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A sliver of a country in West Africa along the Gulf of Guinea, Togo might be small, but its heart is massive. The capital city, Lomé, will give you a fascinating peek into its culture and traditions and it’s the perfect place to base yourself when exploring the beautiful mountains and forests of Togo.
A visit to Lomé is both exciting and relaxing, as the city achieves a great balance between colourful, frantic markets and white sandy beaches that stretch far into the distance. In town you’ll still see remnants of the colonial architecture when you stroll along the palm-fringed boulevards of the city center.
There’s much more to love about Lomé than its interesting and beautiful sights though. The weather is always nice, the locals are known to be very welcoming and, seeing as Togo hasn’t been overrun with tourists, you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful local experience in this friendly African city.
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Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders do need a Visa to visit Lomé, Togo, but this visa is issued on arrival in Togo. The Visa is valid for seven days. It’s recommended that you get vaccinations for Hepatitus A, Tetanus, Typhoid and Meningitis before travelling to Lomé.
  • There is no South African Embassy in Togo itself. The closest one would be two countries to the west in Abidjan at Villa Marc Andre, Rue Monseigneur Rene, Koussi, Cocody President. Phone: +225-2244-5963.

See and do

Lomé Grand Marche is the epiphany of an African market. With three levels, you’ll find everything from fresh fruit and Togo fabrics to traditional medicine. It may be a little overwhelming, but definitely worth a visit.
For a market with a difference, visit the Marche Aux Fetiches. It’s a more specialised market and known among some as a voodoo market. Here you can buy things to ward off the evil like gongons and gris-gris. You’ll also find porcupine skin, warthog teeth, donkey skull, serpent head and horsehair.
The Togo National Museum, found at the back of the Palais du Congrès, will give you a comprehensive look into the city and the country’s history. Stroll in between historical artifacts, pottery, costumes, musical instruments and traditional woodcarvings.

Lomé-Tokoin Airport – LFW 

Also known as Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport (after a former president), the airport in Lomé is the largest in the country, but it remains a small airport by international standards. 
Although fairly small, Togo is still a West African country and driving in these parts is seldom pleasurable. Rather opt for a driver or organize transport through you accommodation.
Food and beverage: You won’t find a lot of dining options inside the airport, but there’s one restaurant and cafeteria where you’ll definitely find coffee and light meals. You’ll find a range of restaurants about 15 minutes from the airport.
Currency Exchange: It is unclear whether you’ll be able to exchange your money at the airport, so rather make sure that you have US Dollars before flying into Lomé.
Lost Luggage: The best option would be to ask security at the arrivals hall if you have lost your baggage inside the airport. They will point you in the right direction.
Car Hire: Rather refrain from hiring a car in Lomé and take a shuttle into town.
Airport Hub: Lomé-Tokoin Aiport (LFW) is a hub for Ethiopian Airlines.

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