Visas for Virgins!

Virgin Atlantic has announced that is coming to the rescue, saving South African passport holders the extra expense of applying for a British Visitor Visa. Virgin has declared that they will fund SA travellers’ UK visa costs.

Great! Someone has finally seen sense to counteract this very unfair, extremely unpopular & expensive introduction by the British Government.

However, in reality the procedure to qualify for a free UK visa is rather complex. I will attempt to outline the rules as follows;

1. Buy a ticket to London on Virgin Atlantic before 30th September 2009 & travel between 23rd September & 30th November 2009. The ticket must be issued at least 60-days before travel.

2. Apply for a regular 6-month stay UK visa in the normal manner within 30-days of buying your 1st ticket & pay the visa cost (regular visa costs R938 per person). Once the UK visa has been granted a copy of the visa, or visa number, must be sent to Virgin.

3. Once you have travelled on the 1st ticket, you will be required to purchase a 2nd ticket before 30th September 2009. Travel on the 2nd ticket must be between 1st October 2009 & 30th November 2010. This 2nd ticket must be in the same name as the 1st ticket.

Bear with me the refund for the visa is coming…

4. All travel on the 2nd ticket must be completed within a year from the date the 1st ticket was issued.

5. Once authorised by Virgin Atlantic, the 2nd ticket price will be discounted by R938 (the original cost of the visa).

6. Travel for both tickets must be in the same class of travel, i.e. Economy & Economy or Upper Class & Upper Class.

7. Economy tickets only permit a free 6-month stay UK visa.

8. Both tickets will only be valid on Virgin Atlantic for the same traveller.

9. Your 1st ticket may be refunded in full if your UK visa application is unsuccessful (proof required) within 30-days of the ticket purchase.

If you have any questions in relation to this or any other matter, please give us a call on 0861 878 278, or chat to us online, or pop us an email.

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