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Erzincan is a Turkish city that lies in Eastern Anatolia. With a history dating back to the earliest days of ancient power struggles and Roman rule, it has undergone many changes over the centuries.
Today, it is a modern and organised city, offering a good range of attractions, a number of shopping centres, plenty of restaurants and a decent selection of accommodation options too. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure; family holiday or romantic break, you are sure to find much to do within the city and its surrounds.
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Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders travelling to Erzincan do not need a prearranged Visa to enter Turkey – these are arranged at the airport on your arrival. Make sure that your passport is up to date and valid, and expect to pay anything from $15 onwards for a typical 30 day Tourist Visa.
  • The South African Embassy to Turkey is situated in Ankara. 100. Yıl Mh.  06700 Ankara, Ankara Province. Phone: +90 312 446 4056. Website:  

See and do

While much of the city has been rebuilt after massive earthquakes in 1939 and smaller quakes in 1992, Erzincan has still managed to retain something of its ancient history and heritage. There are a few landmarks to add to your sightseeing list that showcase this heritage. Altıntepe is one such landmark – here you can see the ruins of an ancient Urartian temple, which lies on the site of a long-dead volcano.
There are also many natural attractions that make for excellent explorations, hikes and adventures. Try visiting the beautiful Girlevik Waterfalls (it is one of the largest and prettiest in the country), have a picnic at Ekşisu Piknik Tesisleri mineral water source or climb the hill of Esentepe to enjoy some great views of the city below.
The main things to look out for when exploring the markets and shopping centres of Erzincan include handcrafted copper items, as well as a unique goat cheese called ‘Tulum Peyniri’. There are many modern stores and malls that sell all the usual designer goods and standard European items too. Prices are generally not too bad either, so you might want to set aside a shopping budget.
You can take your pick from a few ways to get around town. Walking is safe and entirely possible in some parts of the city – it gets very hot in summer however, so be sure to take a bottle of water and remember the sunscreen. You can also take buses, which are seen everywhere, or you could hire a car if you’d prefer to self-drive. The roads are well-designed and there is not much traffic to worry about either.

Erzincan Airport (Nicosia) – ERC

Food and beverage: There are one or two small refreshment cafes within the airport.
Currency Exchange: Facilities are fairly limited at this airport, so you may not be able to exchange currency within the terminals – there are however banks nearby in town.
Airport Hotels: Buyuk Erzincan, Hotel Bulut, Sembol Hotel.
Airport Hub: Erzincan Airport (code ERC) does not serve as a hub; however Turkish Airlines and Sun Express operate scheduled flights to and from this airport.

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