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The port city of Benghazi is Libya’s second largest city and is located on the Mediterranean Sea. The colourful lights of the buildings at night afford visitors a spectacular view of the city. Al Da’waa al-Islamiya presents the best of the city’s bright lights at night. This office building is said to rival the stars in the sky for its brilliant luminescence. Another radiant Benghazi landmark, emphasized by its reflection on the river, is the Juliana Bridge.
One of Benghazi’s distinguishing features is the well structured botanical gardens. The most famous among the gardens in Benghazi is Al-Boco which is a zoological garden park. Other notable gardens worthy of a visit include 23 July Park.
Tourists are strongly advised not to travel to Benghazi at present. The unpredictable security situation and high threat of terrorist attacks makes Benghazi a dangerous city to travel to.  Keep abreast of the latest information regarding travel to Benghazi.
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Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders travelling to Benghazi do require a Visa to enter Libya. The Libyan Embassy in South Africa is at 900 Church Street/Balmoral Street, Arcadia, Pretoria. Leaving Libya requires the right stamps in your passport. Your hotel is expected to present your passport to the authorities where your Visa will be stamped – make sure this is done prior to checking out. Ensure your South African passport has at least 6 months remaining on it from your return date and that you have at least 2 blank pages available for stamps.
  • The South African Embassy in Libya is in Tripoli. Address: Al-Jamhuriyah Street (Al-Qadisiyah Square), Bin Ashour, Tripoli. Phone: +218 21 333 7006.

See and do

The more popular tourist attractions can be found in Central Benghazi. Most of the historical monuments are housed here as well as old mosques, markets, theatres and clothing shops. Common attractions that should be included on a visitor’s itinerary to Benghazi are Al-Nakheel Beach, Al Muntazah Park and Zoo and the Medina which is the oldest section of the city.
The best of Benghazi palm-lined beaches present wonderful opportunities for swimming and wind surfing; or to just unwind and relax.
The historical ruins of Ptolemais, an ancient capital city, are a highly recommended stop on your visit to Benghazi. There is also a museum on the site. Benghazi offers a convenient location from which to explore other Greek and Roman ruins along the coast.
For a historical outing with a difference, take in a tour around Green Old Town where history is reflected in the architecture. A tour of the area is highly recommended for its ancient infrastructures and significant places of interest.
The best place for visitors to shop in Benghazi is in Dubai Street where many international brands are available at reasonable prices. The local markets of Benghazi also provide unique shopping expeditions and are full of life on Friday mornings.

Benina International Airport – BEN

Benina International Airport serves Benghazi, Libya.  The airport is located in the town of Benina, 19km east of Benghazi and is the country’s second largest airport after Tripoli International Airport.
Airport Hotels: There is no hotel on site. Favoured hotels in Benghazi include El Fadeel Hotel, Tibesti and Alnoran Hotel.
Airport Hub: Benina International Airport (code BEN) is a hub to Buraq Air and Libyan Airlines.

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