Traveller's Guide - Travel Tips You Won't Want To Miss

Planning a trip, are ya? Welcome to Travelstart's official traveller's guide. This go-to handbook provides pro travel tips that have been meticulously put together to make sure you have all the info you need to make the most of the services we provide.

Our traveller’s guide is aimed at making travelling in a foreign country as effortless as possible while also bringing you convenience and customised services. Just like our travellers, each trip is unique and has to be catered for in different ways.

Feel free to browse our guide below and we hope you find it insightful and helpful.

International Travel Information

Get the latest travel deals, information and inspiration on top international destinations.

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How to Book Flights on Travelstart

The beginner's guide to booking flights online with information about value added services, custom booking requirements and arrangements available on Travelstart.

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Travel Regulations and Documentation

Find information on travel regulations, requirements and considerations before you make your next booking.

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Airline Information

Find information such as flight schedules, check in times, baggage allowance and more on airlines available on Travelstart South Africa.

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Airport Information

Get information such as contact details, security protocols, rules, and regulations for South African and international airports. Find out in advance what important documents you might need to travel.

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Airline Routes and Destinations

Find the route and destination you are looking for on your preferred airline.

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Flight Routes

Compare the most popular flight routes from all airlines and book the best price to your favourite destination or a new city you've been to before.

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Book a Place to Stay

Find the best hotels and guesthouses with Travelstart.

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Local & International Packages

Make planning your dream holiday easier by booking a package! Whether you love a beach holiday or a city escape with plenty of free walking tours, there is something for you with anything from land-only to all-inclusive packages.

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Rent a Car

Need a car rental? We have the widest range of car rentals at the best prices all over the world. Book now!

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Best Places to Visit Each Month

Be inspired and discover the most amazing countries to visit in each month of the year.

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