Strong Rand means cheaper Schengen visa – new fees

Europa textGood news to all those would-be travellers to Europe, with our strong Rand, the prices of the Schengen visa are dropping! The Rand has been weak in the past making applying for a visa (let alone the trip), nothing short of extortion by European governments, but with Europe’s crippling recession and the SA governments clever (if sometimes annoying) forex laws, we’ve had the upper hand recently!

The Schengen visa is always a standard fee across all Schengen Countries, this is currently EUR60, which is translated into a standard fee. Previously one was paying around R630 for the visa and before that well over R700, this has now been dropped to a bizarre figure of R576.90 per person – this is usually rounded to around R580. Kids from 6 years to 12 years will now pay R340 each.

Don’t forget when applying for your Schengen visa you need to have sufficient travel insurance which covers for at least R300,000 and must include cover for repatriation (getting you or your body home if you are ill, injured or die whilst travelling). Some credit cards and some medical aids do include travel insurance, but you must check whether it needs to be activated and how and if you need to “top it up” for it to be sufficient for the embassy.

Make sure if you’re applying for a schengen visa, you’ve checked all the relevant requirements and if possible, you’ve applied through a reputable agency. You can use our visa info application form to find out more from just such an agency, Visa Express.

Enjoy the cheaper holidays!

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Hello I am thankdikhaya ,
    I have been looking for the online appointment page to apply for an italian visa
    kindly get back to me with the link

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Capago is the official visa handling agency when applying for a visa for Italy.

      click on the following link:

      At the top of the screen in a green block it will say “Book an appointment” click on the green button and will will take you to the next page:

      Here you will need to complete the form with the relevant information scroll to the bottom and then click “book my appointment”

      A contact number is also provided

      087 231 0313

  2. What is the cost of a schengen visa 2017. South African Passport holder will be travelling to Denmark in December.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      For this you would need to contact the Embassy or official visa handling agency as they also have their handling fees on top of that.

      They will be able to provide you with the most up to date information on cost.

  3. Hi, I am traveling to London on the 11th of March 2017 and then fly to Venice the same day, I then return to London on the 15th and fly back to SA on the 18th of March.Do i still require a UK Visa as well as Shengen visa?

    • Hi Jade,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      If you are traveling on a South African passport you will require both a UK visa as well as a Schengen visa. The UK is not part of the Schengen state.

      Even if you are in transit while flying onto Venice, you will need to apply for a UK transit visa.

  4. hello am Peter please how long does it take to issue a schengen visa in South africa

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      These depends on which country / Embassy you are apply for and if they have a backlog.

      Only they will be able to advise on the waiting period.

  5. I’m traveling to Amsterdam and Paris in May.
    Firstly, do I apply for a visa with two entries?
    Secondly, many places offer a “Schengen Visa Travel Insurance” which covers R500 000. For the Schengen, however, it needs to cover €30,000, and with the poor Rand, the conversion currently means that our R500 000 will only cover about €29,400. Will the embassy accept that? Or will I need to get a different option that’s much more expensive, but covers the full amount?
    Please help…

    • Hi Caro,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      To my knowledge you will need to apply for a multiple entry visa at the Embassy or official visa handling agency of the country you are staying in the longest. However as we do do specialize in visa’s you would need to contact them direct to get the most up to date information.

      With regards to the Travel Insurance and as to what they cover. I know with the Insurance we sell to our clients it says they are covered for a certain amount, no matter what the Rate of Exchange is. The amount showing on the Travel Insurance Policy an amount showing in Euro’s which is accepted by the Embassy’s when applying for the visa.

  6. Hi there

    I am travelling to Italy for 3 weeks next year March.

    Can you please advise, what kind of visa should I have should i decide to travel Paris and Amsterdam or any of the other Schengen countries, while I am in Italy? Should I apply beforehand or would I be able to enter the countries from Italy?

    Also, roughly how much would I need in my bank account when applying for the Visa?

    • Hi Grant,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      You will need to apply for your multiple Schengen visa before hand.

      This will cover you for all countries which from part of the Schengen State which includes France and Netherlands.

      The amount one needs per day is R500 -R600 per day per person. Along with all the other requirements.

      The visa application process for Italian Schengen visas has been outsourced to the external service provider, CAPAGO.
      Application forms are handed in at one of CAPAGO`S branches.

  7. I’m planning on traveling to Italy, and visit to Sweden, please give advise on application for a visa and costs thnx!

    • Hi Deliah,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      You will need to apply through the countries Embassy which you are staying the longest.

      Each Embassy has different visa costs and the requirements differ slightly.

      You welcome to let us know what Embassy you are applying through and we can give you a guideline on what the visa requirements are.

  8. Hi, I would like to know what does a schengen visa cost. We are going to Amsterdam in December and would like to travel to Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.
    Could you please send me info regarding the above.

    Thank you

    • Hi Cornelia,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      This really depends on which consulate you will be applying through, as every consulate charges a different fee.

  9. Hi there! We are planning a trip to Iceland, any idea on an approximate cost. We are making a stop in Amsterdam so I’m unsure if it’s 1 Schengen Visa or 1 Schengen and 1 Danish Visa. According to a trusted source your Visa for Iceland can only be received from the Danish Embassy.
    Can you please provide some clarity?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      To my knowledge a Schengen visa should cover you for all of those countries mentioned above. However as we do not specialize in visa’s I would suggest contacting one of these agencies who spezilise in visa’s and they should be able to assist accordingly.

      Visa Express 0219113273 / 0123467528 alternaviely Visa Box 0215518829

      Should you wish to get assistance in making this reservation, we have a team of Travel Experts that would love to help. You can contact Travelbar by calling 021 468 4300 (Monday – Friday) or by sending an email to and they will get back to you with 2 working days with a quote. Please include all details of exact dates of travel, number of passengers where you wanting to fly from and to and budget.

  10. Good evening , we need to apply for Visa’s to go to a Schengen country (Norway). We had Schengen visas done (Greece) 18 month ago, for a trip to Greece and . Do we still have to go in person – because all Bio and fingerprints are still on record – or can we work through an agent. We live 180 km from the nearest visa office.

    Please advise.

    • Hi Bessie,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I have taken a look under visa procedures when applying for a Schengen visa through the Norwegian Embassy:

      “The VIS (Visa Information System) has been launched at the Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria. The VIS database contains biographic and biometric data of persons applying for a Schengen visa. Therefore ALL applicants are required to appear in person.”

      Even if one has previously applied for a Schengen visa through the Greek Embassy, you will still need to apply in person for your new visa application.

      If you would like further information I suggest you contact the Norwegian Embassy direct and they should be able to give the most up to date information and correct procedures to follow.

      a) Royal Norwegian Embassy
      P.O. Box 11612, Hatfield 0028
      165 Lynnwood Road
      Brooklyn, Pretoria
      Tel: (012) 364-3700

  11. What is the cost of short term visitor visa to Italy?

    • Hi Allison,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      The cost for an Italian Visa, “adult” is roughly EUR60 – EUR70 however this could change at anytime.

      You are welcome to contact the Italian Consulate and they should be able to give you the most up to date information.

      Address: 37 1st Ave, Johannesburg, 2198
      Phone:011 728 1392

  12. Hi traveling on contiki from london to amsterdam to rome to paris in jan.
    What visas do i need and prices? From durban

    • Hi Elaine! You’ll need a UK visa (around R1500) which you do through their handling agent, Teleperformance:

      You’ll also need a Schengen visa which you apply for through the country you’re spending the longest time in. The Schengen visa covers travel to 26 European countries (including the one ones like France, Italy and the Netherlands you mentioned above).

  13. I’m planning to visit a friend in Budapest. What will be required when applying for a Visa as I have never travelled outside SA before?

    All relevant information (VISA application) will be highly appreciated.


    • Hello Ntombi, you will need to appear in person at the Hungarian Embassy for the taking of the biometric data: ten fingerprints and a photograph are collected from persons applying for a visa. You can find more information here: If you need any further assistance please contact our agents on 0861 878 278/+2721-468-4300, Almene

  14. We have booked flight tickets through Travelstart to UK (Emirates via Dubai). We plan to visit Italy as well and will travel to Italy from London. Do we need both the UK visa as well as the Schengen visa or will we get away with just a Schengen visa to get into UK and Italy? The Schengen visa seems to be MUCH cheaper than the UK visa! and it will be great if we could just have the Schengen visa for both countries 🙂

  15. I am currently planning a trip to some eu countries and looking into what my budget might look like. What is the average medical and/or travel insurance price and how does it work if you dont have it included on c/cards? Theres no rough guide or pricing unless one contacts a company, which seems a bit unfair re luring us in advertising benefits but no costing or relevant information…

  16. hi
    I am Jama i need Schengen visa and i can complete all the requirements so where i can get the visa


  17. I just bought travel insurance through Travelstart for a Schengen visa – the Austrian embassy rejected it. I now have to go and buy insurance from one of their specified insurance companies!

    How come Travelstart sold me the insurance in the first place? Don’t you guys know?

    • Hi Sally-Anne,

      thanks for letting us know. Did you inform our customer services team? This is very odd that the insurance was rejected as it is underwritten by a reputable insurance company which the Schengen embassies all recognise and on top of this it well exceeds all requirements for the visa. I will let our insurance manager and customer relations manager know of your situation for them to look into this.

  18. Please update the price of a shengen visa. Yours is dated November 2010

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