Elbe River, Porcelain Collections & Good Prices in Dresden, Germany

Dresden is Europe’s best kept secret. With all the beautiful old buildings gathered along the Elbe River it’s picturesque as well as awe-inspiring. In 1945 the Frauenkirche was burnt down together with a big part of Dresden by vast carpet bombing raids. After meticulous restoration and years of hard work the Frauenkirche is once again the pride of Dresden.

Music concerts are held every Saturday night in the church with its powder blue paintings that take your breath away. The State Opera, the Residenzschloss and the Albertinum stand shoulder to shoulder on the Bruhlsche Terrasse with a beautiful view of the river and Dresden on the other side. Tourists and locals enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and sights from the “balcony of Europe” – especially with sunset when all the restaurants open their doors and all the street cafes are packed with thirsty passers-by.

Walk through the gates of the Zwinger building. One’s brain almost cannot contain such beauty. The spacious courtyard surrounded on all sides by galleries housing several museums and some of the finest art and porcelain collections in Europe. The entire complex is just mind-boggling.

Accommodation and meals are not too pricey (for a South African), as you can easily enjoy good food and stay. Although the locals are not fluent in English, they are very helpful when it comes to buying bus tickets, etc. Stay at least three days in this unique German city.

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