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Need to make bookings on a budget but you're too pressed for time or really bad at time management to shop around? No problem, let the deals come to you with Yo and Travelstart!

Simply donwload the Yo App and add Travelstart your friend list.

Ping Travelstart on Yo and we will respond with the best deals for the airport nearest to your location. Pretty sweet deal, don't you think? Try Yo today!

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Official announcement on 30 January 2015

When it comes to satisfying your urge for those last-minute travel deals, we need to be as innovative in communicating them as helping you secure them; meeting you with specials that are timely and personable in a place that is most meaningful to you. In 2015, the relationship we want to forge with our customers is one based on ease of use, trust and convenience. Read more

Video on how to use Yo with travelstart

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