International Destinations - Famous Landmarks and Bucket List Cities

If you're planning an international trip, good for you. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t panic, we’re here to help. Global travel is an incredible experience, and we want you to have the best time ever (even if it’s just to make your Insta-followers jealous).

Here is an easy-to-use guide where you can find useful information about popular destinations around the world. Whether you’re a novice or a more experienced traveller, researching your destination is always an essential part of planning your international travel.

Simply scroll to the continent you want to know more about and browse through its popular destinations - we've got everything from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to ancient temples in China. Click on the destination you would like to travel to, find useful information and then book your flight.

Find the perfect place to explore on your next trip

South Africa

Attractions in Africa

Africa is one of the oldest inhabited continents in the world and every city promises something unique. From Cape Town to Cairo, visitors can expect to be close to nature and wildlife between cosmopolitan and old-world cities alike. Book your next trip today.

Southeast Asia

Visiting Asia

Asia has a range of exciting destinations, especially for Western travellers looking for adventure and something different. Some commonalities between Asian countries include bucket list beaches, delectable restaurants and island trips. Various traditional cultures abound throughout the continent, making for an enriching experience. Unlock incredible travel deals.


Oceania island life

Beach and mountain lovers will appreciate the magnificence of Oceania. Still a relatively young continent in the world's society, it comprises destinations like Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Micronesia - with a rich tapestry of tribal history and island culture. Dreaming of visiting the edge of the Earth to discover black sand beaches and off-road adventures? Head to Oceania. Start your adventure now.


Park off in Europe

If classical, baroque and medievil culture are your interests, you might want to start your next holiday in London, Athens or Rome. Tourism to Europe is especially prevalent in the summertime, when you can grab a beer along the banks of the Isar in Munich or sample real cannelloni near the Amalfi Coast. Dip your toes in the Med or spend whole weekends partying in Berlin. If you prefer a getaway in the mountains, you can head to Austria or Salzburg and take in the Alps or an ode to Mozart. There's something for everybody in Europe. Find your ideal destination.


Head to North America

North America is unique in that it comprises of Canada and the United States, which offers so many different destinations. From musical attractions in New Orleans to bayou dreaming and the bright lights of New York, in the USA there is always more to explore. Get mesmerised by Broadway or travel to the Grand Canyon. Discover oddities, drive-throughs and diners in real life. Your next trip in any of America's states will be an adventure. Embark on your next adventure.

South America

Visit South America

Your journey to South America could be anything from spiritual to adventurous to historical. Learn to tango in Argentina, trek Machu Pichu in Peru, or stop in at Nicuragua - the land of fire and water with so many volcanos and lakes. From the Atacama Desert in Chile to the football games in Brazil, an incredible visit awaits you. Start your booking.

Different types of destinations to consider

All dressed up and nowhere to go? In the travel world, destinations are loosely assigned a category. This can serve as inspiration to help you plan your next trip if you're not sure where to start but know what you like.

Beaches and mountains

Beaches and mountains

Travel for the nature scene! Relax on the coastlines of California, stroll along the beaches of Auckland or head up into the white mountains of the USA. Nature can be your best starting point when deciding what trip you'll do next.

History and museums

History and museums

If you're fascinated by tales from the past, historical destinations can be a good starting point for you. Discover the concentration camps in Dachau and Auschwitz, see what's left of the Berlin Wall, or visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. See the killing fields in Cambodia or, for something more lighthearted, visit Elvis's Graceland. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to historic sites.

Food and wine

Food and wine

Let's be honest, half the joy of travelling is experiencing food and drinks from other countries. Try a traditional Thai curry, explore the Indonesian coffee scene or have authentic Italian pizza. Sometimes, your mouth can lead you to your next bucket list destination.

Adventure and adrenaline

Adventure and adrenaline

True adventure travel isn't for the faint of heart. It can involve demanding hikes to the top of Everest or hacking vines in Rwanda but that's not all it is. Sometimes the adventure comes from visiting remote destinations or discovering hidden gems. If you're an adventure lover, try the Great Coral Reef in Australia, or bungee jumping above the icy lakes of New Zealand.

Arts and culture

Arts and culture

Don't miss your chance to see some of the most famous art pieces all over Europe, or if you're a theatre-lover, try the Sydney Opera House in Australia. This can be a great driver for deciding on your next escape.

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