Making a difference with Mango Airlines- the BFG of Book Collectors

Books educate, inspire the imagination, foster creativity and stimulate the brain, so in conjunction with the launch of The BFG movie based on the beloved Roald Dahl book you may fondly remember from childhood, Mango and partner brands have teamed up with Times Media Films, Penguin Random House and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust to launch an exciting and noble national book drive.

Mango Airlines Book Drive

A classic book that has sent millions of little ones to dreamland every night since its release in 1982, a book that has made children and adults across the globe fall in love with reading, it seems only fitting that the launch of Mangos’ book drive coincides with the release of the Steven Spielberg directed movie The BGF –short for The Big Friendly Giant.

How Can You Help Mango Do Good?

Beyond the important objective of promoting literacy in local communities, collected books will be given directly to hospitalised children by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust. Various Cinemas, Exclusive Books outlets and Mango check-in counters at South Africa’s main airports have become drop off sites for the public to donate any books that might be cluttering up you bookshelves, read once and then forgotten. Brand new our read and enjoyed time and again, all books are welcome and widely appreciated!

“Mango has always placed great emphasis on community engagement,” says Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout, “Whether or not someone has flown with us before, Mango is the airline for all the people and concomitant to that is our ongoing commitment to many projects that we drive.” He adds “We encourage everyone to drop off a book at any participating cinema around the country or when they travel to pop past our check-in counters and do your bit.”

Times Media Films, who distribute Amblin Entertainment titles in South Africa, have made screen time available for the initiative as well as engaged with Cineplexes to create collection points. “South Africans have always dug in and become involved,” says Times Media Films Independent Films Marketing Manager Christiana Kossioris, and says that she expects the public to be inspired by the campaign. “The Big Friendly Giant is not only a classic children’s tale but, Steven Spielberg’s translation onto the big screen is simply spectacular.” Kossioris expects the movie to be one of this year’s box office hits. “What better vehicle to showcase the partnership between Mango and Times Media Films to benefit the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust than one of the biggest movies of the season.”

The Big Friendly Giant opened in cinemas nationally on 1 July 2016 and book drop off points are currently available in all malls with participating cinemas and Exclusive Books outlets, so get involved like we plan to do and share a book you or your children loved with someone else.

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