Get App-Specific Flight Deals On Travelstart’s Relaunched Travel App Flapp

Snap up great flight deals in seconds and with ease with Flapp. Following the success of its initial launch last year, Travelstart has relaunched its popular flagship flight booking app with a whole range of new features. Top of the list is exclusive access to app-specific flight deals. Brand new features on Travelstart’s relaunched travel app Flapp include being able to request an invoice, check-in for your flight with ease, call for assistance and cancel a booking. You can also add insurance, and choose flexi-tickets.

Initially launched to provide a speedy booking service for domestic commuters on the go between Cape Town and Joburg, the app has now expanded to include all international and local flights. The excellent form and function of the Travelstart website is distilled expertly into a mobile format meaning you can carry a world-class online booking service in your pocket.


How it works


1. Download the app for free on your Android or Apple mobile device/ tablet.

2. Insert your payment details and booking preferences.

3. Search for and compare all domestic or international flights in seconds on your mobile and in no time you’re ready to secure your flight.

4. Because you have already entered your booking info into the app, booking a flight takes a matter of seconds to secure your next great flight deal.

Join the ever-growing Travelstart’s Flapp community (50 0000 plus downloads and growing) and flapp to fly:

Download the Flapp app for free for your Android or iOS phone or tablet here:



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