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Meaning ‘Mouth of the Orange River’, Oranjemund is the furthest southwestern town in Namibia. It is cornered by the Orange River (also the South African border) to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and to the north and east there is nothing by the arid Namib Desert. 
You might wonder why anyone would start a town here but this is one of the most fertile diamond fields on the continent and the town was established for the sole purpose of servicing this very prosperous industry. For many years Oranjemund was closed to anyone that is not an employee or relative of an employee of De Beers, the giant diamond manufacturing company.
Only in 2012 did the town open up to the world and people were able to see how this isolated community lives. As it turns out, Oranjemund was one of the best-developed towns in southern Namibia, supplying its citizens with all kinds of entertainment, fresh food and a well-oiled economy.
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Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders don’t need a Visa to visit Namibia. Upon arrival in the country, you simply fill in a form with your address and reason for visiting and your passport will be stamped. Just make sure that you have a few open pages in your passport.
  • The South African Embassy in Namibia is found in the capital of Windhoek. It is at the corner of Nelson Mandela Avenue and Jan Jonker Street in Windhoek. Phone: +264-61-205-7111.

See and do

Oranjemund isn’t much of a tourist town. It’s more the type of place that you’ll go if you’re visiting family. But if you have a keen interest in the diamond industry you might enjoy taking a peak at the vast diamond fields.
Walking around the streets you might spot wild gemsbok and jackal as both these animals call the town home at times. Being as remote as it is, the humans haven’t yet scared off the wildlife that roams the surrounding areas.

Oranjemund Airport – OMD 

Food and beverage: Considering the size of the town, Oranjemund is also a very small airport, with only the bare basics. Don’t expect restaurants and bars (rather eat in town), but know that you will be able to satisfy your caffeine craving.
Currency Exchange: If you’re coming from South Africa, you won’t have to change money as South African Rands are accepted all across Namibia. There will be cash machines for those with other foreign currency.
Lost Luggage: When you arrive, ask the security in the baggage reclaim area about lost luggage or phone the airline directly.
Airport Hub: Oranjemund Airport (OMD) is a hub for Air Namibia with flights to/from Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Lüderitz and Windhoek.

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