Mango Airlines Pets

Transporting your pet can be a stressful experience for both you and them. That’s why Mango Airlines is committed to providing a comfortable and stress-free air transportation service for your pet.

Mango Airlines’ pet policy allows you to fly with your pet on their route network in South Africa. There are a few rules and regulations (mostly in the interest of your furry friend) that the low cost carrier has implemented just to make sure your pet reaches its destination safely and happily. And just for the record, flying with pets on Mango Airlines doesn’t apply to owners of cows, goats and the like.  

Mango Airlines transports domestic pets only - dogs, cats, and small domestic birds. Your pet will be checked as cargo and will fly in a pressurized compartment in the belly of the aircraft – don’t worry this is a whole lot safer than it sounds.

There’s a small charge of R30.00 per kilogram, the maximum weight being 32kg. Each passenger can travel with two pets. 

Mango Airlines Pet Policy 

Pets aren’t included in the checked baggage allowance of 20kg per passenger on Mango Airlines and excess baggage charges will be raised. The maximum allowable weight per bag is 32kg.

Please note that pet fees on Mango flights are only payable at the airport and that the number of pets allowed as cargo is subject to space availability.

How to Book your Pet on Mango 

Once you’ve booked your cheap Mango ticket with Travelstart, contact the Mango call centre on 0861 1MANGO (62646) to book your pet.

Mango specifies the following when it comes to flying with pets in South Africa:

  • No pet containers are permitted in the passenger cabin of the aircraft
  • It’s the passengers responsibility to supply suitable pet containers that are placed in the cargo hold
  • The pet and the container cannot exceed a weight of more than 32kgs
  • Only 1 animal is permitted in each container
  • The container must be leak proof and must meet all government requirements for safe and humane transport
  • Soft sided containers are not allowed in the cargo hold of the aircraft
  • Containers must be made of metal, polyethylene, or fibreglass
  • Containers are subject to inspection and approval by Mango Air
  • Pet containers must be accompanied by a guest with a booking at check in
  • One guest may transport two pet containers in the cargo department if there is space available

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