Review: Qatar Airways Business Class

Not surprisingly, everything in Qatar Airways’ Business Class offering is bigger and better. If you’re more accustomed to flying Economy Class like me, then to experience the luxurious trappings of Business Class on an 8 hour flight from Cape Town to Doha and on to Venice is an absolute godsend.

Qatar Airways Cape Town

QR 583 being prepped on the ground in Cape Town

My journey started in Cape Town Airport’s international departures terminal. After checking in for my flight on the ‘Red Carpet’ at the Qatar Airways counter at Cape Town International and clearing passport control, I headed up to the Bidvest Lounge in the International Departures terminal. Managing to steer clear of the complimentary temptations on offer, I sat in the lounge in eager anticipation of QR 583’s Business Class menu later in the evening.

Confessions of a Business Class Rookie

Soon enough I was being welcomed into the Business Class cabin. Qatar Airways cabin crew take your drinks order when you’re still on the ground so it wasn’t long before I had the guilty pleasure of watching the other lesser mortals (aka Economy Class passengers) board the plane from my Business Class seat, drink in hand, hot towel waiting in the wings.

That said; my guise as a seasoned business class traveller was short-lived when I mistakenly leaned on the panel buttons that control the seat functions. It didn’t take long and this business class buffoon was being stretched out into the lie flat position – the movement out of my control. A knowing glance from a flight attendant and my Renaissance man cover was blown. Luckily for me, she was more intent on helping me discreetly than further making a mockery of me.

Business Class Seat

B777-200LR Interior

Qatar Airways Business Class Seat Features

Well into the flight and somewhere over Sana’a turbulence made itself known to the darkened cabin. Oddly enough, a little turbulence has never felt so good when you’re in the lie flat position. This probably has a lot do with the enhanced features of Qatar Airways’ business class seat which boasts the following specs:

  • Seat pitch: 78” (nearly 2m) – that’s the distance between 2 seat rows in Qatar Airway’s business class cabin.
  • Seat width: 22”
  • Seat type: Lie flat
  • Laptop power: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No

As with Turkish Airlines’ business class, the Qatar Airways business class seat features a USB port so it’s easy enough to plug ‘n play your personal selection should their comprehensive Oryx IFE system exclude your preferences. Add to this a bunch of luxurious in seat massage functions (include lower back, bottom and upper back massage), ample storage space above and in front of you; and you’re in for a flight that’s fit for a Sheikh.

B777-200LR Cabin Layout

The Boeing 777-200LR is used on Qatar Airways’ long haul flights from Cape Town/Johannesburg to Doha. In terms of Business Class, there are 2 cabins – a front cabin (behind the cockpit) that houses 24 seats, and a rear cabin (between the front business class cabin and economy class) that houses 18 seats.

Qatar Airways Business ClassQatar Airways Business Class Seat

Gone are the days of cattle class claustrophobia – In short, the large and spacious Business Class cabins lend themselves to optimum comfort and a feeling of freedom in the air.

Inflight Amenities

Flying Business Class on Qatar Airways comes with many perks and niceties including a generous Molton Brown vanity pack, your own in flight pajamas for maximum comfort in your lie flat seat, as well as ‘noise cancellation’ headphones for the Oryx inflight entertainment.

Inflight Amenities

Business Class Meal

The Business Class menu was everything I hoped for – a lime coriander prawn appetizer, and entrée of tri coloured tortellini with aged parmesan cheese (just what I needed to get me in the mood for Venice) and a dessert of mango pannacotta and fresh fruit tartlet.

Business Class Meal

Spot the ‘real’ salt and pepper shakers

Whether you’re a Business Class newbie like I was, or you’re a privileged veteran; you’ll soon realise there isn’t much to flying upfront (other than familiarizing yourself with the seat functions). No request is too much hassle for the professional and attentive Qatar Airways flight attendants and they really do go out of their way to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

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Doha Airport Premium Terminal

In perfect unison with Qatar Airways’ Business Class is their Premium Terminal on the ground at Doha International Airport. QR Staff roam the lounges with iPad’s in hand; ensuring you won’t miss your flight even if you’ve dozed off in one of the comfortable lounge chairs offering a glimpse of modern Doha from the large windows inside the terminal… but that’s for a whole other blog post.

Premium Lounge Doha

All Qatar Airways Business Class pictures: Russell Jarvis | Travelstart

Our Readers Comments

  1. Cant wait we have a trip planned on the 5th July which is my husbands birthday and we flying business class from Johannesburg to DOH and then onto Barcelona !!! Cant wait 🙂

    • Sounds AMAZING! Celebrating in style. Enjoy the luxury of Business Class and all the treats.

      Sure you also going to have an incredible time in Barcelona.

  2. Hi There,
    Let’s be honest, Qatar is the best Airline in the Middle East, with World’s Best Business Class, and Best First Class Airline Lounge.

  3. I must say Qatar airways gives the best experience, i love to travel in Qatar airways.

  4. Awsome packages. I will arrange a fly with Qatar Airways soon.

  5. Now I’m excited for my Business Class seat on Qatar flight next week!

  6. Having used the business class service on Qatar Airways, I can say its worth the little extra you pay. You can get a good rest or even be more productive in the comfort of business class

  7. The Qatar Air’s business class really seems better and more comfortable than any european airlines’, even though many of them are trying to make some efforts to compete with Qatar’s standard.

  8. Thanks for sharing this post. This is very informative. Quater airways business class is more specious for travellers.

  9. I am looking forward to flying with Qatar business class next month. Thank you for the above reviews…I’m disappointed to read that there is no Wi-Fi though 🙁

  10. I’ve never flown Qatar business class, only economy. While I can’t say their flight routings are terrific, it’s one of the most comfortable airlines and their catering and service is impeccable.

  11. Hello,

    Thank you for your detailed insight into Qatar, myself and my son are big fans of Qatar Airways.

    Recently (14/01/2013) We Flew Qatar Airways on our way to Mumbai, I wouldn’t disagree with the praises and the great regard which you have for Qatar Airways.

    Our Journey started from Entebbe Uganda East Africa, after going through the horrors and hassles of Airport Security, the waiting time for us at the Airport was not much as we had already checked in online using one of the best online check-in systems used in Aviation history.

    While on ground inside the aircraft, one always finds some that some people either driven by curiosity or by their nature always press the call attendant button. There were several of them seated in my vicinity each time the call attendant button was pressed an Air hostess appeared. They always had a smile on their face and the way they spoke to the passengers is worth praising. “Hats off to these beautiful sky marshals.”

    As expected of Qatar Airways, the flight departed on time from Entebbe. We indulged ourselves into watching the horizon and the every beautiful lake Victoria from above.

    I am frequent flyer for 15 years now and I must admit I never had such a wonderful experience flying in my life.

    It was a long haul flight and generally I get bored in flight. Even when I am travelling with my family, but “The Oryx” kept me occupied so much that I didn’t even realize till the time we were crossing Africa into Asia Sana (Yemen) till I felt the mild turbulence which is often encountered when one flies over this air space (I think this turbulence is caused by the meeting of two air currents, One is the cold air current from the Atlantic ocean and the Second is the hot Air Current arising from the Arabian Sea). This is the time when I felt I was in the aircraft, before this is was feeling at home.

    I had booked my tickets in such that I get a chance to avail the complementary Qatar Airways stopover in Doha, with free Visa and Hotel accommodation for a day in Qatar. When we landed in Doha me and my family were overjoyed to see how hospitable the Qatar Airways staff was at the Doha International Airport and this will always prompt me to fly Qatar Airways whenever I fly.

    We were hosted at hotel “Retaj al Rayyan” which by all means is a most luxurious hotel offered to an Economy Class passenger. We did not do any sightseeing in Doha coz my better half wanted to Shop in Doha, its only now that I realize the true meaning of phrase “SHOP TILL YOU DROP” indeed its true, I was not worried about my wallet loosing its weight drastically, but was more worried about the fact that how will we carry all the stuff which we had purchase its was almost 30kgs in hand carry. “O MEN OF UNDERSTANDING, NEXT TIME WHEN YOU TRAVEL. EITHER YOU FORGET TO CARRY YOUR WALLET OR YOUR WIFE” hahahahaaaa!!!!

    Our onward connect to Mumbai was also a fantastic trip worth cherishing for the rest of my life.

    As you must have figured out by now, that I am by no means a good/fair writer but Qatar Airways had given so much that I am forced write in what broken format that I can, hope you guys understand… Thank you Qatar Airways…

    Any ways as all good things come to an end my round trip with Qatar Airways has and ended and I am back in Uganda.

    I am eagerly waiting for my next trip to Mumbai which I intend to in July this year.

    Thank you Qatar Airways Sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Abrar A. Shaikh

  12. Qatar Business Class is more spacious than any US carrier.

  13. I have been lucky enough to enjoy Qatar Airways Business class from Cape Town to Doha and on to London. It is one of the most spacious and comfortable Business Class services and the service/food/entertainment are excellent. Far better than some (more expensive) other offerings on this route!

  14. Hello,
    Your comments was helpful in deciding on the Airline to go with, especially choosing Business class for traveling 20 Hours from one destination to another.Business class travel is not cheap by any means.But,it becomes a necessity some times.
    I have traveled B.class by some of the Asian and American Airlines, some times the price I paid did not equate the service I received….what about the saying ‘YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR????’
    I presume that is answered well by Qatar Airlines

  15. Thanks for the detailed review – and also all the photos. It is always great to see real user photos than the stylised airlines ones.

    Looking at the cabin layout and seats, they look like they are the same seats and layout as Continental/ United planes in their Business First cabin. Like you say, they are comfortable and have a lot of room and features.

    I attach a link to my pics and review of those. Think they are the same?

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