Afritravel Q&A With Dawn Jorgensen – FAQ Fridays

This Friday we’re ecstatic to welcome our very first FAQ Friday special guest to the hot seat. Dawn Jorgensen A.K.A. The Incidental Tourist is a well-respected travel writer, animal rights champion and world explorer. Dawn was also the winner of the #WordsTravel Blogger Experience competition of 2013.

This week she’s talking to you about her African travels, showing that with a little planning and a dash of adventurous spirit, there’s a wealth of life experiences to be had by travelling on the continent.

We are delighted to have her in front of our lens this week. Without further ado it’s over to Dawn …

Visit the sites spoken about in the video

The Incidental Tourist (Dawn Jorgensen’s site):
Walter’s Boda Boda Tours:
Voluntourism Opportunities in Africa:
Travel Massive South Africa:

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