A Few Eiffel Tower Replicas from Around the World

You might have thought that the only Eiffel Tower in world was to be found in Paris, France. Yet, that would be very wrong. The original tower which stands at 324 meters, built by Gustave Eiffel, is the original, yes. However, there are several Eiffel Tower replicas situated around the world. This came as quite a surprise to me I must say. I always believed the only other place in the world you would find an Eiffel Tower is in Las Vegas. But imitation is always fun and the human race might never stop trying to recreate a great idea.

Here are a few (of many) places where you can find the mighty Eiffel Tower:

Paris, Tennessee

Here it was originally built on the beautiful lawns of the Christian Brothers University. Yet, it was later taken down because students were climbing on it, which posed a potential safety hazard.

Shenzhen, China

This structure was erected purely as part of the fun and fantasy of the Chinese theme part called:  “Window of the World.”

Paris, Texas 

This one was originally built to compete with the one in Paris, Tennessee. The Texans later added the cowboy hat as a symbol of their pride.

Parizh, Russia

Here the tower serves mainly as a cellular tower and has very few tourists visiting.

Filiatra, Greece

This Eiffel was built by a local artist and now serves as an entrance to the village of Filiatra.

Slobozia, Romania

Apparently this Eiffel was also built as part of a theme park/resort set-up. The town allegedly also has a lot of building which look identical to those seen in the TV series, Dallas.

Images via Flickr and WikCommons

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