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Located on the shore of Nero Lake, the largest lake in the province of Yaroslavl, Rostov, or Rostov Veliky (Roistov the Great) as it’s known locally to distinguish itself from Rostov-on-Don, is one of the oldest towns in Russia dating back to 4000BC. It was originally founded before the 9th Century, when a legendary Viking prince called Riurik ruled over Russia. It later became an important religious centre, and like many other Russian cities, it suffered throughout history from a number of invasions. 
Rostov is located 190km north of Moscow, 60km south of Yaroslavl and is as famous for its beautiful enamel work as it is for its long history. Located on the edge of Lake Nero, it’s a very pretty town with traditional Russian-style buildings. It is part of Russia’s Golden Ring of ancient cities and home to some exquisite sights, including a well-preserved Kremlin on the banks of the river.

Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders travelling to Rostov do need a Visa for Russia. Your Visa for Russia is also an exit permit and must be presented on departure.
  • The nearest South African Consulate to Rostov is in Moscow, Russia. Granatny Pereulok 1, Building 9, 123001 Moscow. Phone: +7 (095) 540 11 77. Fax: +7 (095) 540 11 78. Website: Email:

See and do

One of the most famous sites in Rostov is the immense white-walled Kremlin, located in the centre of the town. Built around the 16th Century, parts of Rostov’s Kremlin date back much earlier, to the 12th Century. Built before the Kremlin, but located within its walls, you’ll find the Assumption Cathedral. The bells in its huge bell tower are some of the largest and most famous in the country. Each has its own name, and the biggest, cast in 1688, weighs a hefty 32 000kg!
There are a number of other churches within the Kremlin’s walls that you should visit, including the Gate-Church of St John the Divine, The Gate-Church of the Resurrection and the Church of Hodigitria. There’s also the Metropolitan’s Chambers, including the White Chamber filled with Orthodox artifacts, and the Red Chamber, home to a display of finift, which is a type of enamelware. The chapel itself is decorated with exquisite frescoes. 
There are also two monasteries worth visiting: the neoclassical Monastery of St Jacob and the Monastery of St Avraam, which is one of the oldest monasteries in Russia.
The town is full of exquisite old buildings to explore, including various churches and monasteries with their magnificent ancient architecture. The archaeological museum is also worth a visit, as its home to various items dating back from the Stone Age onwards that have been uncovered during archaeological excavations in the area.

Rostov-on-Don Airport – ROV

Rostov-on-Don Airport is located 9km east of Rostov in the south of Russia. Taxis provide transport to and from the city centre as well as buses number 7, 7A, 95 and 124.
Lost Luggage: Lost hold luggage should be handled by your individual airline’s help desk. Report items lost or found within the airport terminal to Rostov Airport authorities.
Airport Hotels: Hotel "Airport" is located in close proximity to Rostov-on-Don International Airport. 
Car Hire: Europcar.
Airport Hub: Rostov-on-Don International Airport (code ROV) is a hub for Donavia and UTair.

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