Now You Can Tweet @Travelstart With #DomesticDeals For Instant Flight Quotes

It’s a nauseating experience trawling multiple websites, signing up to ten different newsletters and fare alerts … or at worst, taking time out of your busy schedule to consult a travel agent just to find the cheapest ticket.

At the end of the day it shouldn’t take you 2 hours or more to book a flight which is only in the air for an hour or more.

Why do backflips for something which should be about as strenuous as hailing an Uber?

In our quest to put an end to the patchy and too often tedious process of finding a cheap flight we’ve reached to Twitter to help make travel search easier.

Now you can also Tweet us for cheap flights

How it works

Right, so you’re a keen Tweeter and you don’t feel like going to various websites to search for the latest flight prices to the likes of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Now imagine not having to do that; instead heading straight to your Twitter and simply tweeting us, “@Travelstart #DomesticDeals”.

Immediately you will receive a response from us, “@YourTwitterHandle thanks for your Tweet! This week we’ve got great deals on Mango flights departing until end Feb.”

It looks something like this …

Think of it as a little Blue Robot helping us behind the scenes. Our robot, let’s call him “Larry”, automatically passes a link containing the cheapest deal we can find for you. You click on the link and go straight from Twitter to Travelstart where you can check prices and book.

It’s basically flight quotes on demand.

And if you’re not already tweeting, more than ever this is a good reason to sign up and follow us for the best travel deals on the web!

Try it now!

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