City Sightseeing Buses London: the most convenient way to see London in a Jiffy

Are you visiting London for the first time? Are you on a budget? Do you only have limited time to see London’s main attractions? If you find yourself in one of the above situations but you really want to see as many important London sites as you can, here’s a great tip: The Original City Sightseeing London Bus tour! This great bus service gives you the opportunity to see London’s top attractions, such as art galleries, beautiful parks or famous museums, all in a relaxing and safe environment.  

The Original London Bus Tour Company

The City Sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus tours are popular the world over (including Cape Town & Johannesburg), and are organized in a very efficient way so tourists have the chance to see the essential attractions and sites of every city in a relatively short time.  
In London, The Original Tour bus ticket can be used on three premium, colour-coded routes. You can switch between them, and hop off at over 60 points of major interest. This gives lots of possibilities to create every sightseeing itinerary in a very unique way. 

London City Sightseeing Bus cruises passed Big Ben

About the Buses & Routes

The double decker City Sightseeing buses are in themselves a real London trademark and you’ll love being able to hop off at any of the marked stops, perhaps lingering a little longer at some then you will at others. 
You have the options of the Red Line, taking you to places such as the Sea Life London Aquarium, with over 5000 species of sea creatures, the London Eye - the ‘flight’ that gives you great views on central London, Trafalgar Square or Tower of London. Instead, if you take the Yellow Line, you will see the beautiful area occupied by iconic Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral or St. James’ Park. For a change, you can switch to the Blue Line to stop at the Science Museum, the Wellington Museum or the Natural History Museum. 

London City Sightseeing Bus Tickets

The bus ticket comes with some free offers for you, such as three guided walking tours. You can watch the famous Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, walk in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper through the Whitechapel district, or you can take a free hop-on hop-off Thames cruise between Westminster and Greenwich. 
For the Red Line the starting point is Victoria, while for the Blue and Yellow Lines it is Piccadilly Circus. Every route takes up to 130 minutes, and the tours are available all year round, with a frequency of 10-20 minutes, starting at 8.30 am. From the 1st March 2013, all City Sightseeing Bus tickets are valid for 24 hours.
The commentaries for the Red and Blue Lines are pre-recorded, and are available in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese, while the Red Line offers also a special commentary for children. On the Yellow Line there is a live English guide. 
Prices are £26 for adults and £13 for children (between 5 and 15). You can book your ticket online, and each ticket is redeemable for 3 months from the moment of purchase. 
The City Sightseeing Bus Tours are a great option especially on sunny days, when you can choose to sit on the open deck and enjoy your ride and the great views. It will save you time and money, and you will see one of the world’s most famous sites within 24 hours!

London tourists relax on the double decker bus

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