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Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland and the seat of government for the Northern Ireland assembly – The city has managed to shake its outlaw image to develop into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United Kingdom. However, no city can completely escape the scars of its history, especially if its history is as turbulent as Belfast’s; and many areas still bear the wounds from a traumatic period.  
Visitors to Belfast will see things which they could not dream of seeing in any other European city, which include the famous “murals” of fallen paramilitaries from both sides.  Modern Belfast has turned on the controversies of the past and looks optimistically to the future.
Visitors to Belfast have a range of things to do which include visiting the city’s famous sites such as the City Hall, to heading to some quaint pubs for a few drinks with the locals.  The large student population in Belfast has created a pretty lively and vibrant nightlife scene, which is arguably one of the best in the UK.  The final draw for visitors to Belfast is the affordability of the city, with Belfast being significantly cheaper than both London and Dublin.

Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders do require a Visa to enter Northern Island as it is part of the UK. Apply for your Visa in advance and ensure your passport is valid with at least six months remaining on it.
  • The South African High commission is located in London.  The address is, South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DP, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 20 7451 7299.

See and do

Start your Belfast tour i the centre and historical heart of the city.  The centre is where Donegall Square and Belfast City Hall are located.  Belfast’s City Hall is certainly worth visiting and is an example of some of the British Empires finest architecture.
Belfast’s docks produced some of the largest ships in the world, including their most impressive and infamous export the Titanic.  Visitors to Belfast’s docks can go on a Titanic Boat Tour which shows visitors how the ship was constructed.  The Harland and Wolf cranes of the shipyard are a famous landmark known throughout the city.
Southern Belfast is much greener than the rest of the city thanks to several parks and gardens found here.  Belfast’s oldest and best university, Queens, is certainly worth a visit due to its beautiful architecture and colourful history.  Don’t miss out on the botanical gardens, especially during the summer months when an impressive display of plants and flowers can be seen.
No visit to Belfast would be complete without a few drinks and an Ulster Fry up the next day.  The golden mile is the most popular area in Belfast for both students and those looking for a good night out.  The golden mile is basically the length of the road between Belfast City Hall and Queens University.  The merry route contains an endless number of pubs and clubs and is certainly worth visiting for those who enjoy a good night out.  One of the best ways to nurse a hangover is to head to a café for one of Belfast’s most famous dishes, The Ulster Fry.  Maggie Mays is the best place in the city for an Ulster Fry and is renowned throughout the city for its hearty grub.
Belfast’s bus network is operated by Translink and buses run from 6am to 11pm daily.  Most bus routes begin in Belfast’s centre at Donegall square, and head towards the suburbs.  Tourist passes are also available as well as travel cards for those who plan on making extensive usage of buses.  Black Taxi tours provide both a practical and interesting way to get around the city, ands drivers provide visitors with a fascinating insight into the city and its past.

Belfast International Airport – BFS 

Food and beverage:  Grab a coffee from ever reliable Starbucks, or head to Strangford Grill and Burger King for some satisfying nosh.
Currency Exchange: ICE is available at Belfast Airport in the international baggage claim hall and landside departures.
Lost Luggage: Lost hold luggage should be reported to your individual carrier.  Only luggage lost within the terminal should be reported to airport authorities.
Airport Hotels: The closest Hotel to the airport is the Maldron Hotel just 50 metres from the Terminal Building.  The Hilton Templepatrick is also close by.
Car Hire: Enterprise, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and National Car Rental.

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