of rock and love!

  486. Is that a gun in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

  487. Hey baby! That’s the way to HEARTBREAK HOTEL… but I’D rather stay IN THE GHETTO
    with you! You are ALWAYS ON MY MIND, you keep me ALL SHOOK UP! and I just cannot get over the WONDER OF YOU! If YOU’RE LONESOME TONIGHT, I’ll put on my BLUE SUEDE SHOES and we can SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL!!! LOVE ME TENDER… or I’ll have no option but to RETURN TO SENDER!!! TREAT ME NICE and please, don’t LOSE THAT LOVING FEELING. I’d hate to have to call you a HOUND DOG, and true love won’t survive SUSPICIOUS MINDS. Baby… I JUST CAN’T HELP BELIEVIN’ that you’re the one… Let’s take that ‘plane to New York, and SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL OUR WAY there! There’ll be A WHOLE LOT OF SHAKIN’ GOING ON is the aisles on that flight, that’s for sure!!! We’ll have the captain, flight attendants and all the other passengers DOING THE JAILHOUSE ROCK at 36 000,00 feet!!! Brrrrrrring it on!!!

  488. Who needs the Statue of Liberty? Staten Island wants me, Baby!

  489. baby im back so lets just go,
    head to New york to claim my MOJO,
    im cheezy and dressed in the 70’s bling,
    Better than all todays rap stars i can sing,
    so cmon baby lets just go,
    to New York and beyond to get my MOJO !

  490. It’s a one for the money
    Lets go to New York honey!
    Etihad is generous
    and Travelstart is stupendous!

  491. Let’s Shake, Rattle & Roll…Baby!

  492. Alien abduction to isle 2 or 3 please!!

  493. Hey purrty mamma,your cheese may be gouda, but mine be so much feta!!!

  494. And we go like this … to catch a taxi into central Durban.

  495. ‘Its now or never’, be a ‘devil in disguise’ so put on your ‘blue suede shoes’ and lets’rock around the clock’ until we have a ‘fever’

  496. I died 34 years ago, but grab my NEW CD at your nearest store, the best EVER!!

  497. Check that blue sky
    So let’s go fly
    You and I
    Oh my!

  498. Who ya callin’ a proctologist? You want me to call my mama? Or the colonel?

  499. I said it’s not this long – it’s your suspicious mind!

  500. Heaven, this way? The King of Rock will see you there! Thank you – thank you very much!

  501. Be my Valentine Boykie !!!

  502. Liberace? Hell, man, don’t you’all know the man from Graceland when ya see him?

  503. I lost a ‘fake’ jewel and I think it went that’away!!

  504. I love you as much as ET HAD loved New York

  505. A little less conversation a little more action baby!

  506. I lost a fake jewel and I think it went that’away!!


  508. Love me tender Baby. Here I come New York………..

  509. Let me be your teddy bear.

  510. My hair might not do it for you baby, but my songs will…

  511. My love for you is as big and bold as my rhinestones baby!

  512. All the people on the left boo-ga-loo…

  513. Elvis has left the country!

  514. Look, I really have left the building.

  515. I AM the real Chuck Norris…

  516. New, new, new, new, York baby, New, new, new, new York – Thank you Travelstart, thank you very much!

  517. Blue moon,you saw me standing alone… now please take me home?

  518. Elvis does it with no strings attached.

  519. Put on your BLUE SUEDE SHOES, we going that a way…

  520. Hey pretty darling, let me be your teddy bear – either here or anywhere – if you’re lonesome tonight, let me take you on that flight – to LOVE AND BEYOND!!


  522. Hey come bruuu – let’s vie lapa-side – the chicks are waiting…knockout!

  523. Has anybody seen my Puppy? I’m sure he went thata way!

  524. I’m all shook up!

  525. Let me be the King of your heart, baby… and “Bang! Bang!” – I’ll shoot down that plane so we can fly all the way to Graceland.

  526. Has anybody seen my puppy?…I’m sure he went thata way!

  527. Put your hand in the hand, I’ll take u to the promised land….

  528. I know what you’re thinking, baby. You’re thinking these are the biggest guns you’ve ever seen. Well, I got news for you: the bullets are goin’ straight to your heart.

  529. I’m lekker kwaai like Jack Parrow, but don’t you step on my Blue Suede Shoes, else you’ll be singing the Jailhouse Rock cooler as ekke!

  530. Eti had me at “hello”. Now let the travel start and let’s go, go, GO!

  531. gotta move, you ain’t seen nothing yet

  532. One for the money, two for the show – let’s hop on that plane and go, go, GO!

  533. Can you give me directions… to your heart?!

  534. shweet my china

  535. New York is definately that way honey, and that’s where we going!

  536. Want some bling in the big apple?

  537. One for the money, two for the show, where on earth did my guitar go??

  538. Baby let me be, your lovin’ Teddy Bear and I’ll fly you to the moon.

  539. “Babe, we gonna have some Good Rocking Tonight in my rhinestone suit”

  540. Etihad’s newest air-traffic controller.

  541. Your place or mine?

  542. “Do you think I’ve got enough Bling on my jacket?”

  543. Too late Elvis learnt the dangers of TOO MUCH STARCH

  544. Am I dead Angel? Cause this must be heaven

  545. Im back baby……or….u dead.

  546. Got him with just one finger!!

  547. Move over Frankie…..Elvis is in New York Tonight… coming Honey??

  548. Let me rock your world.

  549. Baby, I’ll take you to heaven and back again… uh huh

  550. My hair is in place and my hearts start to race , i wear a suit cos i am an adorable dude.The red in my scarf symbolize the beauty of my heart .Love me tender love me sweet, take me ,take me to the New york street.I really really need this treat .Love me tender love me sweet travelstart is the agent that is so hard to beat.

  551. Once, Twice, too many facelifts and now look how Michael Jackson looks

  552. One to go this way, two to go that way, NAH I will just follow the hair!!!

  553. Hey there lil lady, hows about you and i take that jet plane and you can show me how you love me tender and make me all shook up in NY…. cummon dont be cruel we will make memories…

  554. El…vis competitions lekker hey!

  555. Someone told me the Heartbreak hotel was this way. But show me the way to your heart and I’ll love you tender forever.

  556. Where’s the nearest Burger King? A huh hu!

  557. Elvis has left the building!

  558. Howz about a lift ek say?

  559. I’m not trying to be sexy. It’s just my way of expressing myself when I move around.

  560. Howz about a lift ek say ?

  561. “Smells like cheese coming from this direction…”

  562. “I said two fingers Klippies, hey…”

  563. Hey baby, Are You Lonesome Tonight? Coz my broekie is tight… for you.

  564. Did u come from heaven, cos I think I’m looking at an angel, baby…

  565. That apple’s about to get a whole lot bigger…

  566. What’s that smell? Must be me…… cause I’m the SHI….ZZEL!!

  567. “Baby, these rhinestones have nothing on the sparkle in your eyes…”

  568. Can you play the tune? With Travelstart you can reach to the moon.aafa

    • Hey, U, do you wanna join the rock steady crew!

  569. “Who the hell is Elvis? I’m Kobus from down the road, Benoni”

  570. I’m new in the big apple sugar, could you give me directions to your apartment honey buns?

  571. “Hou my vas…of ek dans myself uit my KAS uit!! ….en jy weet ek kan!!

  572. Wise men say, only fools rush in, but when you are standing there, I would gladly play the fool.

  573. I came out of hiding for you…

  574. The love that all my adoring fans have for me is a drop in the ocean compared to my love for you.

  575. Let’s fly away to New York baby!!

  576. I’m all hooked up for Valentine’s night,
    but leave your name and number in case my Teddy Bear takes fright…

  577. The sexy pose,
    the glasses,
    the hair with shine.
    Please oh please,
    be my valentine.

  578. The last time I was inside a woman was when I went to the Statue of Liberty.

  579. Love me tender….Mowbray – Cape Town nou ry gou ry!!!

  580. Even though times are tough
    I’m still your big hunk o’ burning love
    In your arms I want to stay
    remember to grab the tickets on the way
    New York, New York, what a wonderful town
    Can’t wait for the plane to touch down
    to share a little world of our own
    and a little thing called love!

  581. You be the Dairy Queen and I’ll be your Burger King: You treat me right, and I’ll do it your way… Cha-ching!

  582. okay okay, ya’ll can copy this pose for the 2nd Statue of Liberty.

  583. “one way or return?”

  584. “one way ,or return?”

  585. Take me now or loose me forever!

  586. “There’s a honkey tonk Angel waiting to take us to heaven”

  587. Let’s get that flying feeling!!

  588. “the big apple is that way”

  589. Click on travelstart to wake up with the King in New York and you won’t be lonesome tonight.

  590. My baby left me, but i found a new place to dwell, follow me this way, to the Heart Break Hotel.

  591. Let the King of Love show you how to shake it baby!

  592. “Uve lost that loving feeling baby”…..”Can I help you find it?”

  593. Travelstart loves me true and tender,
    You will make my life complete,
    When all my dreams are fulfilled…..
    I will love you forever!!

  594. Zone 1, baba…. and if you don’t drop me off there, I will shoot you….

  595. I’m all shook up with burning love so don’t be cruel listening to suspicious minds cause I can’t help falling in love and it’s now or never or return to sender…

  596. Can I be your fairytale?

  597. Stop! Hammertime!

  598. Well, since my baby left me, well I found a new place to dwell, It’s down at the end of lonely street at the Elvis look-alike Hotel.

  599. Hey there Baby, how’s about you and I do the Funkey Monkey? (in the best version of Elvis’ voice)

  600. Hi, will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into that cheap motel room across the street.

  601. (Said with an Indian accent) Will you be my Valentine, an all, my little hot curry pot?

  602. You’re just about as pretty as me BABY…My Trailer is Thatta-way!


  604. This is “my way” to New York Baby Valentine, but first let’s dance the night way in our “blue suede shoes”, let’s do the “jailhouse rock” until the sun comes up and I’ll whisper “love me tender” nothings in your ear because you’re “always on my mind”.

  605. Come this way if you’re lonesome tonight

  606. My dream is to be the King of Rock… But, it’s ok, I’ll settle for being the KING OF YOUR HEART instead!!

  607. elvis & the rhinestone smirk bringin on the lurrrve!

  608. Excuse me, I’m lost. Can you give me directions to your house?

  609. i wanna give you a hunk of my burning love

  610. Are you lonesome tonight? Wanna love some tonight?

  611. Wow, that fall from heaven must’ve heard, here lemme help you up u pretty thang

    • Wow, that fall from heaven must’ve hurt, here lemme help you up u pretty thang

  612. Let’s make like Jennifer and Rush to New York city babe!!

  613. People call me Elvis… but you can call me Later!

  614. I’m new in town, can you give me directions to your place?

  615. Love me Tender and I’ll release the Hound Dog

  616. Well now baby, your going that way, there’s two tickets. On your way out you can step into my heart but not on my blue suede shoes!

  617. No need to join the mile-high club, I’ll rock your world in my palace of love. This way baby!

  618. Did Travelstart summon the Love Kaptein?

  619. I’m all shook up
    Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah

  620. Come fly with me baby to places where the ‘living’ is easy.

  621. I know milk does a body good, but DAMN…How much have you been drinking girl?

  622. who you callin’ a rhinestone cowboy?

  623. Prestly….Elvis Prestl I Say Baby, You remind me of a magnet, because you sure are attracting me over here!

  624. Baby….. You got me all SHOOK UP

  625. Is your last name Gillette? Because you’re best a man can get!

  626. Y’all jet out with travel start…you dont wanna be left out!

  627. Climb onto my blue suede shoes and I’ll fly you to New York, baby!!!

  628. …. And we did it, our way ! ….

  629. Hey baby….a lil less conversation, a lil more action please…

  630. Hey pretty Mamma! I’ve got 2 pistols of luuurve for ya, coz you’re just 2 damn sexy!

  631. Can’t you see I love you, please don’t break my heart in two, that’s not hard to do, ’cause I don’t have a wooden heart!And if you say goodbye, then I know that I would cry.. There goes my only possession, there goes my everything!

  632. Point me tudee-frutti of your heart…

  633. Hey babe, wanna see the new velvet Elvis painting I just hung in my trailor??

  634. Point me to the tudee-frutti…

  635. I epitomise cool baby… I’ve been gone for 34 years and yet I’m still the king!

  636. Have you Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’, Are You Lonesome Tonight? Did your Suspicious Minds think he was a Hound Dog and left you All Shook Up and thinking I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry! Has this left you wanting more than A Little Less Conversation, someone to Love Me Tender, well Don’t Be Cruel come with me baby, you will be Always On My Mind and I promise you Can’t Help Falling In Love with me and my Blue Suede Shoes as we Shake, Rattle and Roll and Rock Around the Clock tonight!

  637. hey momma wanna take a shot at this lurv machine?

  638. I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop loving you. ♥

  639. I got my Blue Suede shoes but where is my guitar dude

  640. pull my finger and you’ll see me roll

  641. Hitching a ride ?????

  642. Are you sure that you’re is not a microwave oven? Because, you’re sure makes my heart melting!

  643. My Love for you are like diarrhoea.. I can’t hold it in.

  644. Hey baby, wanna wrestle?

  645. Hey babes you wanna join me come let’s jett off to Las Vegas.

  646. I have been called many a thing, but you can call me the love king.

  647. Did you fart?? Cos you just blew me away!!

  648. 1’s for my Lovey,
    2’s for the show – Travelstart take us 2 Vegas.
    Let’s go, go, go
    I’m HOT, everybody i’m HOT!

    Thank you veryyyyy-mussssh….

  649. You said whaaat? Come away with me and see…

  650. What’s say you and I go behind a rock and get a little boulder.

  651. Baby I wish I had my library card, cause Im checking you out.

  652. So the choices are around the world or to the moon for you babe?

  653. Elvis is the name!
    Shooting is the game!
    Wanna be my target?

  654. Darling, If beauty were sunlight… you’d shine from a million light-years away. Baby you’re a Heartbreaker.

  655. Babe, you’re so hot, you’ve melted the plastic in my Elvis suit!!

  656. I’m in love mmmmm, i’m all shook up!!

  657. Hey baby, you must be a light switch, coz every time I see you, you turn me on!

  658. Well, it’s one for the money – Two for the show – Three to get ready – off to new York we go!!

  659. Hey, lil mamma…
    This King needs him a Queen, wotcha say…?

  660. Baybee…are you lost? CUZ HEAVEN IS A LOOOOOOONG WAY UP FROM HERE!

  661. Sweet heart, i wana leave the building with you, this way baaaaby!!!!

  662. Elvis place is awesome, china?!

  663. You wanna leave the building baby?…on a jet plane!

  664. Hey Nick. You wanna join me at Macdonalds for something CHEESY??

  665. Elvis’ heart has left the building… It’s in your hands.

  666. Hey Babay, lets exit this building & travel to the start of our lurv 😉

  667. Hey Baby, I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.

  668. I’ll fly you to the moon.

  669. You got me all shook up.

  670. You can do anything…but lay off my blue suede shoes!! They mine ek se!!

  671. I’m the king of badda bling, rock with me baby!

  672. Excuse me missy, I seem to have lost my puppy. I think he went (flex-point) that away… uh huuh.

  673. If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

  674. bada bling bada bling- now which way did you say she ran?

  675. I got one shot left baby, and I wanna play Russian Roulette with you. Ah-huh-huh.

  676. Ok so Its first right and then the 2nd left to the passport center?

  677. Hey baby, you and me 1, 2 just like my fingers… lets fly high up up and away into the Valentines zone 🙂

  678. Hey baby… fancy joining me at the “5 Mile High Club”?

  679. Darlin’, they call me the King, so you must be my Queen, wanna come Grace my Land?

  680. Follow that Dream, come with me, let’s Rock a Hula Baby!

  681. Beam me up Scotty!!

  682. You can love me tender, you can love my Blu Swede Shoes but I can’t help falling in love with you, I’ll show you in New York New York.

  683. Movin’ on Up !!!Blue suede Shoes

  684. I think my SUSPICIOUS MIND went that way…

  685. Are you lonesome tonight? Wanna get all shook up?

  686. Baby, are you lonesome tonight? I’m a Big Hunk o’ Love, so Don’t be Cruel, let’s have a little less conversation, a little more action, please!

  687. My financial advisor said my bank account is too full, wanna spend my money? My blue suede shoes will take you all the way to heaven baby!

  688. 1 for the money 2 for the show and away we go, NEW YORK, NEW YORK

  689. Kiss me Quick and I’ll fly you to the moon

  690. Hey honey, did you swallow a magnet? I’m al shook up just feelin’ the attraction.

  691. Hey baby, are you lonesome tonight?

  692. “A boy like me, A girl like you”…”I just can’t help believing” that “Tonight’s all right for love…”

  693. I’m all tied up in you…but where it’s heading me to…? New York – I hope!

  694. I am all shook up , rock ‘ n roll New York here I come .

  695. When I’m blue, I go to you my Rhinestone Cowboy and we share our thoughts with Liza Minelli in New York, New York

  696. Are you lonesome tonight?


  698. I can’t help falling in love with you…

  699. I don’t do any vulgar movements.

  700. Forget hitching a ride with Elvis to Las Vegas! Roses are red,
    Sinatra’s eyes are blue
    Fly me to the Moon,
    to New York, New York! for two!

  701. Am I your everything or not!!!!!

  702. Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby, I’m lost at sea.

  703. The King of Rock ‘n Roll’s room… is this way!! Follow me for a good time honey, Thank you, thank you very much!

  704. This way to my good loving…

  705. Thank you, thank you very much.

  706. I may be “Nothin’ but a Hound Dog,” but I’m hunting for a Fox!

  707. Rock me i’m adoos

  708. “Hey, Jude”, “Im Movin on”, “Got my Mojo Working”

  709. Nope… made it myself using that machine from the infomercial.

  710. Hey Baby, do you have any raisins?… no!
    How about a date?

    Til we meet you again, may God bless you.

  712. Can you give me directions to your heart darlin? Cause i am all shook up with your beauty, i can’t find my way…Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!

  713. “It’s roughly this big, baby”

  714. Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free
    I’m gonna pack my bags because this great big world is calling me
    Every New Yorker is gonna know I’m around
    They’re gonna know I’m in NY on a Harlem holiday

    Twenty women, twenty women by my side
    I’m gonna kiss them all, because I’ve gotta keep ‘em satisfied
    Gonna have the best time money can buy
    I’m gonna be flying high on a Harlem holiday

    If Romeo had a Harlem holiday
    You can bet that Juliet would have never been his girl forever

    Gonna go back, gonna catch that midnight plane
    Twenty dancing girls are waiting just to call my name
    Gonna have a ball, I ain’t gonna waste no time
    I’m gonna make ‘em all mine on a Harlem holiday

    If Romeo had a Harlem holiday
    You can bet that Juliet would have never been his girl forever

    Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free
    I’m gonna pack my bags because this great big world is calling me
    Every pretty girl’s gonna know I’m around
    They’re gonna know I’m in New York on a Harlem holiday

    Elvis Presley, Harem Holiday – modified(Harum Scarum, 1965)

  715. Return to Sender, address New York.
    Satisfly me, Travelstart. Satisfly me.

  716. If loving me is wrong, you don’t wanna be right!

  717. I’m all shook up!

  718. See, I am alive and well and living in Pretoria

  719. If you gave me 9 lives like a NY City cat I would give them all to you and never take one back.

  720. Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free
    I’m gonna pack my bags because this great big world is calling me
    Every New Yorker is gonna know I’m around
    They’re gonna know I’m in NY on a Harem holiday

    Twenty women, twenty women by my side
    I’m gonna kiss them all, because I’ve gotta keep ’em satisfied
    Gonna have the best time money can buy
    I’m gonna be flying high on a Harem holiday

    If Romeo had a Harem holiday
    You can bet that Juliet would have never been his girl forever

    Gonna go back, gonna catch that midnight plane
    Twenty dancing girls are waiting just to call my name
    Gonna have a ball, I ain’t gonna waste no time
    I’m gonna make ’em all mine on a Harem holiday

    If Romeo had a Harem holiday
    You can bet that Juliet would have never been his girl forever

    Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free
    I’m gonna pack my bags because this great big world is calling me
    Every pretty girl’s gonna know I’m around
    They’re gonna know I’m in New York on a Harem holiday

    Elvis Presley, Harem Holiday (Harum Scarum, 1965)

  721. Check this outfit… there MUST be a label somewhere that reads “Made in Heaven”!

  722. This is what I meant when I sang “I’m all shook up”, not what you where thinking….damn amateurs!

  723. One for you honey
    Two for your beau
    Three to get ready
    For our New York mojo

  724. So… you say the restroom is this way Baby?

  725. Baby, somebody better call God, cuz he’s missing an angel!

  726. thank you very muuch!

  727. A son from the South shaking it up in the Big Apple! No heartbreak hotel here bebe.

  728. There is only one king for you baby!

  729. awesome babe! lets rock n’ roll…

  730. This way to the Big Apple and I’ll get ya all shook up ahuh.. thank you very much!

  731. Steve! Is that you?

  732. “One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, let’s go go go to New York, forget about blue suede shoes… “

  733. Moo- I’m a chicken Bird! 🙂

  734. The Airport is that way, i thank you, thank you very much!

  735. I’m gonna rock n roll ya all night.

  736. You’ve lost that loving feeling? Follow me this way baby, to the highway of luuurve

  737. Hey ‘Little Darlin’ – Lemme shoot you with my arrow and ‘after loving you’, you can ‘love me tender’ so we can have ‘a little more action’!

  738. Hey Babe i just think maybe but Valentines Day makes me feel rather Shady. Love you Boo

  739. Hey Babe, i didn’t say i was gonna buy you a “new yorkie” to match your handbag, i said we going to “New York” babes, to buy you a new handbag….

  740. “You Rock my World BABY”

  741. …you goin my way? I got aplace to go….
    Heartbreak Hotel…this way baby

  742. New York ‘It’s Now or Never’ – when I get there ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ and ‘Return to Sender’!

    Viva New York! I ‘Can’t Help Falling NY Love’!

  743. Come this way, baby! I’ll show you a little less conversation and a little more action…

  744. I’ll show you the real gemstone baby!

    Trevor Noah ain’t got nothing on me

    “Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock”

  745. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

  746. Hey Sexy Mama, did it hurt? when you fell from heaven??? cos you sure look like an Angel

  747. Valentines day…a trip for toooo! off to New York City in my blue Swade shoes!!got my Elvis CD and im off to the square…To rock the Town in my Elvis Hair!!

  748. …i’m all shook UP over you baby….

  749. “My sweet baby – can you feel my loving – this here is all for u!”

  750. Like to come over to have some Toasted banana and peanut butter sandwiches babe?

  751. Nevermind your place or mine-I need to know your PACE or mine?

  752. Luv me tender, luv me true…..

  753. Hi, did I ever tell you I am Elvis and Liberace’s second cousin twice removed ?

  754. KD Lang’s hairpiece should’ve consulted Travelstart before planning its journey.

  755. Am I hot or What?

  756. 14th of Feb….mmmm…wat to do? a day of love to spend with my boo…!!listening to jail house rock…just us tooooo…gettin my groove on….in my blue swade shoes!!

  757. Elvis has left the building…

  758. roses are red violets are blue
    Elvis you rocking that Mohork
    and we could be rocking New York too!!!

  759. Baby gurl, We were Memphis to be together.

  760. One for the Money
    Two for the Show
    Three to get ready .. so lets go go Babe!
    Time for Valentines Show

  761. each sparkly diamond on my jacket is a reminder how much i love you…

  762. Follow me, Baby. I’ll take you places you’ve never been before …

  763. Excuse me honey, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?

  764. Little mamma, I insist you join me in my cadilac or my handgun will fire on your sweet heart…

  765. are you feeling the luuurv, baby?

  766. Must I use a Double barrel or single.

  767. Bang Bang,you got me all fired up!

  768. The sky, the moon, the stars? Any place is paradise when I’m with you, baby.

  769. Are those spcae pants you’re wearing, cause yur ass is out of this world.

  770. let me take you on my Etihad so i can Travelstart you all the way to my heart.

  771. The sky has no limit. Just hang on to me sweet thing and I will take you so high…..

  772. Checkit, die blinkmenere is NY toe!

  773. Elvis says “Howzit my chomma hoe lyk dit my ou!!!!

  774. When moving to the exits I am currently pointing out for you, dont step on my blue suede shoes? Thank you. Thank you very much.

  775. This way to Heartbreak Hotel
    Koom ons duik
    Pick me!
    It aint easy being cheesy!
    This way for the King
    In a word, YES!
    Let your fingers do the walking
    Nothing comes between me and my baby
    You’ve come a long way, baby
    The king has left the building
    I have a dream
    Elvis has left the building
    You deserve a break today

  776. Let’s get on that jetplane to Vegas, Baby!

  777. Do I rock your world as much as I rock my own baby???

  778. Love me like I love my steak – tender.

  779. Uh .. one … uh … two … uh … one,two,three;
    You will fly for free
    Through Travelstart, to New York;
    On Etihad Airways, not a stork, you dork!

  780. I’m Leavin’ the Heartbreak Hotel with a Suspicious Mind, for One Night in the big apple.

  781. If you think this jacket’s pimping, you should see my dancin’ shoes. Olé.

  782. Wish you were-uh here-uh. Or-uh, over there-uh. Bebe.

  783. Huge Shades – $5

    Hairstyle – $80

    Stlyish Jacket – $50

    Think he’s getting a date for Valentines Day – Sorry King

  784. hey my cherrie!!! i check you out like this ne!

  785. Baby just shake your bum bum!!

  786. The sea is THAT way

  787. Hey Moma…
    Board the LOVE flight & you’ll NEVER be lonesome tonight!!!

  788. THis is a Stick Up! Put your hands in the air and give me all your Luvvin!

  789. mmmmhmmm babe, you like this…i make you a dress to match…we look so pretty together, we sommer become famous!

  790. go on … make my day

  791. Rock around the clock with Travelstart!
    Which way to Graceland?
    Am i bedazzled enough?

  792. ah just act the way ah feel man.

  793. I’m new in town, can you give me directions to your apartment?

  794. Is your name Gillette? Because you’re the best a man can get!

  795. Look…. over there. It’s a ……. thing

  796. People call me John, but you can call me Tonight!

  797. nooit bru – the saucer came over that horizon and dropped me off right here!

  798. “Are you lonesome tonight”, lets meet in New York….

  799. Ziwa mo baby! (Ziwa mo means: Epitome of awesomeness/coolness/adventure/excitement/every-hearts-desire/greatness/charm)

  800. Baby, you’re so sweet, you put Hershey’s outta business!

  801. Don’t walk into that building over there mama — the sprinklers might go off!

  802. ” ‘Till we meet you again, may God bless you! Adios! “

  803. we’re on our way to the moon. bring the guitar and the balloon!

  804. Come on Babe
    My guns are loaded…
    I’m all shook up!
    Give it to me….

  805. Viva Las…. NEW YORK???

  806. “Folkes…..New York is this way!!!”

  807. When the clock strikes midnight I’ll go back to being Bruce Lee..

  808. Love me tender , love me true…… oh how i wish Travelstart would allow me to make my dreams come true with u.It might not be Graceland, but here we come NYC !!

  809. Are You Lonesome Tonight?

  810. You ain’t nothing but a hound dog…
    so be my bitch?

  811. Really should have left the sequence in the building – YIKES!!

  812. My sideburns might not be real, but my love for you is.

  813. Are you ready to cheese up to New York with me Babe

  814. Baby, I’ll ROCK your world. Thank you very muuuuuch…

  815. Elvis has left the building and looking for a Taxi

  816. Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?

  817. Howzit Babe …. your place or mine??

  818. “Well, since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell. It’s down at the end of lonely street at a New York Hotel.”

  819. Hunni….. put your hand in mine and lets fly away

  820. In Elvis’ words:

    I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs with my blue suede shoes because I’ve got to find my baby

  821. Oh mama, don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true!
    Oh mama don’tcha see my pistols smoking just for you?

  822. Hey Mama Love,

    Come on along, for some great loving!

  823. Are you lost ma’am? Because heaven is a long way from here.

  824. I’m all “stood” up – uh huh uh

  825. Here’s aiming at YOU, kid!!

  826. U’r so hot you raise my pistols!!

  827. Come on baby, to make a party takes two 😉

  828. One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years… and so do you to me, sweet mama.

  829. Elvis has not left that building.

  830. Baby…did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you are out of this world 😛

  831. Look at the peoples… thinking and entering the best chirp what they think just to win the prize.but i want to promote the Travelstart so that competitions can make things better and at last we the benefit-able. The pic shows to make an entry for travel in style and passion.. love the pic…:)

  832. “Man, I was tame compared to what they do now. Are you kidding? I didn’t do anything but just jiggle.”

  833. Ma’am, I INVENTED the Robot dance… whaddya think I need all this oil ‘n grease for?


  835. Eat your heart out on Valentine’s Day! I don’t have to look far, because I have yours too…

  836. Hey hot mama! Start spreading the news…We’re leaving today, We’re gonna be a part of it, New York! New York!…

  837. “Let’s go back to my room and I’ll show you just how alive I really am, baby”

  838. That’s right baby, I said THIS big

  839. Is this how I stop a taxi to jo’burg *southern drawl*

  840. Hey baby. If you were a booger I’d pick you first.

  841. Travel Start…well thank you, thank you very much! (elvis accent)

  842. Hey Mama…. heading my way? I’ll take you all the way to Graceland.

  843. Baby, is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven? Cause Baby you Rock my world.

  844. The Heartbreak Hotel is in that direction… Thank ya very much.

  845. This ain’t tactics, honey. It’s just the beast in me.

  846. Elvis to Valentine: Wouldn’t we look good on a wedding cake together?

  847. One for the money
    its all for the show
    and Here we go…..
    to NY.

  848. Hey babe!This way to the BIG APPLE, wanna join me for a bang and a bite?

  849. Now keep texting “Elvis has been sighted” to 084xx and stand a chance to win tickets for two to New York courtesy of Travelstart and Etihad Airways

  850. we’re on our way to the moon.. bring the guitar and the balloon!

  851. A little less competition, a little more direction please
    All this deprivation aint satisfying me
    A little more Big Apple and a little less Cape
    A little less entry and a little more flight
    Close your submissions and open up your wallet and travelstart fly meeeee
    SatisFLY me baby

  852. Dr Rey, “You’re always on my mind”, I need more Botox in my top lip and chin re-construction!

  853. It’s just you, me and my “loaded gun” sweetheart…

  854. Rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but move to it. That’s what happens to me. I can’t help it.

  855. Im pointing to the sky cause im ready to fly…..

  856. Elvis to his Valentine: Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven Baby?

  857. Hey peeps i am a jetsetter looking forward to my trip from New York to bollywood !! gona rock my socks off.
    thank you thank you very much

  858. I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies.

  859. Elvis has left the terminal.

  860. Hey Baby! wanna fly with me…

  861. One for the Money,
    Two for the Love,
    Three lets get Flying, New York !!!!!

  862. It’sa one for the money anda two for the show … ruff!

  863. El, vis is a lekker way to get a free holiday in NY.

  864. “Finger-guns set to stun. Rhinestone jacket set to stunning!”

  865. I’m sorry babe… now is it one finger or two fingers???? I’m so “shook-up” with excitement!

  866. “Are you lonesome tonight?” It’s only “500 miles” to “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Sweet Caroline”. “True love travels on a gravel road”.

  867. For you my Love, this look is “A big hunk o’love”

  868. This mullet? Nothing. Back in ’76, I could rock a mullet THIS LONG.

  869. “Elvis Pelvis-lost? Let me show you the way on Valentine’s day

  870. My lenses turn dark in the sunshine of your love.

  871. It’s this way to Graceland, Baby. Wanna join me?

  872. “One for the money, two for the show… kom hier jou mooi ding, dan maak ek jou my vrou!”

  873. Putting on my blue suede shoes to rock your world

  874. These Travelstart deals have got me ‘all shook up’

  875. My finger pose? The guns of love, baby. Rhinestones? ..made in China.

  876. You rock my world.

  877. Hi Howzit Bra, feel like comming with me … I will show you the way!!

  878. You Can’t Help Falling in Love with the city that Never sleeps!

  879. Are you lonesome tonight… Call me

  880. Hey Dudes, ain’t my outfit sassy hey!

  881. Like a rhinestone cowboy…

  882. Up in the sky, i fly…with Travelstart!

  883. Hey honey.. the tanning salon/sequin jumpsuit store is thattaway!

  884. Its, uh.. 1 for the money, 2 for the show… 3 for my tickets – let’s go baby, go!

  885. chirp chirp
    bling bling you go boy

  886. “Gimme some sugar baby”

  887. Is it cold in here or are you just “all shook up” to see me 😉

  888. Fired up again, Elvis

  889. The big cheese on his way to the big apple!

  890. New York BABY! “I’m all PACKED up”

  891. “Oh baby, please step on my blue suede shoes.”

  892. This way to NY…. and my heart.

  893. in an elvis accent… “I’ll take you to the top babay!”

  894. Hi! I’m Elvis and this is my fake tan, fake guns and fake disgust pose.

  895. This way to Lovesville Hot Mama.

  896. Love me tender, or I’ll be forced to shoot.

  897. Shweet Baby!

  898. I’d climb the highest mountain for you doll, but i do get nosebleeds..

  899. Hi Bra … Your feet itching? I’ll show you the way to a place far, far away!!

    • Hi Bra … Your feet itching? I’ll show you the way to a place far, far away!!

  900. Bay-bear…, I’ll you shoot…, I’ll shoot you with my lurve!

  901. I wanna be your cowboy…and you can be my cowgirl

  902. It’s ONE for the money
    TWO for show
    Time to get ready
    and GO GO GO
    with TRAVELSTART’S Blue Suede Shoes

  903. Aim high to shoot the moon, and you will have my heart…

  904. You can put dem Blue Suede Shoes under my bed anytime!!

  905. Common babe, Shake, Rattle n Roll with me all the way to New York!

  906. I am elvis! And this is my fake tan. Cheese.

  907. Rock ‘n Roll with the ‘bling bling’ king!!!

  908. Love you two times baby!

  909. Rock and Roll with us to all ends
    of the globe.

  910. Spank you, spank you very much

  911. Well, it’s one I dont have money,
    Two I really wanna go,
    Three to get ready,
    Lets go to New York

  912. Once, twice, smooth as ice, Baby!

  913. Elvis has left in that direction.

  914. Once, twice, smooth as ice ,Baby!

  915. A little less conversation, a little more dir”action” please. All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me!! Com on now, which way to GRACELAND!!

  916. Hey Baby! you wanna be my Valentine and get all shook up

  917. With my Valentine…. the sky’s the limit!

  918. Roses are red. Voilets are blue. I can like to schmaak you, a haa-haa-haa.

  919. I am going to the top, baby, to the top

  920. Oh c’mon baby, wanna swing for the night?!

  921. Meet me at the Heartbreak hotel and I’ll make you howl like a hound dog.

  922. Baby-doll, New York is thatda way…

  923. one for the money,
    two for the show,
    three get ready,
    now GO GO Go

  924. C’mon baby, lets get all shook up!

  925. One for the money, two for the show…
    Walking on Broadway with my blue suede shoes.

  926. Hey Baby
    I ain’t no saint but I can love you tender.
    Be My Valentine

  927. Elvis Blue? He sounds cool.

  928. They followed a star, Just follow my Bling.

  929. oooooh baby, I’m all shook up and almost in love, you can step on my blue suede shoes as we travel along the Jericho road, anyplace is paradise with you, as we stare into the blue moon and pass by the heartbreak hotel I beg you to kiss me quick down by the riverside. Love me tender.

  930. This way to the gravy train…

  931. Let me be your Teddy Bear

  932. Hey Baby… Jump aboard my love machine & I’ll take you straight to heaven!

  933. This is my guns. My Peter Gunn’s. My life has just beGUN. thankyouverymuuuch.

  934. A boy like me, a girl like you

  935. Shake, rattle and fly off, Elvis style…

  936. Welcome to Vegas baby!! The King now pronounces you ball and chain.

  937. Is this the way to New York? See you there!

  938. “What is a zebra?
    26 sizes larger than an “A” bra. “

  939. Baby, lets play house

  940. Hey Baby. Do you like the look of me enough to be my valentine?caf

  941. You don’t wanna be my Valentine??? It’s the sunglasses right babe???

  942. Baby, I’m “all shook up” for you…

  943. Hay hay pretty momma…
    Are you from Tennessee?
    Because you’re the only ten I see!
    aah haa hummm..

  944. Love Me Tender, Love me True, Love my hairstyle and 70’s suit too!

  945. Hey baby. Do you have a map? Cos Honey, I just keep gettin lost in your eyes.

  946. You’ve got me all shook up this Valentine’s. Please won’t you be mine 🙂

  947. Heygen Herden nee wat ou broer jy kan nie kers vas hou by die ou Elvis nie.

  948. Start spreading the News
    I am leaving today
    I want to be a part of it
    New York New York

  949. Come on baby, light my sequin (to be sung to the tune of light my fire)

  950. Hey sexy mamma.
    Wanna rock with me to the moon?

  951. “Going my way pretty mama?”

  952. Put your arms around me, honey. Hold me tight! Let’s cuddle up and cuddle up with all our might!


  954. If Elvis were alive today, what would he be doing? He’d be screaming, “LET ME OUT OF THIS COFFIN!”

  955. Is this the way to Boksburg, I mean Bollywood?

  956. I can like to score you a dinner wiff candles my sweets!

  957. Who’s your baby? Let me rock your Valentine day into sequence and music

  958. hi, I’m Bollywood, James Bollywood. I like it shaken, not stirred.

  959. and then Elvis realised he couldn’t take his life today as he realised his guns weren’t loaded.

  960. hey babe, how about you slap on your red suede shoes and trot on off into the sunset with Elvie?

  961. I’ll make you shake it like Elvis baby!

  962. Emirates Airlines will just pass will see.

  963. Travelstart… thank you, thank you very much.

  964. Don’t be cruel baby. I can’t help falling in love. My burning love is so bright, I’d break out of the Jailhouse Rock, and take you to the Heartbreak hotel where we can get all shook up. It’s now or never!

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