Luxurious Glamping in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert

When you think of a desert you would usually imagine the likes of the golden sand dunes found in Morocco or Namibia. Today, we share with you a different, rather unique desert experience. In this post, we highlight the Wadi Rum Desert (stretching 74,000 hectares into the south of Jordan) and probably the most unique and luxurious way you can experience it.

Keep on reading to learn which of Wadi Rum’s luxurious bubble tents have made it to our top five list. 

About Wadi Rum

Also known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’, Wadi Rum’s protected area is comprised of extraordinary ochre landscapes – impressive rock formations jutting up in every direction, giving its vast, open plains a spectacular other-worldly look. You won’t find a desert quite like this anywhere else in the world. 

Its 720 square kilometres are filled with beautiful, red sand dunes, narrow gorges, sandstone arches, towering red canyons and caverns. You will also find inscriptions, rock paintings and archaeological remains that have been left behind by its previous inhabitants. It is for this reason that in 2011, it was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan | Image by Chantelle Flores |

With this abundance of natural beauty surrounding you, you are sure to take a slower approach to life, especially when it’s at its most impressive – when the sun descends into a magical, fiery sunset and the moon rises as half-wild camels meet the shooting stars at the horizon.

Top five bubble tent experiences in the Wadi Rum Desert

Imagine a starry night with your loved one in the middle of a desert. Instead of camping out in the open you can opt for a “Full of Stars” luxury pod, with a skylight allowing you to marvel at the galaxy from the comfort of a king-size bed. 

These glamping tents are marketed as ‘martian domes’, aiming to create an off-planet experience amid a vast, barren desert. 

With so many of these options available, choosing where to stay to make the most of your experience can prove to be a difficult task. It’s hard to replicate experiences such as these anywhere else in the world.

We have selected the top five most luxurious bubble tents you can find in the Wadi Rum Desert. Each of these is highly rated by guests who have had the most incredible experiences. 

Keep in mind though, that you are still in a desert environment, so don’t go expecting a five-star hotel experience, just an upgraded luxurious camp that will offer you a home away from home amidst picturesque nature.

1. Sun City Camp

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Sun City Camp | Jordan

Sun City Camp has been famed as being one of the best camps in Wadi Rum. They are also the first camp to offer transparent domes in the whole area. 

There are 20 unique signature ‘martian domes’ that you can choose from, each having a room size of 50m². The rooms are extremely modern with a transparent panel in front of the room so you can admire the scenery while you laze about in bed. 

Not only do the rooms come with a king-size bed, but you also have your own en-suite bathroom, a wardrobe, chairs, and a table. Tea and coffee are also available in your room.

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Sun City Camp | Jordan

The camp is well equipped with excellent amenities, making you feel as comfortable as possible. You can also expect warm hospitality and excellent service from friendly and helpful staff. They will guide you along on booking the best activities where you can fully grasp the diversity and beauty of this desert. And with absolutely no cell phone reception here, you will quite appreciate that the camp also has complimentary WI-FI access.

The dining area is pretty special as well. An à la carte menu, as well as buffet-style spread, is available, offering a wide selection of meals. 

An array of activities can be enjoyed on-site or in the surroundings, including horseback riding, hiking, jeep tours and hot air balloon rides.

2. Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel | Jordan

If you have never experienced glamping before, a few nights in the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel would be the ultimate experience. Reserve a Bubble Suite King and step into a world of luxury, with an extensive living space inside and out, and unsurpassed panoramic mountain views. 

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel | Jordan

Each dome tent offers an incredible degree of privacy with your neighbours situated far enough away from you. Each dome is equipped with your own bedroom, a private bathroom with all necessities as well as a terrace. Some even have a jacuzzi on deck!

It is the ideal setting for an unforgettable stay in the heart of the Wadi Rum protected area. 

What’s more, the incredible sunrises and late-night stargazing can best be viewed here from the comfort of your own bed, thanks to the dome’s unobstructed clear ceiling. 

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel | Jordan

To fully enhance your desert holiday, book a stargazing experience to discover the real magic of the night skies. You can explore the stars up close with the use of portable telescopes. Astronomers will be on hand to talk you through your experience and help you to spot numerous celestial objects. 

3. Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

If you’re looking to spend a night in a luxury tent that is fit for Bedouin royalty, then you should definitely consider a night or two at the Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

The decor is charming and boasts colourful antique furniture throughout. Lush fabrics draped from the ceiling, together with hanging ornate light fixtures speak of romance. Every single detail here has been accounted for.

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp, Jordan

Each room is 60m² making it feel incredibly spacious with panoramic mountain views. Along with a comfortable bed, you can expect to find an additional sofa, executive lounge access as well as a sun terrace. You’ll also enjoy your own private bathroom with a shower that is equipped with plenty of toiletries.

For dinner, head to the Igloos Restaurant on the premises. They serve delicious meals, abundant in variety. The following morning you can enjoy a continental or buffet breakfast.

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp, Jordan

The staff here are also very enjoyable, sharing stories about their traditional Bedouin upbringing and lifestyles in the desert. You can expect them to go the extra mile, and always be ready to help make your stay unforgettable. 

Additional experiences are on offer, such as jeep desert tours and stargazing in these surreal settings. 

4. Hasan Zawaideh Camp

You will just love the hosts at Hasan Zawaideh Camp. They are super friendly, and from the moment you arrive, you’ll feel right at home. 

Each ‘martian tent’ is decorated to a very high standard, ultra-modern (by desert standards) and features a king-size bed, bedside cabinets and comfortable seating arrangements. All the pods are air-conditioned, excellent for those scorching summer months, and during winter you will find plenty of blankets to keep you warm.

The private outdoor decking area is fantastic for relaxing after a day of exploring. 

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Hasan Zawaideh Camp, Jordan

Evenings here bring about thousands of shimmering stars. Once this happens you can enjoy a communal dinner around the campfire, and get to mingle with other travellers. 

These dinners are prepared in a traditional Bedouin styled way. Watch your food ascend from a charcoal-filled pit dug into the ground. Hours before, the food is placed onto a metal dish stacking system and left to slow cook for a few hours. We all know how delicious slow-cooked food tastes. And when your belly is full, you can enjoy local music and embrace stories of the local Bedouin community.

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Hasan Zawaideh Camp, Jordan

5. Zeina Desert Lodge

If you love “new” then spend a night at Zeina Desert Lodge. Despite it being newly built, the many guests who have already visited here, have had a marvellous time. These gorgeous suites are spacious, giving you lots of space to lounge around tranquil surroundings in the Wadi Rum Desert.  

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Zeina Desert Lodge, Jordan

Not only is the accommodation wonderful with a comfortable bed, air conditioning and a private hot tub, but your private terrace is also pretty fantastic. It makes for an amazing spot to admire the sunset when Wadi Rum becomes its best version of itself, basked in golden hues of orange and red. 

In the mornings you can enjoy a buffet breakfast before heading out to the desert for some exploring. If you’d prefer to laze around your deck, room service is also available.

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Zeina Desert Lodge, Jordan

Getting there

The best way to get to Wadi Rum is by renting a car. It is a four-hour drive from Amman and only a two-hour drive from Petra. You will arrive at the Wadi Rum Visitors Centre where you need to pay for the park entrance. Consider purchasing the Jordan pass. Not only will it give you free entrance into Petra and many other sites but you’ll also benefit from a free entry here. 

Wadi Rum | Image by Chantelle Flores |

Driving is not allowed inside the park, so you will have an option to either leave your car at this point or continue six kilometres to the Wadi Rum Village. All these hotels listed here offer a complimentary jeep pick-up from this point. Be sure to inform them of your estimated arrival. This will reduce your waiting time and your hosts can best plan for your arrival. 

Best time to visit

A visit to the Wadi Rum Desert, any time of the year, is pretty special. But if you struggle with heat, then avoid visiting during the summer months. Since it is a desert, June and July get incredibly hot with temperatures averaging 36°C. Despite the heat, nights are almost exclusively cool and pleasant.

Spring and autumn bring about more pleasant weather during March and June where temperatures average 20 to 29 degrees Celsius. 

It is worth noting that there are no credit card facilities throughout the Wadi Rum protected area, so it is advisable for you to take enough cash with you.

Book your flights to Jordan and fall in love with the splendour of the incredible Wadi Rum Desert.

Wadi Rum's most luxurious bubble tents

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel | Jordan

Have you visited Wadi Rum before? Share your best experiences in the comments below!

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