World’s ‘worst airline’ goes online

We have all been on a horrible flight or two, but have you ever wondered which airline is the world’s worst? The answer is: North Korean airline, Air Koryo.

Have you ever heard of this airline? Neither had I. It’s a North Korean airline that is state-owned, which operates internationally scheduled and charter services to certain points in Asia and Europe. They also have offices in Beijing, Shenyang, Macau, Bangkok, Toronto, Berlin, Moscow, as well as sales agencies in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. The airline  is, however,  partially on the list of air carriers that are banned in the European Union, due to their failure to comply with safety standards.

It is the only carrier in the world with only one star, according to Skytrax. This rating is apparently for airlines that have “very poor quality performance… with poor, inconsistent standards of ….service …in on-board and airport environments.”

So, where is this airline actually travelling to and from? Only a few destinations such as Pyongyang to Beijing, Shenyang in China, and Vladivostok in Russia.

Image via Kristoferb at en.wikipedia

The food that is served on the aircraft, from what you can see here, is really not very impressive. Most of the meals seem to consist of a single bun, an unidentifiable meat patty  and a piece of lettuce. I definitely wouldn’t eat that!

The airline’s website, which launched back in August, promises “easier, quicker, reliable booking and ticketing services.” So far the site seems to be as inefficient as the carrier itself, with the few customers they have complaining about the error messages and the super slow service.

When I visited their site, I got this message:

Not good Air Koryo, not good at all.


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