Walt Disney World – truly a world of change

There´s always something going on at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL. Each year has it own new attractions, characters and venues and next year is no different. Among other things in 2008 the Disney-MGM Studios will be re-named Disney´s Hollywood Studios. According to the Walt Disney World Resort President Meg Crofton the new name represent the entire entertainment that today´s Hollywood has to offer in music, TV, movies and theater.

Some of the new attractions to check out are:

Toy Story Mania: There will be a new Toy Story competition inspi.jpgred by the films. Once you´re past the queuing area you´ll recieve 3-D glasses and then you set off in a fanciful vehicle and enter a world of exiting games. The hosts are of course Toy Story characters, including Woody, Hamm and Rex. This attraction will be launced in Summer 2008.

Block Party Basch: In Spring 2008 Disney-Pixar Film present ”Block Party Bash” and you are invited to rock out to retro tunes and join the fun. More than 20 Disney-Pixar Film Pals will fill up the theme park streets and it might be the wildest, most interactive parade in Disney history.

Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage: The popular Playhouse Disney Stage will be filled with a new cast of friends from February 2008. Children will have a blast while they sing, clap and dance to performing stars from example ”Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and ”Little Einsteins”.

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Photo: fishyflix

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