Valentines Cheesy Chirp Week 3’s photo

The competition is now closed for entry, watch this space for the winners!

This competition is now closed, watch this space for the winners!

Welcome to week 3 of our competition! Valentines lives till the end of the month here at Travelstart, so we’re giving you extra time to spread the love!

So, have you got the cheese? It’s time to spread it, putting it to good use by giving our photo a cheesy caption! If yours is the cheesiest caption this week, you stand in line to win tickets for two to New York courtesy of Travelstart and Etihad Airways.

This competition is now closed, watch this space for the winners!

Click here for more details on how the competition works and the terms and conditions.

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Our Readers Comments

  1. You melt my heart!

    • Could someone please walk me through as to how to enter the Cheesy Chirp Competition. I can see the picture, but don’t know where to enter.

      Kind regards

  2. With your cheesy heart, who needs butter?

  3. Your cheesy smile makes my heart melt! You are my bread and butter!

  4. Dear Bread, ” If I say you have a beautiful body, will you hold it against me”? Love Cheese

  5. Oh hearty cheese,Im your hearty,sweety butter may come between us,we melt it our way!

  6. That’s all I can afford my valentine, happy cheesy valentine!

  7. Our love is like cheese and gerkhins… made for each other…!

  8. You are the cheese on my dry bread..

  9. I’m sticking to u like cheese to bread!!!!

  10. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My hearts yellowing out just for you

  11. I cheese sandwich you.

  12. Do you take this cheese for filler in good times and bad… I moo. I now pronounce you partners for life, you may take a bite 🙂

  13. I’ll be your cheese, you be my gerkhin… let’s make a sandwich together…. <3

  14. One bite and you make my masti (naughty) cheezy fantazy cum true

  15. What would I do without you my love, you are the tasty cheddar on my sarmie.

  16. “If only everybodies heart was soft and creamy, what a wonderful world this would be.”

  17. Our love is like a butterless cheese & fig sandwich; it’s wholesome, it’s sweet and it’s stable like the bread it’s built on. I love you, you complete me my exotic Nunubuns.

  18. You are the moist maker on my dry bread.

  19. Oh boy, you remembered melrose

  20. One bite and you right

  21. You are the bread to my Cheese – Darling let me melt all over you!!!

  22. Just one bite and you make my cheezy masti (naughty) fantazy cum to true

  23. Don’t melt my sandwich, rather melt my heart.

  24. Cheesy, cheesy who’s the most delicious of us all – of course cheesy cheese.

  25. You know how to butter me up!

  26. Excuse me, I’m new in town, can I have directions to your heart?

  27. im stuck on you

  28. Wanna gouda da movies with me? We could make one tasty sandwich.

  29. Jeez, you made my day!

  30. You make my heart toasty!

  31. You melt the cheese on my toast!

  32. You’re the cream Cheese to my Cracker, without, life is too dry!

  33. For you my LOVE!!!….#beingcheesyisthenewflirt

  34. Jeese, you complete me….

  35. “Well listen Cheese
    All I wanna do is take you home tonight
    And massage the places that will make you feel right
    Whatever it takes
    What does it take to make you feel the way I do
    I don’t want no one else, I just want to be with you…”

    (taken from BABY I WANT YOU by BREAD)

  36. Spread the love…….

  37. You’re a whole lot of chunky cheese goodness!

  38. You’re the best thing since sliced bread and sliced cheese!

  39. You are the perfect filling in the sandwich of life…

  40. You make the roughage palatable!

  41. You are the best thing since sliced cheese!

  42. Dough products and dairy… Lovingly provided by moms since… Noah’s kids needed a snack!

  43. Hi Babe, let’s do the cheddar melt shuffle…!


  45. Cooking lesson 101: “How to make a dry sandwich look more apetising!”

  46. You & me
    Are like cheese & bread
    We stick together
    Forever 🙂

  47. Your love keeps as fresh as if i had just come out of the oven!<3

  48. I cLOVEr You!

  49. Crazy about the taste of your toe jam

  50. We are like TOAST and CHEESE!

  51. Bread: “Oh boy…when you butter me like that…my cheesy heart melts…I think I’m gonna crumb…oh yeah!”

  52. Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese… toasted, mostly.

  53. Cheesy, my love: How are we gonna spread the love if you’re so hard to resist! I want you all to myself!

  54. We’re cut out for each other!

  55. You complete me…like a slice of cheese completes dry bread that’s about to be microwaved…what I’m trying to say is I hope you’ll stick around and never leave.

  56. My Cheesy Love Affair!

  57. My small heart just melts into your big heart honey!

  58. Will you toast my ‘braaibroodtjie’ so your mature cheddar love can melt on me like hot butter?

  59. Bread: “you had me at Yello'”

  60. Don’t be two heart on me – I was bread to hold you

  61. Ratatouille: “Ladies and Gentlemen… As an addition to our Menu this Valantine’s day… Entrée Amor”

  62. Even at the end of the month, when the pickings are slim, my cheese is still heart shaped, when you’re in the room!

  63. Life is like a snack – you just need to

  64. Cheese be my Valentine??

  65. Spreading some cheesy love on my toast!

  66. Don’t be two heart on me – I was born a’ bread to hold you

  67. It’s the simple things in life that make it worth wile Cheese it and enjoy it my valentine

  68. Roses are red violets are blue.It might sound cheesy but I’m crazy about u

  69. From me to you:
    You’ve given me a reason
    For smiling once again,
    You’ve filled my life with peaceful dreams
    and you’ve become my closest friend…

    Like chese on toast….

  70. No cheese can come between you and me, we stick together like bread and butter!

  71. What cheesy love

  72. Everybody wants to call you CHEESE HEART, CHEESE HEART and I just want to bite you just the same !

  73. O crumbs, if u get any hotter, you’re gonna melt my heart and I’m gonna be all over you. So I propose a toast!!!!

  74. Just as cheese is good for the heart, so is your love good for my soul.

  75. Cheese:”Bread, it is Valentine’s Day! you are being to square.”

  76. Cheesy! :0 But I know what you mean and it’s the thought that counts!

  77. Baby light my fire, and we’ll make some Welsh Rarebit!

  78. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but cheese is just ….. YOU!!

  79. Win your share of romance with Travelstart and Etihad Airways – where our hearts will melt into one forever


  81. With you in my Heart I can live off bread and butter

  82. Bread: Hey you, my name’s Toebroodjie. what’s yours?
    Cheese: Oooooh, I like it when my bread talks foreign…

  83. Honey, no need to butter me up! I love you just the way you are, no matter what shape you are in we go together naturally.

  84. With you in My heart I Can live off Bread and Butter. No Cheese Needed

  85. I could hug and squeezy u, like a slice of cheezy u ……

  86. Bread: You make my crusts crumble, my fibre turn to mush and my heart turns to cheese!!!

  87. I am Emmental over you … Gouda Camembert your soul to me like Edam and Eve. Stiltons of loving before we are older and Feta!!

  88. When you fly with us, you’re guaranteed to crumb…cos our cheesy deals will melt your heart like butter…Travelstart and Etihad Airways.

  89. You’re the cheese for my bread…the butter that melts my heart.

  90. My hearty snack;)

  91. “What do you say we grab another slice and make a sandwich, baby?”

  92. “man im toast! my cheesy heart melts for u like butter”

  93. Bread, cheese & butter !
    All that is missing is the Big Apple.

  94. Mid-month Dine-duo taking you back, way back… back to basics

  95. You can smell my love from a far just like melted cheese

  96. The warm love of my “cheesy heart” will melt all of me to become part of You, my “bread of life”

  97. Paar my saam met n Parmesan – there’s no-one Gouda than you!

  98. Who moved my cheese

  99. Ohhhhhh Cheesssssy!!! you make heart go cheesyup!!!,lalalalal, and I love you sooooo…

  100. Cheese, Bread and Butter is NYC 🙂

  101. “My heart is racing so fast and I’m melting like butter just being close to you.”

  102. I melt with your touch!

  103. We fit together like cheese on toast…

  104. Bread to Cheese you make my heart beat and melt with love…

  105. love is in the air every time you cheese my bread!

  106. You melt my heart like toast melt my cheese and butter!!

  107. You cheese me all over…

  108. you are the cheese on my bread without you there would be no butter:-)

  109. my heart crumbles when you spread your love

  110. You’re the cheese that makes my toast worthwhile 🙂

  111. “If the only thing I have for breakfast, is your heart on toast, then I will be stuffed with love for the day to come.”

    “For a love filled day, I only need your heart on toast for breakfast.”

  112. I’d love to sandwich with you

  113. Don’t let a beeg heart come between my little cheese heart and you

  114. You look good enough to eat

  115. Can I move your cheese?

  116. I will put you inbetween and have bread and butter pudding

  117. Don’t let a beeg heart come in between my lil cheesey heart and you my toasty slice

  118. Edam! I have nobody to be my Valentine… Will you Camenbert my Valentine?!

  119. Oh! Crumbs.
    My Big Cheese,
    You make me feel small.

  120. You cheesing Heart.

  121. Bread “Hey cheese, I see you wear your heart on your sleave”

  122. Break my heart,
    you cheezing bread.

  123. My big cheese, thank you for making my sandwich and giving me your hearts, i feel like we’ll never be apart.

  124. You melt in my mouth.

  125. Gouda tell you how much I love you. Brie my valentine?

  126. My Cheesy Sqeezy
    Yr so easy to pleezy
    Like some cheeses
    U R sometimes strong
    Sometimes light
    U can be spicy
    And sometimes a bite
    But always my Valentine
    My love + delight

  127. So the bread said, I’m gonna be Frank with you… “Start spreading the cheeese, I’m leaving today,… New York, New York!!!”

  128. Darling, when you toast things up, you melt my heart!

  129. Say Cheese my little Heart.

  130. …a match made in heaven!!

  131. My big cheese, thank you for making my sandwich and giving me your hearts

  132. Not even unbuttered bread can get in the way of your processed cheese love

  133. You make my heart melt like a slice of cheese on a hot piece of toast

  134. My valentine
    You can make my heart melt
    So feel free
    So GRILL me anytime

  135. You want some cheese with that slice?

  136. Cheeeeselaaaikeit – U melt my heart!


  138. You are My Big Cheese!

  139. Cheese is good for my heart just like you….and i heart you stukkend

  140. It’s so Ch-Eesy to love you!

  141. Our love is like cheese…it grows stronger with time.

  142. I put my heart into all the meals I make for you.

  143. my love for you makes my cholesterol high…just dont leave and make my heart sigh!

  144. You are the heat that melts my heart.

  145. One bite of my heartfelt cheese and you’ll be begging for more!!

  146. Valentines Day should be simple, modern, adventurous, spirited just like a hearty cheese sandwich!

  147. Are you hungry enough to break my heart?

  148. Have a heart and send me to NYC.

  149. Your smile melts my heart, just like butter on a warm toast

  150. Without your love I’m toast!

  151. Earthworm poop feeds the grass, grass feeds the cow, cow makes the milk, milk becomes cheese. THANK YOU EARTHWORMS!!

  152. Cheeesssaaa! you are a beaut!

  153. We fit together just like cheese on bread !

  154. Let’s try to produce some Babybels

  155. cheddar, mozzarella or gouda …. babe you make my heart beat louder

  156. valentine is red and you are to me like cheese on bread

  157. the warmth of your love melts me like cheese under the grill

  158. I don’t need a job, you’re the only bread and butter I need to make my heart rich.

  159. bree or cheddar … i love no one better

  160. My heart softens when you warm up to me…

  161. Even bread deserves a bit of cheesy love.

  162. Cheese’s Crust… what do I have to do to win a trip to NYC??!!

  163. You have the big cheese, I want the big apple.

  164. You make me melt like cheese on a pizza!

  165. Hey honey, you got my heart on your slice!

  166. i wanna be the mouse that nibbles your cheese…

  167. a slice of my heart just melted for you!

  168. My love for you is like cheese on toast, DARN GOOD! 🙂

  169. Gouda tell you how much I love you? Brie my valentine?

  170. Your the best invention since sliced bread! Now that is so cheesy, it has to make your heart melt!

  171. can i be the mouse that nibbles your cheese?

  172. My heart says CHEESE when I think of you!

  173. Loved u once, love u still, always have, always will. From your “Love Rat”

  174. Do you want some ham with that cheese?

  175. Your love makes me feel all warn and cheesy inside.

  176. When I laid eyes on you, my heart was toast!

  177. Bachelor’s fare: Bread, cheese, and kisses

  178. Cheewiz you take my breath away.

  179. My Valentines Day should be simple, modern, adventurous and spirited just like a hearty cheese sandwich!

  180. American food scientist Ray Marsili measured the concentrations of chemical metabolites in Cheddar cheese by various chromatographic techniques during the ageing process in a bid to find out which metabolites were the best predictors of the glycolytic, lipolytic and proteolytic age of the cheese. Although he has evinced no desire to participate in the Valentine’s Cheesy Chirp competition, I have every reason to believe he would associate himself with my suspicion that the slice of cheese in your picture is as nutritionally dodgy as the piece of wholewhat bread upon which it rests. That said, if the cheese takes us to New York, I’ll eat it.

  181. You’re my big cheese, baby… So let me butter you up 😉

  182. the cheese is in the trap…..oops…….i mean trip…….and that is where i want to be!!!!

  183. Dont worry, I’m low fat and good for your heart 😉

  184. Some people believe Valentine’s Day had its roots in a Roman fertility festival known as Lupercalia, during which priests would walk through the streets and gently slap women with the hide of a sacrificial goat. Apparently the women welcomed this attention, believing it would make them more fertile in the coming year. In keeping with modern tradition, I am in the habit of gently slapping my love interest with a slice of Cheddar cheese. I have three excellent children.

  185. the cheese is in the trap…..oops…….i mean trip…….and that is where i want to be babe!!!!

  186. baby…you’re spreadable like incredible.

  187. baby…It’s okay, you can have your bread buttered on both sides, I’ve been approved by the heart foundation.

  188. My life without you would be incomplete,
    Like a pod without peas
    Or brown bead without cheese.


  190. Eat your heart out!

  191. for bread and butter I would utter.. For that extra bit of cheese, i would say ‘Yes thank you!’ Pleeeease!!!

  192. Bread is without cheese is plain
    bread with cheese is Devine
    But New York is sublime
    And thats my aim

  193. A Cheese, Butter and a Crust walked into a Valentines’ date!

  194. Cheeese man!!! look like your in love? show me your loaf and i’ll even butter it for you!


  196. I’ve lost my phone number, please can I have yours?? This isn’t nearly as cheesy as the snack though!

  197. We are so good together – like bread and cheese!

  198. Kissing you is as soft and smooth as eating melted cheese sandwich…

  199. Put your cheesy hearts on brown or white and please don’t show them again in flight because we are the mighty mice for who Travelstart just might be nice. So bury the traps and we will hold our caps for us to be happy chaps!

  200. you make me smile!

  201. Sitting on a slice of Doha the big cheese to the little cheese “love is … the big apple and cheese go together like a cake in the mouth”

  202. You have stolen my heart, so without you I am just dry toast.

  203. You’re like a piece of cheese, everybody wants to take a bite.

  204. Ek dink jy’s kaas…

  205. Genetically bread to love.

  206. Spread yourself all over me babe!

  207. We go together like oh-la-la!!

  208. enough with the cheesey lines, a toast to you baby: you a slice above the rest, so put me to the test and I will prove to you I wont melt like the rest.

  209. Contrary to popular belief, “love” is not about flowers, desire, raw emotion or expressions of undying fidelity. It’s a biological imperative driven by the constituent parts of our most important organ (no, not that one). For proof, check out this link:

  210. I see a big apple there somewhere.

  211. You make my mouth drizzle and sizzle with love.

  212. You melt my heart on your hot buttered toast!

  213. This trip, CHEESE mine 🙂

  214. Did you fall from heaven? Cause you’ve been running through my bread all day…

  215. A love to endure
    You put my heart at ease
    To keep my love secure
    I’ll protect you with my cheese

  216. “I want to grow mould with you”

  217. “…and she would have married Mr Gouda as well, had they not made that toast at the wedding…”

  218. we go together like bread and cheese

  219. BEAT POETRY 101

    Love and cheese
    New York City
    Hold the pickle

  220. “I like how slim you are, unlike my ex with his huge buns. Arg, that really ‘grated’ me!”

  221. Have a heart…let’s fly to NY!

  222. A toast! – to melting hearts.

    • HAhahahahha! Bugger, that comment is beats my scrambled eggs on toast.

  223. Cheese – The lowest form of wheat

  224. Life is like a snack. Just cheese it and enjoy it.

  225. Who needs a cheesy florist when you’ve got flour…

  226. This competition requires a WHOLE lot of cheezy WHEAT

  227. Perfect for then you not feeling BLUE

  228. Want some cheese with that heart sandwich you hunky ball of love !!!

  229. like cheese on bread, i got you in my head.
    cheese is tasty and nice, my love for you is in my eyes.
    like cheese is to please, then i love you with ease.
    cheese on a sarmie, omlette or pasta is yummy, i know i love you …. coz i feel it in my tummy

  230. One bite on Chucky Cheese is all i need yum

  231. So the the way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach!!

  232. Cheese on Travelstart goes hand in hand

  233. I miss you, my day is like pollen without the sneeze, toast without the cheeze.

  234. Funny thing is I actually did this last week 😛

  235. You melt my heart

  236. Start spreadin’ the cheese,
    I’m leavin’ today,
    New York New York!

  237. Cheese N Crumbs Any Plans 2Nite Hun!!!!

  238. We go together like cheese on toast…

  239. My bread beats cheese 4 u 😉

  240. Start spreading the news -cheese style-we are leaving today New York New York…forget the big apple, cheese is the word. it dont matter if you say gouda and i say gauda, as long as we cheese around

  241. I want that ‘cheesy’ experience – from the bottom my heart!


  243. Ebony and Ivory is so last decade -you can be the cheese on my bread anytime!!

  244. Oh cheese!!You stopped my heart! I need bread to mouth, quick!

  245. Cheeses are yellow
    Bread can be brown
    When you are around
    I never frown!

  246. My heart is the cheese
    Your soul is the bread
    Let’s get together
    And make a sandwich!

  247. My Heart is all a cheddar lying on your brown breader.

  248. What would cheeses do?

  249. Cheese got the whole world, in cheese hands, cheese got the whole world, in cheese hands…

  250. Who moved my cheese?

  251. You’re like good aged cheese – a lot of CHARACTER!

  252. cheese on a slice of bread’s greatest gift is it’s ability to make everything it touches sacred!!!!

  253. a piece of cheese on brown bread are kisses blown to us by angels!!!!

  254. These pretzels are making me thirsty…

  255. If you were a facebook status… I’d “like” you.

  256. Sweetmilk and Central Park
    I think you took a little piece of my heart
    Bring it back by and by
    And to New York City we will fly

  257. An Ode to Cheese:
    The way you ‘brie’the (breathe), the mould you gruyere (grow ‘ere);
    With just one slice you stilton (still turn) me on;
    Oh, you halloumi (allure me) with that squeakiness, you gouda (gotta) piece of my loaf forever.
    Love Bread

  258. You are for me as the cheese is to toast … the perfect complement!

  259. Babe, you complete me like cheese completes bread. Mwah!

  260. my life was dry and tasteless until you came
    bringing love, flavor and sweetness

  261. 1.Cheese is the way to my heart.
    2.My hart klop kaas ver jou
    3.Cheese and bread and my heart is yours
    4.A cheezy kind of love.

  262. Cheese Please

  263. Your love melts my heart like cheese on a hot slice! So very nice…

  264. Heart-shaped cheese… because why? I love you!

  265. Met kaas ja, met kaas.

  266. Cupids heart is, Oh! so deliciously CHEESY

  267. The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!

  268. I’d walk the ‘bread’th of the kitchen for you <3

  269. “Your plate or mine…?”

    • “Your plate or mine…?”
      “Er…mine. Yours is a lil crusty”

  270. Love is … they way your cheesy heart lifts my dry bread.

    • LOL That’s a good one!

  271. I’m cheesy, you’re cheesy….Let’s get toasty!!


  273. For you, I’d eat Caso Marzu…

  274. Let’s make like Limburger and start stinking outside the box…

  275. You Gouda my head, I’m really fondue you!

  276. My life would be dry without some cheeeesy tasty lurve…

  277. My life would be dry without your cheeeesy tasty lurve…

  278. The principal constituents of cheese are casein, fat and water. It also contains salts, and occasionally bacteria and moulds.
    The principal constituent of love is a dense spread of receptors for a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which lights up the brain’s caudate nucleus and prompts the victim to lie about his ex-girlfriend. This dissonance is easily resolved by travelling to New York and sharing a cheese sandwich, at which point all things become possible.

  279. you may think this is cheesy.. but baby to me you are the cheese on my bread.

  280. Cheese baby you’re bread’thtaking!

  281. but’ter heart, cheese mine

  282. “We’ll be inseparable after you experience my l’oven..”

  283. Cheese I choose for getting cheesy with you

  284. without your sweet milk cheezy lovin’ my life would be a dry piece of bread 😡

  285. You’re melting my heart…

  286. Melt your cheesy Valentine’s heart with just a slice of pure love!!

  287. Travelstarts prices will make you melt like butter on hot toast!

  288. There is no instinct like that of the mutual melting heart!!!!

  289. “..not to mention how much I love holding hands with you..I just want to feel your Palmalat. Happy Valentines, and thank you so much for your flour xoxo”

  290. Kickstart your cheesy love life with a speedy flight key to a passionate doughy destination!!

  291. Are you trying to butter me up?

  292. You put the Love in Clover.

  293. Spread the love!

  294. Say cheese!

  295. They say that quality is worth waiting for. I had to search for whole wheats till I found you!

  296. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!!!

  297. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, it looks so much better on my healthy brown bread.

  298. I don’t only spread the love, I also spread the cheese.

  299. I just love cheesy bread

  300. There was once a dry piece of bread
    Which to my sweetheart I fed
    I added some cheese and butter
    Which set his heart aflutter
    And, I love you my darling, he said

  301. A slice of your cheese for a slice of my heart?

  302. Crumbs! I lost my heart and you found it! I loaf you my Valentine!

  303. A slice a day will make my true love stay.

  304. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so passé…

  305. You are the cheese on my sarmie

  306. ‘ Baby, You are the Mmmmm… my toasted cheese ‘

  307. The word “love” is an anagram of vole, a small rodent that produces up to 10 litters a year and achieves sexual maturity within a month. Man, a large biped that rarely achieves sexual maturity, is an anagram of the Sanskrit word “nam”, which means “to devote oneself”. The anagram of “cheese” is “cheese”, a product that matures with nary a hint of risqué behaviour. In this instance, the statement, “I vole your cheese, nam”, makes perfect sense.

  308. dont spread me, spread the cheese

  309. dont feel the love, taste the love

  310. Waiter: “your order please
    Me: “a double portion of cheese love sandwhich to go please, i have a flight to catch”

  311. “I want to deflour your Melrose”

  312. You love saturates me with such intense warm,I’m nothing without you!! Lots of love…from Bread

  313. “What a cheesy way to go!!!!!”

  314. you and i fit together like cheese n bread 🙂

  315. I love cheese, I love bread, but I’d prefer to have you instead.

  316. Let’s spread the love…

  317. My world was plain and dull much like brown bread,
    But I met you one day, and love began to spread…

    You brought colour and flavour into my life,
    And your heart soft as butter, removed all my strife.

    Our love shaped itself into something fantastic,
    Now we are together, delicious and romantic!

  318. “Beauty and the Yeast”

  319. You are the bread of life to my heart.

  320. Yum, what a hearty meal!

  321. “I’d love to go to dinner with you some time, that would really be quite a treat!”

  322. Eat your heart out!

  323. I melt when you look at me …

  324. Hallo my sweet little Melrose…You sommer cheddamelt my heart! Would you laaik to gouda to New York with me?

  325. You are the cheese in my schnitzel. I wanna melt in your arms.

  326. Cheese me up, Scotty.

  327. Cheese me up, Skattie.

  328. “Where did a handsome piece of toast like you learn such good table manners if you were self-raised?”

  329. This is bread is on Rye’r! You definitely put the ‘heat’ in wheat!

    • “This bread is on Rye’r! You definitely put the ‘heat’ in wheat!”

  330. Why don’t me and you both take a bite from this, and we might just say cheeeeese in New York!

  331. Flour, yeast, water and wheat,
    I cannot compare to your stunning treat!

    Curds of milk and a touch of soft butter,
    Together we’re perfect – our hearts in a flutter…

  332. <3 Bread bull gives you flings <3

  333. “butter… will you melt my toast? Be my valentine

  334. Dear Dairy

    I know I’m known as the flour child of the 60s
    But reckon it’s ok to wear our heart on our sleeve, butter some one up and find that specialy peson to Nestle against.

    Your loving pal, Bridgette Jones xoxox

  335. Coming to you straight from the heart
    With so much love from Travelstart
    I hear champers going off as they pop the cork
    And I’m flying with Etihad Airways…. straight to New York!

  336. It’s true fols, Travelstart have aheart of pure gold!
    Want us to play and forget aboutwork – just for a while
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  337. RESCIND: Sorry, just noted all the typos and now doing this the second time right!

    It’s true folks, Travelstart have a heart of pure gold!
    Want us to play and forget about work – just for a while
    That’s what I’ve been told
    Fly away with Etihad Airways, walk the streets of New York
    Ditch all your worries and the things that irk
    Take to the skies and jon the jet setter’s fold!

  338. This cabaret trio weren’t singing the blues
    They were far too busy spreading good news
    About going to a city that knows no sleep
    And the memories that they’d always keep!

  339. Service excellence and the cheapest flights
    Travelstart continuously proves its all heart
    Taking flying and travel to soaring new heights
    Win a trip to New York, this company’s a stalwart!

  340. Talk about a ‘soft touch’!

  341. The good boss not only provided employees with a means to earn their bread and butter, but threw in a big chunk of cheese for good measure!

  342. The threesome were extremely embarrassed to be caught on camera in such a compromising situation!

  343. Talk about landing with one’s bum in the butter!

  344. A slice of heaven for two star-struck dairy products…..

  345. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day… Eat your heart out!

  346. You are like a block of cheese . So many holes filled with love and happiness . ( this is an actual quote my boyfriend was said to me : ( )

  347. Cheese and Bread………Enough said.
    Don’t butter me up my sweet heart <3 <3 <3

  348. Dearest Clover,

    I realised how much I ‘knead’ you
    when we were riding in the car,
    sitting side-by-side in the boot
    and waving goodbye to Spar.

    At first you didn’t like me back
    thought I was arrogant upper crust,
    but soon we became the best of snacks
    spending each meal together, what a plus!

    You’re so very ch’easy going
    and have a honey sense of humour,
    you really make my dough’pamine levels
    grow faster than a rumour!

    I know that this is not a micro wave
    of happiness that I feel,
    cause you’re still the only one I fave
    with each new slice and peel.

    I don’t need ham or feta
    or even cutlery,
    we were match-made for the better
    in heaven’s bakery.

    I’m so glad that we now share our dish
    and I hope I get to fulfil my wish,
    to get to know your secret desires
    before our “best Before” date expires!

    I hope our creator decides to ‘chew’s us forever,
    Love Sasko Sam

  349. New York, New York, oh how I’d love to go
    But can’t because I don’t have the dough
    But Travelstart and Etihad Airways, please, please
    Send me there and let me feel like the Big Cheese!

  350. Who needs a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day!

  351. We can survive on love alone Darling (and some bread and cheese).

  352. The only thing missing is the Big Apple.

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