Girl Math meets Travel – here’s how it works

For all the delusional girls well-acquainted with “Girl Math”, and those trying to understand their genius logic when it comes to travel.

It’s no secret that travelling is expensive. Facing buyer’s remorse? Don’t worry, “Girl Travel Math” is here to justify all your travel expenses, no matter how extravagant or small. The cardinal rule of Girl Travel Math is: money comes back, memories don’t. 

In girl-world, travelling fixes everything, so it makes complete sense to book a last-minute trip after the smallest inconvenience. After all, how can you heal from life’s curve balls without a spontaneous trip to Italy? 

Another major Girl Travel Math equation is that if your accommodation cost is lower than your planned budget, you’ve hit the jackpot – consider it free money! An even bigger win is when the accommodation includes a free breakfast, you are earning money by eating there instead of at a pricey restaurant.

If cocktails are cheaper at your holiday destination than in your home country, it makes sense to travel as it not only saves you money but also justifies ordering that extra cocktail. Pay with cash (bonus points for coins), because Girl Math insists that cash is “free” money (you can’t see each purchase going off your bank account, right?), so go get those Euros before you leave on your trip. Your bank account won’t feel a thing. Then there’s the added perk of avoiding conversion charges, so really, you are earning money!

Shopping overseas where there are sales, means you’ve essentially saved money and got free clothes because you didn’t have to pay for shipping. Restaurant logic is easy: splash out and order that Instagramable seafood pasta, you only live once and deserve to treat yourself, it is an investment in your happiness (which you can’t put a price on, as everyone knows). Another very important element of Girl Travel Math is rounding down. So buying that flight for R12,850 means that you essentially got it for R12,000. A coffee for €5.99? Don’t worry, it’s basically only €5. It’s not just a clever trick; it’s a way of life.

One of the biggest travel hacks is to plan your trip ahead – your trip becomes practically free. The real magic lies in paying for your flight and accommodation well in advance, leaving you with extra cash when you’re on the trip to splurge on experiences and, of course, a brand-new wardrobe. This means if you book your flight in January for June, it’s free by the time June comes since your bank account has been given a chance to recover.

If friends and family ask you how much your vacation cost, everyone knows you only include the price of the flights and accommodation, because you would’ve been eating and having drinks back home, so, of course, it doesn’t count, they are needs and you’re just trying to survive!

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The best part of Girl Travel Math is that if you have any money left over after a trip, congrats, you’ve made a profit! You could’ve gone for one more beach massage, but instead, you were savvy and chose to save. That free money means you can book your next holiday that much sooner!

By Meganne Steyn

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