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Perched on the northwestern edge of Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley sits Asmara, the capital of the North African country of Eritrea. Here, life won’t rush you by and you’ll have loads of time to wander around the balmy streets and admire this unexpected architectural gem.
You’ll see major Italian influences, from the buildings along the streets to the coffee served in the characterful sidewalk cafes. In fact, Asmara is quite known for how well preserved its colonial Italian architecture is. You might get the feeling of walking around a museum of modern architecture. Only, you’re in a real life city. 
Art Deco also features quite strongly, especially at the Cinema Impero – one of the world’s finest examples of architecture from this age. Asmara may not be wealthy, but the people here have soul and it’s a friendly, peaceful place to visit. 

Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders do need a Visa to visit Asmara, Eritrea. They cost from R300 for a Single Tourist Visa and your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after your return date. The process takes about seven working days.
  • The South African Embassy in Asmara can be found at House 51/53, Hitseito Street 245, Tiravalo, Asmara. Phone: +291 1 152 517.

See and do

Fiat Tagliero used to be a gas station in the 1950s – the main one in town, complete with a speaker on a port broadcasting public radio. Today it remains as a striking example of the Art Deco era and it’s a must-see for anyone with an interest in architecture.
Whether you lost your way or whether you’re simply interested in its beauty, the Cathedral of Asmara is a particularly iconic structure and reaches up high above many of the other buildings around it. The architectural style here is Lombard-Romanesque – a beautiful place to visit.
To see more of Asmara’s distinct Italian influence, visit the Asmara Theatre and Opera House, constructed in 1920 and still kept in great shape.

Asmara International Airport – ASM

Airport Hotels: None on site. Crystal Hotel Eritrea is 5.5km away.
Airport Hub: Asmara International Airport (code ASM) is a hub for Nasair.

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