Why we still love to fly

Online services

As airline workers become increasingly ineffectual at answering simple questions or supplying adequate information, Web technologies have happi.jpgly stepped into the breach, proving accurate and timely information. And of course this is something that we love at Travelstart.

Planes are safer than ever

New technology keeps planes from slamming into each other and advanced warning systems alert pi.jpglots when they´re about to fly into things. Together with enhanced pi.jpglot training this have all made a dramatic difference in air safety.

Less Turbulence

Today aircrafts can fly higher than before and high-altitude means less turbulence. The industry´s two new gigants (the airbus A380 and the boeing 787 Dreamliner) are both designed to minimize tubulence or avoid it altogether.

Seatback Entertainment Systems

Now a days all the major carriers have installed entertainment systems throughout their planes, providing TV shows, news, movies, music and games to soothe and amuse captive guests.

No more Saturday-night stopovers

In the past travelers who didn´t want to pay a hole lot extra for an air ticket had to stay away from home for a Saturday night. Today getting home earlier is just not a privilege for business travelers.

More non-stop flights

The last decades it been hard to find direct flights for some destinations. In recent years, the emergence of small regional airlines that serve limited markets has increased the number of direct nonstop flights.

Miles, miles and miles

We love our free flights and upgrades. Airlines have begun to reduce the miles you need for award tickets. We do know that miles aren´t as free of strings as the airlines pretend but we still love that feeling of getting something for nothing.

Airport check-in kiosks

Electronic check-in kiosks allow you, with a single swipe of your credit card, to pass the ticket counter and check yourself in for a flight. For exampel you can change your seat, register for standby flights on an earlier flight and get a boarding pass.

No more food

Think about it for a sec. We bitch and moan about the lack of meals on planes, but do we really miss that part. I don´t. Pack a couple of healty snack bars and remember there´s  a reason why the captain and co-pi.jpglot are not permitted to eat the same entrée when flying.

It´s still the fastest way

Sure, the scenic route is wonderful and we love leisurely cruises and long journeys but when we really have to go somewhere quick, flying isn´t just the ideal way to go – it´s the only way to go.

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