15 Maps Of Cape Town That Will Help You Make Sense Of The Mother City

1. Cape Town City Centre according to the locals

Locals view of Cape Town neighbourhoods

2. Beer Crafting Communities – Go forth and consume

Cape Town Craft Beer Map

3. Cellphone Signal Interruption/Infuriation Intensity – for when the mountain gets in the way of a good conversation

Cellphone Coverage

Source: opensignal.com

4. South Easter Walloping Indicator

Cape Doctor

5. Foghorn Intensity Index

Atlantic Seaboard Foghorn

6. MyCiti Routes

MyCiti Bus Route Map

Source: myciti.org.za

7. Cape Town Underground – the Mother City re-imagined in a tube map

Cape Town Tube Map

8. Popular cycling routes

Cape Town Bicycle Route Map

 9. Popular running routes

Cape Town Jogging Route Map

10. Where in Cape Town you can feed your internet & caffeine addictions simultaneously?

Source: capetownfreewifi.co.za

11. For City Bowl dwellers it’s all about the hood

Views of Cape Town

Source: irideafrica.com

12. The train-spotters guide to peninsula tourism

Cape Metrorail Rail Tourism Map

Source: capemetrorail.co.za

13. Capetonians cook with wine, sometimes they even add it to the food

Western Cape Wine Routes Map

14. In its many markets scattered throughout the city and beyond, Cape Town ensures a healthy mix of everything organic and artsy

Cape Town Market Location Map

15. And finally … a map of South Africa according to how Capetonians see it. Is this true?

Map of South Africa according to Capetonians

Our Readers Comments

  1. Yay I have been assigned a nice place between tourists and China Town. Funny that a cycle route goes around the border perfectly

  2. Cape Town is surely one of the places i will visit before i say bye bye to Planet Earth

  3. Cape Town – The Cape of Good Coast

  4. How about a map showing the different curtains. The boerewors curtain, the bokkom curtain, the lentil curtain?

    • Hi Sherri,

      Thanks for the interesting comment! Yes that would have added some extra flavor to the blog 😀

  5. These a great and prove we (still) have a sense of humour. PLEASE do one for CT Southern ‘burbs and Peninsula!? 🙂

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for the great comment and suggestion! Will definitely keep that in mind 🙂

  6. Amazing how everything thing turns into a race argument/discussion. All Really sad for our country.

    Overall thought it was fun and great for tourists.

  7. Just happened across these maps, love them, most really helpful with one or two causing a good giggle. Of course there are many more which could be added but well done for attempting to help tourists (including locals) make sense of such a sprawling city.

  8. I like the fun perspective. Great.

  9. I think it is really great. well done.

  10. Hi TravelStart – where is the red bus routes?
    Certainly the City Sightseeing double-decker open top bus routes: Red City Tour and Blue Mini Peninsula Tour – should be included? Can we invite you to a tour on our buses to experience the best way to see Cape Town?
    Carmen Lerm
    National Brand Manager
    City Sightseeing South Africa

    • Very useful maps, thanks TravelStart! But I agree with Carmen, the Red Bus Route map should be number 1, in fact, for our company, it is number 1 in the world! It is a “must do”, always included tour for all our clients in their first two days in Cape Town.

      Patricia Segovia
      Argentina – Sudáfrica
      Africa Mía Safaris

  11. Notombo, all Darkies fall under Nigerians that is on the Seapoint Map.
    it says City, not Townships, please! Maybe it is inly for the ones paying tax and subsidising the townships….

  12. I think the intention of the map was great. It is sad to see some of these comments though. Just like how one of you suggested that maybe one should rather make a recommendation over pointing fingers…I think it would have been better to handle her that way too. I mean, calling each other names does what really? Low IQ? Throwing the government in there? How are you any different to that? We still have a mighty long way to go.

  13. It seems that a sense of humour is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.

  14. The cape..
    Where the sea is flat.
    where the moutain is flat.
    Where the cape is flat s.
    where the people ares plat…

  15. Very cool 🙂 at least we can laugh at ourselves .. well most us (Notombo needs some wine and action can someone provide her with a map there 🙂

  16. Hah….fun maps….but clearly this person is not much of a traveller. Barely reached the middle of The Peninsula, let alone the South and The Deep South!
    In the Deep South there are the Scarbarians and the Kom Skom…..and in the South what about “the ‘berg”? To say nothing of Fish Hoek, which is a story on its own!

  17. The last one is the best .. Haha.
    When I immigrated to CT 25 -odd years ago, everything east of the railway line was the wrong side of the track. There was also a wrong and a right side of Main Road going through the Atlantic Seaboard. These divisions are as offensive as one perceives them to be, and are certainly not unique to CT.

  18. Are you saying that there are no places in Cape Town where you can feed your internet & caffeine addictions simultaneously? 🙁 How disappointing – will just have to go to Durban then 😉

  19. As an ex-capetonian – Just oved it. So easy to explain the where how and what to someone who doesnt know the Western Cape at all. Great Fun as well!!! Well done….. anyone with a complaint – get up and be counted and do your own thing!!

  20. The Beer map needs Saggy Stone Brewery near Robertson!! Great maps though 🙂

  21. Regarding #13: I would agree that Joburgers see it this way too! 🙂 Ps. Actually, on the tube and metrorail maps, Gugs and Khayelitsha are included!

  22. Great fun and very creative… love it!

  23. If I come to CT agsin this is the map I’ll use.
    Ntombi shoul read what Linka said.

  24. There is no ‘wrong side of the track’ in Cape Town. Common! People come from all over the world come to kite surf in Blouberg.

    • If you think that its Blouberg highlighted as “the wrong side of the track” – you are way off.. BABES do you even go here? 😉

  25. Notombo – Why not just suggest it would be nice to have some of the township areas represented and leave it at that, and perhaps the author would take it under consideration, but Hell No!

    Let’s throw some colour into it, and insult and alienate people in the process. Much better approach I agree.

    I wait with baited breath for your contribution

  26. Love this! Very quirky.. Which is so capetonian. Sad to see people with no IQ make their distasteful remarks and blame race on everything… Oh wait, that’s how the government does things. Ntombo, maybe you should lala on the other side of those pretty mountains. Thanks Andrew for that stroke of genius comment – it’s Exactly the reason these maps are created, to educate those who want to build a township on the “wrong side of the track”

  27. Ntombo, I guess the whites took some though and did something creative. You must really try it…you know, a map for blackies by blackies oh yes and DO share this on FB then as the whiteys did all the sharing so far.

  28. Love this! Especially No 1! (the map, that is..)

  29. The title of the first map is: “Cape Town City Centre according to the locals”. It states the geographical area shown and that is that. If it was “Cape Town Northern Suburbs according to the locals” or “Cape Town East City Precinct according to the locals”there would be a different piece of land on the map and differently highlighted areas. Quite uncomplicated.

    The map steortypes the CBD. So instead of complaining about being excluded, consider how it feels to be stereotyped. Which ever way round one looks at a situation, problems will always be found if one looks hard enough to find them.

    Lighten up, its a beautiful day. Share the love.

  30. Love it, it’s humorous. As an ex Dutch tourguide I know the Dutch tourists will love it too.And to dear Notombo, done townships but when it comes to slaughtering animals in the open with blood and flies everywhere the Dutch just want to run and get back on the bus. Good thing I’m a butcher’s daughter.

  31. Love this, very creative, and witty. Would love to see the complainers submit what they would call the areas they are not happy with/ or would like to see on the map. Come up with something creative and witty, who knows you could draw visitors to the areas you would like to see added or renamed.

  32. Just come back from a couple of days in CT. This would have been so handy as a quick reference guide. Will keep it for when i retire to the Cape at some as yet undetermined point in the distant future…

  33. So your hood is not included? To those that say this is a white representation of Cape Town…have you been in town lately or live there? Its not about race, culture or religion, I have neighbours and friends of all races smack bang in the middle of the CBD. Let’s get over this skin colour thing, the only race we should see is the human race.

  34. I think this is AWESOME – thank you!

    To all of you complainers / those making it about race / class – stop complaining and make your own version. Surely the “author” here is entitled to write it from his point of view – if you do not like it, do your own version, or keep quite.

  35. I think this is AWESOME – thank you!

    To all of you complainers / those making it about race / class – stop complaining and make your own version. Surely the “author” here is entitled to write it from his point of view – if you do not like it, do your own version, or keep quite.

    • I agree. Following the trend in this internet age you cant do anything without offending someone. Actually I am offended by them taking offence. People really need to get over themselves. The offence you have taken is your problem.

  36. no need for guide just keep the map. these maps are really useful. thanks for the post.

  37. I like, I like, I like. Ignore all the Mother (and Father) Grundys and create more and more. Life-enhancing

  38. Wonderful!
    Except that I think the Jo-burg / Cape Town is marked incorrectly … Jo-buggers think they’re the ‘be all and end all’ of SA 😉

  39. True colours showing here! All of this is very much from English speaking upperclass white perspective. Black, coloured and Afrikaans non-existent. I.e. the majority of Cape people.

  40. Makes me realise just how small the Netherlands is!

  41. This is so nice! <3<3<3<3 I love travelstart

  42. Borderline offensive. I’m not sure what is genuine, a joke or nonsense?

  43. Love it!

  44. So now the editor is censoring comments.

    Grow a pair.

  45. on the contrary Tourists love to visit Guguletu like really every week bus loads go to mzoli. . .

  46. Dink dis n baie goeie konsep, maar onvolledig. Lees maar die negatiewe kommentaar van die ander persone. Swaai daai kritiek om en verfyn die konsep.

  47. There is always one who does not get it 🙂

  48. Oh my word people get over yourselves. This is a nothing more than a rather amusing look at central Cape Town and it’s immediate surrounding areas. No way you could include ALL the suburbs!

  49. Offensive to whom, Kamilla?

  50. Completely agree with Zola and Notombo. Map 1’s “wrong side of the track” is offensive and rude, especially to people that have lived there, choose to live there or need to live there.

    • Nobody lives there. Its an industrial area and always has been. Get a life.

    • Township tours are popular for tourists. Mzolis in Gugulethu is a big hit internationally. Sorry, don’t buy your line that it’s a series of maps for tourists. Your view of Cape Town is white centric, which is a bit sad and predictable. Pity.

    • Kamilla, please take a deep breathe and relax. The ‘wrong side of the track’ is a very common expression and often refers to a dangerous or unsafe neighbourhood. I am pretty sure most of the people who live there agree. And for agreeing on the other comments: very typical to focus on what is NOT there… Making a compliment for a fun initiative is probably too positive for you?

    • If you or anyone is offended by that, then maybe stay under your rock, coming out from under it will really offend you.

    • Kamilla the “Wrong side of the track” part in map 1 is the harbour, container terminal and some industrial companies – NO PEOPLE LIVE THERE…
      Look at a map before making stupid comments.

    • Hi, I must say I was meandering through all of this with a smile on my face and interested in the effort and information…..but I got a fright/ surprise when I read “wrong side of the track” . Without thinking about it, it reads, sounds and feels offsides!! Instead of polarizing anyone, anyplace or anything perhaps make a happier change to this part of your map. Everything else you have done is fun and interesting.
      What is happening in this area that you have called “wrong side of the track” ? – if no one lives there because its an industrial area, then it holds no interest….just take it out. It pulls down the ‘fun-ness’ and standard of your efforts. If there is something interesting about this area, then use that for your area description. If you tell us then we can volunteer some suggestions for you to choose. My penny’s worth…..

  51. Gugulethu? Langa? Khayelitsha? Manenberg? Lavender Hill etc?
    No, didn’t think so.

    A map by whiteys for whiteys.


    • Hi Notombo,

      You forgot to mention Durbanville, Bellville, Parow, Grassy Park, Dunoon, Constantia and the other 100+ odd neighbourhoods in and around Cape Town that aren’t represented on this page. However, due to space constraints and the fact that this is a travel blog, we chose to focus on the areas most frequented by tourists and travellers.


    • Fear not Notombo, there’s no mention of Milnerton, Table View, Parklands, Durbanville, Bellville, Parow, Good Wood etc either. So, it’s not only the darkies who have been left off the map, us suburban whities don’t get a mention either.

    • @ Notombo and Whitey, when will cape town or south africa ever get rid of people like you?? ffs stop thinking of your effing colour of your skin or your exact area or race to be mentioned in everything !

    • Yes Notombo I also wondered about the areas you mention – how about you devise ‘maps’ to show what they are all about?

      I do think this one is tongue-in-cheek though, poking fun at ‘Capetonians’.

    • Notombo, rather shut the f up if you want to be racist!
      MOVE ON!
      Sad reality is that you will raise your kids with the same mindset when we so called whiteys raise our kids to not see colour!

    • @ntombo, If you had maybe had some tact, like some of the comments above, about swartland wine being left off, then perhaps people would treat you with respect. You have a serious chip on your shoulder, go out and make something of yourself and make a positive change to society, instead of just feeling sorry for yourself, cause some bloke made some maps and didn’t mention “black areas”. @editor, Mzolis is an institution, especially if you enjoy meat and booze and a relaxed atmosphere and friendly people.
      If you could find it in your heart to add that establishment to your map it would be much appreciated.

      PS. I don’t work for Mzolis…lol

  52. Where are the townships?

  53. No. 1 is spot on.

  54. I love this, just wish Cape Town had a tube.
    It would solve all of Metro fail sorry I meant rail problems. 🙂

  55. What a great idea. Love the maps Some of these really made me chuckle. So sad that the Swartland Wine route has been left off though.

    A message for the compiler of the wine map : I’d like to offer you a chance to come and experience what we have to offer here. Come for the day, take in some wine and olive farms and then enjoy a complimentary overnight stay with us at Cafe Felix & Old Oak Manor and some true Riebeek Valley hospitality. Hope to see you soon. xx

  56. This is just fantastic. Love it!

  57. Absolutely fabulous!! Now please do one for Jo’burg – so that I can direct my students to it

    • That’s easy – anywhere north of the Pretty Mountains!

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