Happy New Year Love Travelstart!

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Welcome to 2014… that was quick! As always the free January wallpaper is available for download. Designed with your favourite device in mind, January’s free background features a mob of Meerkats.

Like the Meerkat, we’re a family oriented bunch at Travelstart lead by our patriarch and CEO Stephan Ekbergh. A journalist recently asked Stephan a few questions about how he plans to approach 2014 and continue to WOW customers.

Wallpaper and background downloads available after Stephan’s wise words.

What will the challenges be in 2014?

We believe the next frontier will be mobile. We invest quite a bit in that, but we have no idea on what the future holds other than that the focus on a good mobile experience will become even more significant.

Other local challenges will be to continue fighting dodgy “price beating schemes”, that don’t benefit the customer or the industry.

We also need more local competition on the air side. As it is now the airlines are making too much money and customers are paying too much for their airfares.

For Travelstart we expect to see lots more professional online competition. If I think this is good or bad? Personally I’d like to see all competition go for ever, but that’s of course not how it works…

What are the positives in the travel industry as we head into 2014?

Hopefully newcomer airlines will get off the ground and a stronger Rand would be great.

In which areas do you expect to see the most change / growth and why?

I believe the days of travelportals are over – focus is key and booking.com has proven this.

I believe the same goes for conglomerates in travel. Focus is key. If you’re a tour operator you should probably stick to that. If you’re a hotelier you should probably stick to that and not try to be a tour operator. If you’re an airline you should probably stick to flying and selling those seats not trying to build credit cards, clubs, etc.

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