Tea Time Around the World

I’m sure most of us enjoy a good cup of tea every now and again. Now, see how the rest of the world takes their tea:


We all certainly know this one by now. Green tea is loved here because of its amazing health benefits. It is a great antioxidant and is rich in vitamins. It can also help to lower cholesterol. Most people drink theirs without sugar and definitely without milk.

South America

Try Yerba over a social chat with a local in South America. It is made from dried leaves of the Yerba plant. How is it made? It is dunked in really hot (not boiled) water. It has a very herbal taste, yet it contains a lot of caffeine. Some drink this tea as a somewhat healthier alternative to coffee. Well worth a try!


They love their bubble tea, which is now starting to gain popularity outside the country’s borders as well – especially in the U.S. It can be prepared two different ways: tea, fruit and milk mixed or as a smoothie blended with ice. Delicious!


When visiting China be sure to have some black tea. It is much stronger that other types and is enjoyed with light meals. Also make sure you stop by a tea house during your stay to take part in a traditional tea brewing ceremony.


Here you’ll find a lot of fruity teas, yet one of their favourites is Apple tea. Served black with a bit of sugar, the locals tend to indulgence in this tea whenever they get the chance. Locals are also happy to offer you a cuppa any chance they get!

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