Valet Baggage

I was working a flight to I don’t even remember where anymore.  We were almost done with the boarding process, which is usually the hardest part of the whole flight, the PA goes off and this announcement was made:

“Will the passenger who just dropped this green baggage here at the boarding door please come back up and grab your baggage?”

Laughter sounded the cabin…ok…maybe I was the only one laughing.  What? It was funny to me at the moment, only the part that I heard which was “grab your baggage”.  you know…baggage…extra baggage…you know what…nevermind…

Anyways, so the guy gets up and walks to the front of the plane to get his baggage.  While walking back to his seat and putting his bag in the overhead bins, he kept mumbling and complaining about why he had to bring his own bags on the airplane.  I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face, wondering what on earth he was talking about.  Because as far as I knew, everyone has to bring their own luggage on the plane.

He looked at me while I was trying to find space for his bags.  Then he asked me, ”You guys don’t have valet baggage service?”  At this point, I thought the guy was either joking or he was crazy.  I answered no and apologized for not offering this “service”.

I know what valet is, and the only valet I know of is for cars.  So I ran to the other flight attendants and said, “What in the world is valet baggage?”

To my surprise, they said that alot of the connection carriers have valet baggage service!  Connection carriers are the smaller airplanes that goes to smaller cities.  The plane might only carry up to 50 or less people.  Since its so small and they don’t have that many passengers, they are able to offer this valet baggage service where the passengers can just drop their bags at the door.  The ramp workers will continuously come up and transport the bags to the cargo area.

I never knew there was such a thing, so I learned something new!  I think that’s actually a Great Idea!  We won’t be having all this luggage issues that we do now, and it’ll be a great service to the customer too!  I understand though that it can get confusing if implemented on our planes which carry so many passengers on one flight.  Although,  it might be worth implementing if it brings in additional revenue.  I don’t know, you pay to have your cars valet parked, would you pay to have your bags valet as well?

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