Valentines Cheesy Chirp Competition – Week 2’s Photo

Week 2 is now closed, please see week 3′s photo to continue entering!

two small monkeys one on top of the other

Week 2 is now closed, please see week 3′s photo to continue entering!

Have you got the cheese? Put it to good use and give our photo a cheesy caption! If yours is the cheesiest caption, you stand in line to win tickets for two to New York courtesy of Travelstart and Etihad Airways.

To enter, please visit week 3′s photo to leave your caption for the new cheesy pic!

Click here for more details on how the competition works and the terms and conditions.

Week 1 is now closed, please see week 2′s photo to continue entering!

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Let’s monkey around!

  2. Jou handtjies is koud, maar ons liefde brand warm!

  3. Just when I thought you could not surprise me, YOU DO!

  4. Let me show you my “O” face! ;P

  5. I’m going ape over you

  6. Aah! Thanks darling, you’ve found the spot. I’ll give you a good scratch too once these nails are dry.

  7. “Whoops! And you told me it was only a little back rub!”

  8. Ek maak graag ‘n aap van myself vir jou!

  9. Spending my life with you, has improved my sense of humour!

  10. Look at all those funny people staring at our picture

  11. 2 monkeys in a bath – one says “ooo-aaaa-aaaa-aaa-ooo” The other one says “…well put some more cold water in then!”

  12. “You want me to put my nose WHERE?”

  13. Wakka, wakka, ê ê
    lets try it one more time
    ê ê

  14. I told you not to touch me on my studio

  15. I’m so pretty, ooo soo pretty!!

  16. Monkey School – Matric Dance photo (Best looking couple)

  17. This competitions peanuts! why do those people look so confused?

  18. A Sphincter Says What?

  19. Now, where did you hide that banana albert?..

  20. OMG, you wont believe what I just heard!

  21. “Mirror? Never heard of it. Is that guy getting fresh with me? Hey, monkey face… back off!”

  22. So, how did you hear about this competition? …through the apevine?

  23. It wasnt me….

  24. Tree for Two ?

  25. You’re my Prime Mate!

  26. There’s a chimp on my panzee ….

  27. Damn, they spotted us…act natural

  28. And you think we are busy with monkey business!

  29. Ooooh baby, is that a banana in ur pocket or are just happy to see me?

  30. In the mood for some monkey business???

  31. Yoh!! we thought we looked bad!!

  32. Oh Hunny, Im just bananas over you…

  33. These aeroplane seats are way too small…

  34. Hold on tight baby, Travelstarts about to blow us into orbit!

  35. Hold on to your nuts, we off to the Monkey Derby!!!!!!

  36. Heeey, watcha mean? Quit monkeying around or my man’s gonna go all Ape on you A$$…

  37. I have to get this monkey off my back.

  38. Yoh, my love for you is a monkey on my back!

  39. But I thought it was called a PIGGY back ride!

  40. Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town

  41. Bastard….Don’t touch my studio!!

  42. Oops, sorry, please take another picture of us.
    I said “corny” instead of “cheesy”.

  43. It’s NOT what it looks like!

  44. Cant wait to meet King Kong in New York, tea with the Queen is so over rated.

  45. Monkey Love-Love is monkey see and monkey do…would I lie to you?Love has locked us up, Locked inside this zoo, Your bananas get thrown at me and mine get thrown at you

  46. Is this an Ape-titude test?

  47. If we get to the Big Apple, gosh darn! We could get up to some Monkey Business!

  48. Come back to my place to see my pet monkey he can show us how to Monkey around 🙂

  49. Monkey Love-Love is monkey see and monkey do…would I lie to you?Love has locked us up, Locked inside the central park zoo, your bananas get thrown at me and mine get thrown at you

  50. “quick….act surprised!!”

  51. Oh dear, we better not peep in this window again!

  52. Monkey see monkey do, I see a monkey just like you…

  53. Wow, look at that big apple!

  54. 1,2, nee 3 grys hare. Nooooooooooooooooo!!

  55. Ok, when you’re done with the massage I’m gonna need a manicure – my nails are shocking!

  56. Monkey see…monkey do you all night long!!!!!!!

  57. I am so Apey to see you cos I am just bananas over you…

  58. “Oh yeah…that’s the spot!”

  59. i have done a research and Monkey style come out on top, wanna try

  60. Look honey, our twins have your eyes!

  61. Don’t monkey with this heart of mine and say you’ll be my valentine.

  62. Have a swinging valentine’s day!

  63. Nana! I’m just NUTS about YOU!

  64. O….excuse us!!!!

  65. You did WHAT??
    With WHO??
    …for how many cookies?

  66. Just monkeying around you makes me go Ooo!

  67. It’s the Big Apple, not the big O, you monkey!

  68. Wow My apple,
    Lets do the Big Apple.

  69. Let’s fall in love in the Big Apple, you Ape!

  70. Ooooooo you didn’t say the Statue of Liberty was this high!!!! Hold oooooooooooooooooon.

  71. Is it Ape’ril already???…time flies with Travelstart

  72. Hello my Apple,
    You mean my Big Apple.

  73. Love is … HUGS.

  74. if you scratch my back…i’ll comb yours

  75. Hawu, did u hear that? We may go to hell if we don’t vote ANC !!!!

  76. Who let the monkeys out… chatter chatter…who let the monkeys out!

  77. BUSTED!!!!!!!!

  78. I’ve got a monkey on my back… literally

  79. anyone seen our brother julius?….. he is the one who usually has his foot in his mouth

  80. Sit still Marve, maybe we’ll only need to pay for one plane ticket.

  81. Look LOVE it’s the BIG APPLE isn’t it lovely!

  82. Shhhhhush Marvin, I don’t want to hear any of your evil

  83. Oooooo you can win a trip to the Big Ape’pel

  84. Cashews? Almonds? Macadamias? No thanks…I prefer MONKEY NUTS!!!

  85. a monkey with two heads..never in my life have i seen such a thing before

  86. Wanna monkey around with me?

  87. prime’mates…… (primates)

  88. oooo your skin is so soft it feels like Vervet

  89. Primates for life!!

  90. You’re A number one, top of the list, king of the hill.

  91. He ain’t heavy, he’s my monkey.

  92. we are pro-peace supporters… we don’t support Guerilla warfare

  93. Ooooh, it’s not what you’re thinking…

  94. Hey gorgeous be my valentine and I will give you a monkey of a time!

  95. Quit monkeying around! We’ve got a trip to plan!

  96. You said what?
    Time Square,
    My Apple. Ohoooo!

  97. Oh my sweet Valentine,
    My monkey lips
    How I adore your big eyes
    Your hips!
    Your soft coat rubbing against mine
    Even if I sound cheesy,
    Just know
    For ever and ever
    My fluffy Valentine

  98. Love at first…sight. This is monkey business!

  99. ….did you say you love me? Even with my baby Apple

  100. A wise monkey never monkies with another monkeys monkey!

  101. O my goodness Charlie..these TRAVELSTART deals are just to good to be true..are my eyes fooling me or what.? 2 for the price of 1..hop on and enjoy the ride

  102. Nuwe spesie ontdek – New York stadsjAPIES!

  103. (While walking in the Museum of Natural History in Upper East side Manhattan): “Up ahead is one of my favourite creatures in the whole museum: the capuchin monkey, a highly intelligent primate, known for its loving and generous nature… much like you my love!”

  104. Girl, we can play zoo…and you can tame my monkey

  105. OOOOhhh! that feels nice.

  106. WHAT!!! I have hair on my back!

  107. hey Minky, if you be my valentine i’ll quit SWINGING in the big apple and we can go club hopping in miami beach!!!

  108. Of all the monkeys’ backs in all the towns in all the world, she jumps onto mine. Happy Valentines Day!

  109. Fancy breakfast at Tiffany’s?

  110. Can we monkey around in NY? YES WE CAN!

  111. Wow! Some beers smell like cheesy feet!

  112. ooooo Gwen Stefani……
    Let me hear you say
    This sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S [4x]
    A few times I’ve been around that track
    So it’s not just gonna happen like that
    ‘Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl
    I ain’t no hollaback girl

    i’m on ya back girl

  113. Too late for the getaway – we have been spotted..

  114. Please sir, Etihad Airlines allows only ONE carry on!

  115. Monkey 1: That’s the biggest banana I’ve ever seen. Monkey 2: No man – that’s a NYC Taxi Cab heading our way!

  116. Whooo!!!we are going to the BIG APPEL!we are sooo in love….

  117. Oops…now look what you’ve started…and we’ve been caught in action! Can we continue this, in New York, if Travelstart grants us that…

  118. Let’s escAPE to the Big Apple.

  119. I APEsolutely adore you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  120. Monkey see mokey do.
    Im not ugly just a pretty monkey
    The only advantage you have over me is you can kiss my ass i cant so off to Ney york will be me

  121. George, I really hope thats your iPhone i can feel…

  122. Are you from FedEx? Because I thought you were checkin’ out my package…

  123. 1.Esc-APE the Monkey on your back – book a trip with Travelstart

    2. Let’s go bananas!

    3. Calling all the cheeky monkeys!

  124. Oh boy! Whose your mama!

  125. What is better than a bit of monkey love?

  126. Hey Herbert, come check out Travelstart’s Twitter update

  127. Hey Herbert, I sure hope thats a banana in your pocket!

  128. Umm yes Herbert, your judo classes are really working out!

  129. No Herbert, I don’t wanna see what you learned on Discovery Channel!

  130. Now you know why the ‘see no evil’ part is so important, Herbert

  131. They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no. I kinda like this monkey on my back!

  132. That’s why they call it monkey love.

  133. We have two things in common Love… We’re Primates and Soulmates.

  134. OMG Herbert! I think we just won 2 tickets 2 New York in the Travelstart Cheesy Chirps competition!!!

  135. Ooooo Have you seen? The humans have figured out how to put smarter species on facebook. Hallo ma!

  136. Quit horsing around, we monkeys.

  137. Leaving for New York without us? See, my friend can behave?

  138. Zoo York not Noo York!

  139. Hey, funky munky, can you believe this slice of a price? we pay just a fraction, & get much more traction; Travelstart have got it down to a Fine Art!

  140. Do you have monkey business class tickets?

  141. My Chunky Monkey
    My adorable HUNKy

    Be my Valentine
    No other monkey’s, but MINE

    I’ll scratch you, you scratch me
    Just. Think how happy we will be


  143. Nigel: You and me baby, we ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do it on the dicovery channel!
    Doris: Goodness gracious not in public NIGEL!
    You just take your bronx out of my big apple right now!

  144. Nigel: You and me baby, we ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do it on the dicovery channel!
    Doris: Goodness gracious not in public NIGEL! You take your big apple out my upper east side immediately!

  145. What! Do I have a monkey on my back?

  146. See – you are never too old to monkey around!!!

  147. Spank my… me

  148. What’s big roundish and hairy and sitting on your back? A Monkey

  149. So you say you have never dated Siamese monkey twins…

  150. Lets go to the park and fling our poop at the people

  151. Not my fault, she insists on wearing fur.

  152. I was like whoooooah!

  153. Uh-uh, forget the burgers, I’ve got a SERIOUS craving for the Big Apple.

  154. Oooh baby, you’re the banana of my eye!

  155. Travelstart will let us go APE in the Big Apple!!!

  156. Oh Sweetie, I think it’s time for your monthly wax at the salon!

  157. No, no, no, using a tweezer to pluck with, will take way too long.

  158. Oh my! We 4got to say cheeeez..!

  159. A trip to NY? WHOOOOOO DUDE!

  160. Ooooo…you have the monKEY to my heart!!!

  161. Show me your Monkey dan wys ek jou my Apie!

  162. Whooo!! he’s my brother and he’s heavy,
    Etihad, take the load and make me steady

  163. You bring the animal out in me!

  164. Want to monkey around with me?

  165. looks like Elvis has left the building to go perform his song too much monkey business

  166. …we’re daydream believer monkees…

  167. Come fly with me

  168. ….WHAT did I get myself into!

  169. …singing…on top of old monkey…all covered in cheese…i lost my first true love…when somebody sneezed

  170. There’s no business like show business!

  171. Monkey see,monkey do!


  173. Cheesy chirp 1: Hold on tight, ‘cos this Monkey of Luuurv’s gonna fly you to the Big Apple!
    Cheesy chirp 2: Our monkeys’ wedding’s gonna be just soooo….Big Apple, baby
    Cheesy chirp 3: Who’s been a naughty monkey then, my little Muffin?
    Cheesy chirp 4: Whooaah there Monkey Snuggles, you’re squeezin’ a bit tight!
    Cheesy chirp 5: Ready… steady….apes awaaaaaay!
    Cheesy chirp 6: Hey Monkey Muffin, this feels like the apex of our love
    Cheesy chirp 7: Monkey, simian, primate, whatever… let’s just get down to business!

  174. Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  175. i’m terrified…this guy dressed like Elvis tried to shoot us with his hand guns…

  176. you Monkey me crazy inlove!!!

  177. “That’s NOT it!”

  178. Damn, I’m glad I’m not blind!

  179. Oh my goodness Louis – You’re spanking a monkey!



  182. Wow…is that really the Big Apple – I wish it was the Big Banana!

  183. Is that your tail or are you just happy to see me.

  184. 1. “Hey… Where’s ‘Hear Evil’?”

    2. Marvin and Cyril realised the dangers of Chatroulette.

    3. “Why are they using one cup?”

  185. STOP…in the name of Monkey Love.

  186. Whoa are you getting this? They are . . . you know . . . into monkey business like it is nobody’s business. I think we should try that next time we get the candles and wine out.

  187. You want to measure my temperature where?!?!?!?!

  188. \She aint heavy she’s my lover\

  189. Oh!Nooooo! There’s a monkey on my back!!!!!

  190. 1. Yipppeeee,my baby says she loves me !
    2. I’ll take you on a trip you’d like to go someday,take you to New York if I win this competition.
    3.Fasten your seat belts baby, cos this is gonna be a wild ride!
    4. Crazy mad, monkey lovin!
    5. I feeeeeel good, as good as I should!

  191. Aw, get off my back – of course we can afford a Travelstart Valentines getaway!

  192. Don’t worry… we wont miss our flight to the “BIG APPLE” … Travelstart has got us hooked up!!!!!

  193. I really wish they wouldnt feed me after midnight!! I have a monkey growing out of my head!

  194. I wish I had listened to my mates when they told me she was a clinger!

  195. See Me Now See Me No More! Wow He’s gone!

  196. Just one look from you and I go Ape

  197. Saaaves us mommeeeee! Ders monstas in da cupboard! Der is! We pwomises!!!

  198. I’ve got a monkey on my back about New York. This competition is freaking nuts!

  199. 1.)Pardon me, is this seat taken?
    2.) Can you pull this heart-shaped arrow out of my ass? A damn little kid with wings shot me
    3.) Would you hold this hand for me while I go for a walk?

  200. Whooow… ur so beautiful we can’t take our eyes of ya!

  201. New York… the place were dreams are made, there’s nothing you can’t do, lights that inspire you… Hey! it sound like they are describing you my love 🙂

  202. Ok, remind me again – why do I always have to be the first to check out any strange noise?

  203. Apie and Mintjie could not believe their eyes and ears when they watched a TV programme about Darwin’s Theory.

  204. It wasn’t me -the devil on my shoulder made me do it!

  205. Boy, I think you’ve just hit the spot.

  206. Had to hold this pose for the cameras for over four hours – all for the lousy pay of a packet of peanuts!

  207. Ooooh. Step away from the screen. Private moment in progress!

  208. We make such a lovely pair

  209. Hold on Hunni, monkey business ahead!

  210. WOW – love how u swing!

  211. We going Tree Surfing in the USA!

  212. No woman will ever be truly satisfied on Valentines Day,because no man has a chocolate penis wrapped in money that ejaculates diamonds.

  213. I’ll gladly swap my bananas for the Big Apple!

  214. Roses are red,
    Bananas are yellow,
    want to go out with a nice little fellow?

  215. We gonna monkey around in New York, Baby !

  216. Oooooooo! You’re almost as beautiful as I am.

  217. If youre going……I’m coming !!!

  218. I love the way you move… like butter on a bald monkey!

  219. Serious Business !

  220. Ahuh, ahuh, I like it !

  221. We saw Tarzan met his Jane in the Jungle… we saw George met his Ursula in the Jungle… wonder if Mr Bachelor van den Heever would meet his soul mate in the New York Jungle?

  222. Darling, didn’t i say no more monkeying around.
    look at our reflection in the mirror

  223. I, monkey you not .No more bushes,concrete jungle out there.Come darling lets try the yellow taxis and the big Apple

  224. Honey Look at it!I wish it was called the BIG BANANA!

  225. Well, it’s one for the monkey…
    two for the show…
    three get whoopy
    and go Aapie go…

  226. Monkey see, monkey wanna do!

    Let’s get down to monkey business 🙂

  227. little to the left…ahh thats the spot!!! mmmmMMM

  228. huh, but i said i had a headache!

  229. can u believe it,they just said we WON.WE WON!!! the lady said” congratulations Mr.Munckie Boon”. honey don’t just sit on my back and say nothing.we won.we going to the concrete need to worry about food.we can order as much bananas we want with room service.

  230. Oh! Baby baby! When you said you’ll scratch my back if I scratch yours, I didn’t think it would feel this good! Oh yes, yes, yes! I lurve you baby…

  231. Hope you like a primate
    To go out with on a date
    We see you are so cute
    And for dinner will buy you fruit

  232. Aweh my broe, nogal New York Zoo to our chommas from that Madagascar movie! Dis duidelik.

  233. Lets do it like they do on the Discovery channel.

  234. ooooooo tell me tell me what else can u see from up there…is there a big banana or just that Big Apple everyone is talking about?

  235. Zoo York Zoo York…we go bananas for it…

  236. Oooh,if we make it to the Big Apple,babe I promise you a Big Banana.

  237. “What do you mean my hairline’s receding?!”

  238. oh honey, look…It’s Paris Hilton. Do you think she’ll pose for a photo with us?

  239. Stop monkeying around…Take me,take me…to that divine Deli with those luscious Banana Splits…you know food does it for me every time

  240. “Ooh! The neighbours are behaving like people again!”

  241. Ooooh look, you think we’re really related to THEM?

  242. Someone should sculpt you… because you look like a Greek god!

  243. Can I mould myself to you? Not for long, just a moment or two.

  244. Don’t Monkey around.
    Is ZOO IS
    or IS ZOO Ain’t

  245. Lets meet at the top of the Empire State Building like they did in Sleepless in Seattle, but this time I will see you and not leave without saying, “I love you….”


  247. Im ape over you!!

  248. Can you believe it my love! we’re finally here at the BIG APPLE!!…. What apple, i dont see no BIG APPLE!?*

  249. Hope my dentures arrive soon so I can take a great big bite of the big apple.

  250. Roses are red, Violets are blue, We’ll be flying with Etihad, Do you wanna come to?

  251. Hey baby, what’s your sign?

  252. Enough monkeying around, now lets get down to some serious business.

  253. okay, I hear you so get off my case

  254. That was too loud bro!

  255. Drat those spy cameras – caught in the act raiding bananas from the larder again!

  256. This was not what Verveta had in mind when she asked Mandrill to give her a lift to town

  257. Your low-budget movie is paying peanuts, so who were you expecting – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

  258. Say again? What do you mean the government is imposing a Tree Transit Tax?

  259. whoa honey! look at the size of that thing! thank goodness i’ve got you babe!

  260. Oh, oh, thought we could go straight to the plane, but now we have to check in first.

  261. Now see what you’ve done, I told you to hide so that we only pay for one.

  262. …to the left, to the left…

  263. get that monkey off my back!

  264. You must be Jamaican…cos you Jamaican me crazy in love with you.

  265. Do you have a band aid? Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you?

  266. Can you pull this heart-shaped arrow out of my heart? A small little kid with wings just shot me.

  267. I’m telepathic and I can tell you’re my next girl baby!

  268. You look like my future ex girlfriend…

  269. Inheriting eighty million bucks doesn’t mean much when you have a weak heart.

  270. Hey babe, would you like one of my NICKer PAULs…they really hot!!

  271. Hope I’ve caught you in the NICK of time!!

  272. Care for some of my NICKnaks?

  273. Hey babe, wanna come over to my space and twitter my yahoo til I google all over your facebook?

  274. “woo-oo-oo,are you kidding with me?
    Can i really get bananas for my babe in the

  275. are we there yet?

  276. forget the bananas, let’s get up to monkey business in the big apple…

  277. OOOoooooOOOOooooooo its the weekend baby

  278. How do I get this monkey off my back!!!

  279. who said there is not true love in nature?

  280. O-O-O-O-Oros

  281. No, King Kong was the guy who climbed the Empire State Building with that blonde chick. My name is spelled with a “D”, which may explain your surprised expression.

  282. Ding Kong???…. weirdo name dooood …your parents are just cruel kiddo 😉

  283. Look carefully ahead Mick – that large lady with the torch, that’s New York.
    They told me when I booked at Travelstart -it’sn a island zoo full of confused primates on two legs -’nuff to drive a tourist bananas!

  284. Oops she found my weekness! Mmmm … Carry on messaging and you can fly to your hearts content!

  285. No dear it is not what it seems…I am just giving him a piggy-back ride!

  286. Oops she found my weekness! Mmmm … Carry on messaging babe and you can fly to your hearts content!

  287. Wow! It flys like a bird.

  288. oooph … how many times I gotta tell ya, Junior, you’re tooooo big to jump on my back like that!!!!

  289. Shooeeee!!! You’ve flattened me, bud. I’m just too old for piggy-back rides!!

  290. Please be patient with me, I pay you back at the end of the trip.

  291. “Not in front of the kids,doll !”

  292. ” Not tonight dear,Iv’e really got a headache ! “

  293. Celebrating my youngest son’s 21st. So proud the way all my sons have grown up!on

  294. OOoooo, I see a really Big Apple!!! And it’s coming closer very quickly!!!

  295. These prices and deals are no monkey bussiness they are jungle real!

  296. Oops! I dont think that goes there!

  297. They say New York is the ‘city of swing’… Hold on to my tail and let’s fly!!!!!!

  298. “Woah…a giant banana on wheels”

    (New York Taxis)

  299. “Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, a trip to New York-no ways!!I guess this won’t be your last free ride after all.”

  300. i said… Oprah Win Free

  301. “Baby, will you be my prime mate?”

  302. Though the fur is long
    And he does have a winding tail
    No matter the load, together we belong
    He ain’t hairy, he’s my brother.

  303. OOOOh King Kong, I’m so glad you chose me to be your Valentine instead of that stupid skinny blonde!

  304. Fruzzy had no idea how to reply when Vervetina asked him if he thought she was putting on weight.

  305. Travelstart’s photographer caught the exact moment when Nick Paul told Fritz and Fran they’d won the trip to New York competition!

  306. Dying to get on a plane out of here – its a real monkey on my back type feeling!

  307. Aw, they’re so cute. Don’t you just wanna spank them?

  308. UUUh OOOh, that cheese looks & smells so good, could we have some please, please for cheese. Yaah Yaah New York here we come

  309. Not now monkey, Kids can view this page…

  310. Top monkey…mmmm wonder what I’ll pack to the big apple?

    Bottem monkey… whoooowheeeeee! We going to the concrete jungle!

  311. Starts-When you sink into his arms
    Ends – With your arms in his sink

  312. How to make two monkeys smile? I generally yodel Sinatra’s best-known song, “You Nork, You Nork”. It works too: check it out here:

  313. Thought South Africa is an Adventure Jungle? Unscrew a champaigne cork and YOU will never be the same after you have seen a sunset in the Concrete Jungle of New York!

  314. Thought South Africa is an Adventure Jungle? YOU will never be the same after you have visited the Concrete Jungle of New York!You will come back,as if you have found the jewel to Life.

  315. The Concrete jungle of New York beats any jungle of Africa.You dont need to swing from one tree to another-to have a beautiful view. Transportation is everywhere and the energy of the city-leaves you feeling Brand NEW.

  316. Monkey see, Monkey DO 😉

  317. The strongest of all warriors are these two- Time and Patience.

  318. Love monkey tricks.

  319. Oh! said one to the other we are flying! Lets not waste any precious time baby!

  320. OOOh, OOh, baby, when I said lets monkey around – you really took me seriously

  321. OOh – Honey! Do you see what I see in that mirror. Two people head over bodies in love… Sure glad you my valentine

  322. “How”

  323. “We go swingin’ by da Monkey Bar in Nu York”!

  324. “Pheeewww!! New York looked so much closer on the map!!”

  325. “The monkey on your back is the latest trend. I can;t see what any one can see in any one else, but you”- Moldy Peace

  326. Oo, you know just how to monkey love me.

  327. OOOH …We saw the Big Apple …then I ate it!

  328. There ain’t no funny business like monkey business, baby!

  329. Herbie was destined to go through life with a monkey on his shoulder.

  330. I aint Elvis, singing the blues
    I ain’t wearing no blue suade shoes
    But baby,I’m glad that stork
    Simply called….Etihad Airways
    Takes me to unknown places
    See unfamiliar places….
    Without paying my dues.

    Combined with service and just plain talk
    Straight from the heart
    Yeah, yeah, no need to say this
    But it’s Travelstart!
    Incredible! Invinc-ape-able
    We’re on our way to New York!

  331. “Do you think that there is any chance of us ever leaving this African jungle and discovering the Brave New World?”

    “Interesting question. Normally, to determine the answer, we would have to be confined to a Test Lab. But thank the bright starts above, we can escape this fate, thanks to Travelstart and Etihad Airways”.

  332. Sorry – starts in the comment above should read: STARS. Apologies for the typo!

  333. “Did you ever think that one day, thanks to technology and the internet, your photo would be all over the world”?

    “Internet? World? Kinda weird. But I have my hopes and dreams pinned on Travelstart and Etihad Airways to educate me.”

  334. Gus: “Ok, Liza, so what is your favourite destination?”
    Liza: “United States of America,”
    Gus”: “Hmm, long haul and big country. Any place in particular?”
    Liza: “New York, New York!.”
    “Explain your answer, please.”
    “To find I’m a number one, top of the list
    King or Queen of the hill, a number one…..”

    … We interrupt this Valentine Day Special to advise that Gus is regretting (and paying the price) for not making bookings via Travelstart and flying with Etihad Airways)……

    How simple balancing a budget against romance and life could be!

  335. Oh what a big banana … is that the human size when excited, monkeying around with his girl

  336. I love it when you monkey around in my back.

  337. The big cheese on the slice of Doha tells the little cheese “Let’s go New York, New York!”

  338. Ooooh Lord have mercy on these human beings! Its Valentine day and there are here in the zoo,don’t they have a life….

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