Round The World Tickets Explained – FAQ Fridays

Welcome to another edition of Travelstart’s FAQ Friday with me, Nick Paul.

Last week we were asked a question about round the world tickets. It’s quite a common question, as not a lot of people know what these tickets involve. We thought we would explain a little more about them. If you want to book a round the world ticket you can do so by clicking here.

Round the world tickets work as follows:

1. You have to book tickets with a certain airline alliance

There are three major airline alliances:

Star Alliance: SAA, Lufthansa, United Continental etc.

One World: British Airways, Cathay Air Pacific, American Airlines etc.

Sky Team: KLM, Delta Airlines and certain Asian carriers etc.

2. You need to travel in one continuous direction round the world

e.g. JHB – London – New York – LA etc. You could not fly JHB – London – Frankfurt and then New York because you would be going west then east, and back west again.

In summary, you can only travel in one continuous direction around the world; it can be from east to west, or west to east.

3. You are allowed a minimum of three stops, and a maximum of 15

These stops need to usually be on 3 or more continents, and the prices are worked out based on the distance that you travel.

4. Costing

Costs can vary dramatically depending on the number of stops you do, but generally if you are looking for a simple round the world (3 continents) with Star Alliance, you are looking at +-R40 000 (tax included)

5. Benefits to round the world tickets

Date changes are free
It is often a lot cheaper than doing multiple return tickets

I hope that this helps you better understand round the world tickets. If you are interested in booking a round the world ticket you can email or call 0861 878 278 & select option 2.

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