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The town of Bukoba lies on the western shore of Lake Victoria and is, in fact, the second largest port on this vast lake. This popular tourist spot in Tanzania is just a degree away from the Equator.
The warm, sunny town has a rustic charm to it, and there is still a lot to explore and experience in this place. From Musila Island on Lake Victoria and the Rubale waterfalls to the Museums and Ancient Rock Painting sites a little away from the town, there is something to please everyone here.

Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders travelling to Bukoba do require a Visa for Tanzania. Ensure your South African passport has at least 6 months remaining on it from your return date and that you have at least 2 blank pages available for stamps.
  • The South African High Commission is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Plot 1338 Mwaya Road, Masaki, Dar es Salaam. Phone: + 255 22 260 1800.

See and do

Bukoba is a great destination for anyone who wishes to bask in the natural beauty of Tanzania and experience its vibrant culture. A great little town, it offers you the best of Tanzania.
Some of the places which will make your visit a trip to remember include:
Kagera Museum: Bukoba is the heart of the Kagera region, so why not start your visit with a glimpse into its history? The museum shows the tribal history and heritage of the region, including local tools used in the past. It also has an incredible exhibition of wildlife photography.
Musila Island: Musila Island in Lake Victoria brings you closer to Mother Nature and will satisfy the explorer within you. The boat ride across the majestic lake is an exhilarating experience in itself. In contrast to the somewhat arid landscape which characterises the rest of Bukoba, Musila Island’s scenery is enchanting. The first glimpse of the lake is breath-taking and spending a few hours here rejuvenates the soul.
Rubale Forest Waterfall and Cave: Located inside Rubale forest, Kyamunene Waterfall provides the perfect rest stop. Relax your body and mind by taking a dip in the cool water here. A little further away from the waterfall is a natural and interestingly shaped cave. The U-shaped cave was an important hiding and rallying point during the tribal wars and the Idi Amin war.
Kabaranda Beach: The secluded Kabaranda beach is a little tricky to reach on foot, but once you do, you won’t want to leave. Sit back, relax, and see the exotic birds that are found here and watch the local fishing community going about their daily lives. In you have made prior arrangements or are in luck, you might even be able to join them in their fishing canoes.

Bukoba International Airport – BKZ

Bukoba Airport (code BKZ) is located near scenic Lake Victoria. It has some basic food, beverage, and currency exchange services. Car rental services are not available and neither is accommodation. The nearest hotels to the airport are Walkgard Hotel, Balamaga B&B, and Bukoba Kolping Hotel.
In case your luggage is lost or misplaced, contact your airline’s help desk or the airport security staff. Your airline carrier will settle baggage claims.

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