Schiphol Airport Introduces Automatic Banner Dispenser

use the automatic banner machine and ditch the balloons

Photo by ewan traveler

I always feel like a bit of a cheapskate when I pick up my boyfriend at the airport arrival hall with nothing else but a kiss and a smile. Some people seem to go all out with entire welcoming committees including clusters of balloons, bouquets of flowers and handmade banners that state ‘Welcome Home’. Every time I watch those people with envy, wishing I had made more of an effort. This however might soon be a thing of the past as the Dutch airport,Schiphol has recently installed an automatic banner dispenser.

This automatic banner maker which is a product of the Amsterdam based company BannerXpress B.V allows you to create your own personalised ‘welcome home’ banner and it is very easy to use. First you decide whether you want a small (40 cm wide), medium (130 cm wide) or large (almost 3 m wide) banner. The height is 30 cm for all three sizes. Then you pick the background and theme after which you write whatever message you want for the person you’re meeting and greeting. Let your creativity run wild! Then you pay with a debit or credit card, and voila the banner is printed out on canvas. The prices for these start at €3.95 for the small one, €9.95 for the medium one and €14.95 for the large one.

‘We’re very pleased about putting up our banner dispenser at Schiphol. It’s a great location for a machine like this, where there are so many people reunited after long or short trips away’, says Thibaud Bruna, director and co-founder of BannerXpress. Otto Ambagtsheer, who is the Director of the Schiphol’s Business Area Consumers stated that ‘The banners by BannerXpress allow us to offer people who are coming to pick someone up with the chance to surprise them in a playful way. For now we only have this one dispenser in Arrival Hall 2, but we may add more at other locations if it proves popular’.

Hopefully, if it proves to be a success at Schiphol, this banner maker will be installed at many other airports around the world as well. I love this idea and at least it would keep me from ripping up any more sheets.

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