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Bujumbura is as exotic as it sounds and you’re in the right place if you’re looking for cheap flights to the Burundian capital.
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Buj, as many prefer to call it, sits on the shores of Lake Tanganyika and a good number of its suburbs sprawl up the magical mountains that envelope the city to the north and east. Although the city was once comatose during the long civil war, today Buj is a hotchpotch of wide boulevards, grandiose colonial town planning and imposing public buildings.
Bujumbura is busy but its laidback. The reputation for good food, good drinks and great dancing is the best in the region and just out of the city you will find some of the best inland beaches in Africa. Picture turquoise waters, beachside bars and glorious white sands… in Africa!

Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details


  • South African passport holders do require a Visa to enter Burundi. A Visa for Burundi needs to be obtained before you depart to Bujumbura and you’ll also need to make sure that your SA passport is valid for six months from the date of your return and has at least 2 pages free for stamps and Visa’s.
  • The South Africa Embassy in Burundi is in Bujumbura at Av De la Plage, Quartier Asiatique, Bujumbura. Phone: +257 2224 8220.

See and do

One of Burundi’s most accessible national parks, Rusizi National Park, is in Bujumbura. This is a wetland environment that provides a habitat for aquatic antelopes, hippos and a diversity of birds.
If you’re looking for a cultural experience, visit the Musee Vivant, a reconstructed Burundian village where you can view traditional pottery, baskets and drum exhibits. The village is also a part-time zoo but beware that animals are not kept in favourable conditions.
Cabarets (or bars) are popular in the capital and there is a variety to choose from. If you fancy a bite to eat, local goat meat is typically far more tender than beef this side of the world.
In the middle of town you’ll find Marche Central which offers the best retail prices around and the opportunity to bargain. You can pick up great fabrics here. The craft market near the U.S. Embassy is also good for handicrafts and local jams. You will find everything from baskets to vegetables and again it’s a fun opportunity to bargain.
Minibuses abound in Bujumbura and will take you along the major routes around the city. The station is near the market area.

Bujumbura Airport – BJM 

Bujumbura Airport is fairly hassle-free. There aren’t many counters or processes to go through but what is there is modern. Be sure to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled flight as authorities tend to close the gate and not budge no matter what your excuse may be!
The airport is located just 10 kilometres from the city. 
Food and beverage: There is a small restaurant at the departure gate where you can buy a cup of coffee or a cooldrink. There’s also a small duty free shop that sells great local coffee to take home. As for souvenirs, you can get them cheaper in town.
Airport Hub: Bujumbura Airport (code BJM) is a hub for Air Burundi.

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