Wegraakbosch Dairy in Magoebaskloof – go taste the cheese!

Magoebaskloof and some of the surrounding areas aren’t appropriate for any kind of farming because it is so wet and misty.  There are avocado, kiwi, flowers and trees and then you will also find the cheese farm, Wegraakbosch

After the owners of Wegraakbosch spend some time in the Alps, they discovered the secrets of making Swiss cheese (they also produce farm butter, yoghurt – and of course it is organic)! On the farm Wegraakbosch they make cheese in the traditional way of the Swiss cheese makers. Now you may ask, “what makes Swiss cheese different from other cheeses?" The only true Swiss cheese is made by man – and not by machine.

The process begins by mixing fresh, unprocessed morning milk with milk that has been left overnight. The mixture is stirred in a copper vat or urn and is then gently heated over an open wood fire. Micro-bacteria and enzymes are added. A wire-stringed tool called a ‘Swiss Harp’ is used to gently stir up the curds. The curds, having reached the desired temperature, are lifted by slippi.jpgng a large pi.jpgece of cheese-cloth under the clotted mass of sliced and agitated curds and pulling the corners together to form a sack. The drippi.jpgng curds are then lifted from the whey and placed into circular wooden formers. Steady pressure is applied.  Once they have extracted the moisture the cheeses are immersed into a brine bath where the last of the whey inside the cheese is replaced by the brine solution.

My first visit to Wegraakbosch Dairy, to see how cheese is made – and to taste the cheese with a glass of wine, was an experience never to be forgotten!

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  1. hi, actually looking to show my kids how cows are milked & then packaged.appreciate if you could help with details

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