Travelstart Behind The “Screens”: A Visual Journey Through Our Cape Town Headquarters

Being an Internet company, we feel it’s important you get a feeling for who we are and what we look like. After all, our customers along with the people who work here, are the lifeblood of this company, and everyone should know who and what they’re dealing with behind the “screens” when booking with us.

In 2014 our local and international operations grew exponentially, and we needed an upgraded space to house the Travelstarters; a space that would fuel our wanderlust, and be representative of our values and what we stand for. This called for a makeover – something fun, modern, colourful, and refreshing.

There is one thing more than anything else that we want and its attitude. Having the right attitude and the right mindset. We look for people with some kind of Warrior Spirit” – Stephan, Founder

The office renovation came in June 2014; cue a few weeks of construction dust and general shambles; the sound of drilling a piercing reminder of the chaos and creation taking place at every corner. The wait was worth it though, and a few weeks later we hailed a new and improved Travelstart Headquarters, which was ready, fittingly, just before we turned 15 years old in September 2014.

It’s a space we can be proud of; the Travelstart-branded world map lightbox is a gawk-worthy visual feast as you step out of the lift on to the 7th floor of the offices at 56 Shortmarket Street, while the plane that hangs in our atrium is a monument to the Spirit of Pioneering which guides our daily interactions with each other and our customers.

Whether you’re a customer, or someone who wants to find out what it’s like to work here, we want you to know that more than ever Travelstart is a great place to be. This is important when it comes to providing you with a travel booking service that is second to none. Don’t take my word for it though … here’s what the Travelstarters are saying …

Travelstart South Africa Office Photos

The huge branded world map lightbox in reception is a great addition to Travelstart's HQ in Cape Town, South Africa.

Atrium view from the 7th floor of Travelstart's offices at 56 Shortmarket Street.

We love our Cape Town offices!

The Madiba Room - the main boardroom at Travelstart, South Africa complete with New York wallpaper by Russian photographer, Sergey Semonov.

The framed black and white Madiba photo hangs on the boardroom wall as a reminder to all of us of one of the world's greatest leaders, Nelson Mandela.

The Muhammed Ali Room, previously known as the

The 7th Floor is where operations take place. This is where calls are answered and flight tickets are processed - it's a day to day hive of activity.

Another angle of reception and the Madiba Room to the right. Travelstart's Core Values are visible to the left.

I can speak to anybody, I can go to anybody. It’s just that freedom that you have which I never had in previous organisations – Jaipal, Quality Assurance Manager

A journey to the 8th Floor brings you to the

The office of Stephan Ekbergh - Travelstart's much-loved Founder and inspiration. A big photo of Lagos hangs on the wall behind his desk.

The H1-Racer replica hangs in the atrium as a visible reminder of The Spirit Of Pioneering - a guiding principle for Travelstarters.

Desk At Travelstart SA

Model Planes decorate the Travelstart Office.

The restaurant on the 9th floor is where we eat lunch daily, and breakfast on Friday mornings. The Friday breakfast is provided by Travelstart.

Travelstart Staff Photos

They actually have a core value which is Family and Fun. I love that because I’m not a number, I’m part of a family – Ann, Fares Agent

A clear view of Table Mountain provides daily inspiration from the rooftop garden of our Cape Town office.

Our Amadeus Awards are on display at the Cape Town offices.

9 floors up - the Zen-inspired rooftop garden at the Travelstart South Africa Offices in Cape Town.

A birds eye view of Shortmarket Street near Greenmarket Square taken from the roof of Travelstart's Cape Town offices.

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