The Religious & Pilgrim’s Traveller’s Guide

There are so many revered attractions each telling a truly magnificent story of a time completely different to now. Many of these tales describe the sacred passages or ancient buildings which hold significant importance to specific religions that are known today. Every destination has an intriguing story to tell whether it be that of a religious sense or not.

Shrine in Toyko
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Walk along the sacred paths of the globe

Travelling to unknown destinations that are so uniquely different and unexpectedly enchanting is what we love about travel and the sense of ‘not knowing until you go’ is what makes it so exciting. There are many sacred attractions that are scattered across this captivating globe which many travellers never get the chance to experience due to the fact that they do not know about these amazing destinations. This is the reason behind our amazing Holiday Type page that features the most searched holiday types by travellers. These holiday types have been grouped together and cater to your specific travel needs. Extensive travel research has been conducted for the Religious & Pilgrimage Hotspot category which features the best sacred hotspots around each continent.

Indian religious site
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Travelling back in time

St. Augustine stated that ‘’The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’’ .

These century-old stories have been told many times through movies, books and word-of-mouth but in all sincerity there is no greater experience than physically embarking through the tales of these continent and creating your own story by unearthing the many truths these religions hold.

Religious church
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Never stop travelling

Religious & Pilgrimage Hotspots is the eighth holiday type that has been introduced, however there are still plenty of travelling adventures to be enjoyed so stay connected to our social media channels, or visit our Travellers Guide regularly for updates on the many exciting travelling categories we are creating specifically for you.

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